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Ninja Gaiden Sigma Tidbits |

Who invented the word ‘tidbit’ to describe small bits of info? 😐 Anyway, C& had a little chat with Ninja Gaiden Sigma Director Yosuke Hayashi, and he has made the lofty claim that “Ninja Gaiden Sigma will be the number one action game.” Oh, I think you’ll find DMC4 has that spot reserved thank you very much. 8)

He also states that the game is at 50% and it’s looking very impressive, now that the devs are more familiar with the PS3 hardware. He also says that the PS3 hard drive will be used to eliminate annoying loading screens. As for the PLAYSTATION Network, you will be able to view worldwide scores and rankings for each player if that floats your boat.

So that’s some tidbits for you. Bring it on baby! There’s room for both Devil May Cry 4 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma in my games collection.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Tidbits

  • Pc

    I’m actually interested in Ninja Gaiden for the first time. After seeing the screens, i must get this game !

  • So who’d win in a fight; Dante or Hayabusa?

    Dante will always have my biased vote. 🙂

  • Snake with the cardboard box would win, but thats just my opinion 😀

  • Dante would destroy everybody and everything. 8)