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AU MotorStorm Preview – Networked PS3s? |

IGN Australia did a little preview of MotorStorm, and they didn’t have very many good things to say. They had lots of bad stuff to say, however. They thought the game felt slow. And there was too much lag when playing the game on a local PS3 network of 8 people.

What’s that?

Yup, they said they played the game on a local LAN network of 8 PS3’s. What I’d like to know is this: is this local network play something only used for testing PS3 games? Or can I network my PS3 with a friend’s PS3 and play games System-Link style?

Anybody know?

IGN: MotorStorm Preview

  • What I would love if you could network PS3’s by justing using there built in wifi! 🙂

  • Ah, who cares about the Aussie preview. Every other preview of MotorStorm describes it as shaping up fantastically well. They must be bitter for being the last region to get the game.

  • You can network the PS3 with built in wi-fi. It’s called ad-hoc

  • Darrin

    They probably used regular online Internet play while their PS3’s were setup on a regular LAN (wires or WiFi). I doubt that the game has a special LAN mode.

  • Darrin

    Tosh, of course you can network PS3’s using WiFi. That’s what WiFi does. You have to have a WiFi access point acting as a hub of course.

  • skootie

    Their only complaint was the lag they experienced. That was really the only bad thing they said. If there is a problem with multiplayer you can bet it will be fixed asap

  • What I meant was, could the PS3 find another PS3, say in the same room without going online. Like the PSP does in ad-hoc mode. And then play a multi player game with the other PS3’s in the room.