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MotorStorm Online Multiplayer Video |

I so want to play MotorStorm! Well that’s not going to happen anytime soon so check out the below video of online multiplayer madness, and just imagine what fun will be had in a few weeks time when it’s finally released to the masses.

It’s great seeing how clean your vehicle is as the race starts then seeing it covered in mud less than a minute later! And I can’t believe I’m saying this but the tracks left in the mud look great! 😀

Great stuff!

MotorStorm Online Multiplayer Video

  • Cool! Cool! So cool!

  • Why can’t I get these videos to play?

  • Sporty

    That’s one of the games where online play will be 98% of the fun factor. It’s sweet as hell on PSN, but if you look at the Kiosk demos of the game, the PSN demo version and the JP version you can see the evolution with the in store kiosk being the most watered down. I am not a big racing fan, but if the online takes off this can be a sweet game for pickups.

  • Pc

    I bet this will end up being on of the best racers of all time. It looks great, handles great and also has some pretty good music. I hope the online portion plays out well. If it does, and they make it so that you can play your own music off your HDD, this will deffinately be a must have !! If you can’t play your own music right off the bat, i hope they update it somewhere down the line so that you can. 🙂

  • Agreed, I would definitely want to play my own music in MotorStorm.

  • motorstorm is gonna be awesome!!!