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New Poll: What PS3 Features do you Want? |

Okay guys, here’s a loaded question. Sony’s PS3 is upgradable, and we’ve seen several updates already. What do you want to see most in a future update?

  1. Background downloading.
  2. System-wide chat support.
  3. In-game support for PS3-stored songs.
  4. Global buddy lists, invite friends to game.
  5. Global ranking support.
  6. Better file/folder management (media).
  7. Improved Bluetooth headset support.
  8. Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support.
  9. Global remote play.
  10. Better internet browser.
  11. Fix for 1080i/720p problem.
  12. Better PS2 memory card support.

Hey, I think that’s the most options I’ve ever put in a poll! Tell me if I missed something.

Last poll’s results:

What are your BD on PS3 viewing habits?

* I buy BD movies for my PS3.: 36% (52)
* I rent BD movies.: 10% (14)
* I rent and buy.: 20% (29)
* I don’t watch BD on my PS3.: 6% (9)
* I don’t own a PS3.: 28% (40)

Total Votes : 144

  • eeyeats

    in case anyone is interested, they have an upgrade request thread going on at AVS Forum. It keeps track of what people want, and what has ben fixed in each upgrade so far. Here it is:

  • Thanks for that. Interesting reading.

  • Mark A

    In this order, pertaining to my needs.

    1. Background downloading.
    2. Better file/folder management.
    3. Better internet browser.
    4. Global remote play.
    5. In-game support for PS3-stored songs.
    6. Global ranking support.
    7. Global buddy lists, invite friends to game.
    8. System-wide chat support.
    9. Improved Bluetooth headset support.
    10. Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support.
    11. Fix for 1080i/720p problem.

  • calvhobbes

    Does, “better file/folder management” have being able to save ps2 game saves back to a ps2 memory card, via the ps2 adapter included in it? If not, that should be added.

  • MetalProxy

    In March there should be a Big update for the PS3. .I imagine most of those issues will be gone

  • MetalProxy

    Most of those issues will be gone in March.

  • luke

    how about being able to go to the internet browser while your game still runs. say you want to check out a guide or something. or me personally, i play SOCOM online. there is quite a bit of down time, so that would be cool to be able to switch back and forth. dont know if its possible but i would love that feature.

  • Pc

    I would like to see all of those things added in an update some time in the near future !!

  • Andreas

    What about a better music player that supports the creation of playlists? That is what i would really like to see. As right now it is not worth much as a music player.


  • Definitely the option to play my own music in games. That’s what I want the most on that list by far.


    March update Sony, use it wisely.

  • mcloki

    The better music player thing is high on my list. Essentially I want iTunes on the PS3. I’d love to be able to download and subscrbe to Podcasts and Video podcasts right from my PS3. The ability to download music and movies would be a bonus as well.
    The ability to access remote hard drive on a network would be great as well. right now I have to download everything to the PS3. Just network to my mac and read the file from there. Currently i have to use the PS3 browser to download files to the PS3 from my Mac. Go to cinzar dot com Mac users to find out how to do it. It’s really easy.
    A VOIP client would be great as well. Maybe Skype. I’d pay to use PS3 VOIP.

  • Nick

    I voted for background downloading, but many of the items listed are just as important.

    Better file/folder management (media) is a must.
    A more robust music interface/management is really needed. (playlists please)
    Its linked to background downloading, but multitasking is also a must for the ps3.
    (option to browse the xmb while ingame)

  • Darrin

    What I want is a truly new entertainment experience. Resistance is amazing and Motorstorm and VF5 look promising, but they’re all just upgrades of what we’ve seen before.

    BTW, what’s wrong with PS2 memory card support? I guess it would be nice to save back to the card rather than just load to the HDD so you could go back to using a regular PS2.

  • Sony needs to give the option to copy PS2 saves from the HDD back to the MC!!