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PS3 User Generated Content |

At DICE 2007 Phil Harrison demoed SingStar on PS3. One of the cool features is that you can upload videos for other people to view and rate, similar to YouTube.

Here is part of a interview with Phil Harrison that was interesting.

Though SingStar is not expected for some time, Sony is going to begin its community initiative very soon. “I think you’ll see that [community] innovation in the next five weeks,” Harrison said. That would likely mean a grand unveiling of new functionality during Harrison’s keynote speech at GDC on March 7.

Hopefully this “community” innovation will be out in time for the European PS3 launch.

Phil Harrison: The Future is Now

  • I think this community involvement is something that could really make the PS3 shine. This is one game my wife might actually play!

  • Pc

    I get excited when somebody from Sony starts talking about things i have never really heard of before…i really love it when they say they have some kind of big suprise !!

  • I’d love to see user mods for UT or Half Life, even if I am by no means a FPS guy.

    Or new tracks for Motorstorm, GT or whatnot. They should just release the Trackeditors and there you go!

  • Sporty

    User content sounds good, can have several unique things come out of this. But I dont get how the process works on the PS3 yet.

    I understand that Linux is availible. But for it to be on PSN it would have to be a PS3 XMB runtime. So where’s the devkit for that? And if it comes from Linux then do they have a submit site where to sent your PS3Linux compiled sourse to get aproved by Sony to then release it to PSN? For things like UT ot Tony hawk I can see how easy that would be for custom levels with editors but for anything else I want to know more.

  • Darrin

    I kind of wish Sony had something like Microsoft’s XNA, but on second thought, this type of content is a much better idea if they can really take it further (obviously SingStar is just the start).

    Hobbyist developers like the Darwinia guys are amazing, but Sony shouldn’t be supporting those types with hobbyist kits, they should be supporting those guys with full time salaried development jobs.