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PlayStation Mystery: Steering Wheel Controllers |

NFS: Carbon and Ridge Racer 7 both support Logitech steering wheels with full force feedback effects (yes, I’ve personally confirmed both). Why doesn’t GT:HD support force feedback? This was a big feature with GT 3+4, it’s talked about endlessly on the forums, yet there is absolutely no official word on this? Even weirder, many people report that Japanse PS3 owners get full force feedback effects. Why the heck would that be?

Why doesn’t F1 Racing support steering wheel controllers at all? It can’t be that hard to program support for these controllers and racing fans love them. This just doesn’t make any sense at all.

And why is it such a pain to get my Logitech Driving Force Pro to work in PS2 emulation? Is this just a bug?

Can anyone explain this?

  • User

    The whole PlayStation is a mystery. I have no idea what’s Sony has been doing.

  • This I also do not understand!

    I mean, I payed much money for my licenced Logitech Wheel, but now I cant tell if any of my future games will ever support it, thats not nice!

    Either tell us, that our investments in good gaming gear was worthless or do support it!

  • To be true, I *would* be surprised, since the PS2s wheels were the same as their pc counterparts (the GT3 wheels were the same as the PC versions i.e.) and the API still is the same as five years ago.

  • Slacky

    I feel the lack of force feedback for PS3 games is directly linked to the Immersion Haptic patent case against Sony. I’ve heard the HTHD demo in Japan does have FFB and possibly the European may too (it may depend on what the lawsuit covered). Unfortunately I don’t see an option. Immersion have patents for FFB and rumble. Sony can not/will not deal with Immersion. So, no FFB.

  • Slacky

    That’s “GTHD” by the way (damn these fat fingers….grrrrrr).

  • Darrin

    Slacky, the Immersion legal issues clearly may play a role. Everyone (including myself) believes that that is the cause behind the lack of rumble in the regular sixaxis controller despire Sony official’s insistence to the contrary.

    The Immersion issue is an obvious possibility, but it really doesn’t explain everything. Why can Ridge Racer and NFS use FF on PS3? Why can Sony published titles apparently use FF in Japan and not America. What does this have to do with PS2 compatibility? And if the Immersion issue is at the root of this, why can’t they admit so or just pay up?