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Tekken 6 Info At Last |

Finally some news about Tekken 6, there has been no info about this game since the disappointing video at last years E3. Tekken 6 will be a arcade game and a PS3 game! The arcade game will basically use a PS3-based arcade board. So porting will be very simple. Tekken 6 is coming to the PS3 sometime in 2007.

This game will have the greatest character count the series has ever seen. It will feature heavily customizable character costumes and more interactivity in the stages. At the end of the trailer, Brian Fury launched a enemy into the air and shot him with a shotgun. Wonder if that’s part of the character customization.

There are going to be two to characters. Zafina is a female that moves like a spider. Leo is a German that beginners and Tekken pros should enjoy.

Click here to download the Tekken 6 Trailer

Official Tekken 6 Website

Tekken 6 Revealed

  • ehandlr

    WTF are people saying the graphics suck? It looks at least as good as VF5 and better then DOA4.

    This is the first in game trailer which means it will improve in scores before release…

    I’m hyped.

  • If it looks this good now, it should look better when it’s done. 🙂
    Tekken ftw!!!

  • To be true, I am not impressed (as will all 3D beat em ups since Tekken 3).

    Ok, the graphics may be better, the roster bigger and I can costumize my looks, but it is still Tekken 3 under the hood. Same gameplay mechanics, same boring “reflex test game”.

    I mean, where are the physics? The collision control system looks EXACTLY like in Tekken 3. Even the mocaps look the same (some have already been in Tekken 1 if you look closely).

    I hope Tekken 7 or a spinoff like DR or Tag will try a physics based approach on this (like in the Indiana Jones Trailer).

  • Hear hear! Physics! Physics! Physics!

    I want it to look like people are actually being hit, and the bodies to respond accordingly.

  • >.> Screw them physics!

    I just want to play with Jin!

  • Then go get Tekken 3 ^^

  • The truth is, sim’s arent fun. Remember Busido Blade, it was a good game; however, a cut to the knee meant limping the rest of the match. It was extremely unforgiving, and most bashed it for not being fun.

    To make a truly sim fighting game, the game would be far slower, the matches far shorter, and the game a whole lot less fun. Part of the fun of fighters is that you can perform things that are extraordinary. Who wants the match to be over when the guy gets kicked in the kneecap?

  • BTW, I am beyond excited to finally be hearing something about Tekken 6 after so long.

  • I aint saying, that I want it to be a simulation.

    I just find the “ever the same” game mechanics boring. It is just the same, over and over again. I really liked Tekken 3, I played it HOURS on end. When Tekken 4 and 5 for the PS2 came, I only got them in rental, to test them. Hwoarang is still the Best there is no doubt, but the game is just the same, but prettier.

    I doesnt need to be Tekken per se, there could be another truly dynamic fighting game with real physics, when they hit, not just “if you do this, I will counter with that” (because it always works the same). Problem is with this, that first, this would end up way more complex and second, todays input devices (even the Wiis) dont allow that to be truly immersive.

  • The thing is, when they did try to make it more complex and dynamic, Fans hated it. In Tekken 4 they introduced environment obstacles, walls, position switches, and they made the faster characters a little slower. Fans were outraged. So to appease the fans of the series, Tekken 5 was essentially a fanservice, keeping what fans liked, adding more content, and stripping out the gameplay mechanics they didnt care for.

    People always gripe about wanting change, until they get it. And then they complain that they cant use Jin in quite the same way. I think it would have to be a new fighting game to deliver what you want, because fans of Soul Calibur, Tekken, and Virtua fighter wouldnt want it.

    Another thing would be that the game would probably end up being ass ugly, do to most of the development time would be spent on creating such complicated physics models. The game would be alot more difficult to play as well, and newbies to the genre already are complaining that fighting games are too complex.

  • Yup, I was one of those complaining about Tekken 4….

    I think devs are just taking the safe route with their AAA titles. It’s costing more to develop games this gen so why take a chance and try something new if not enough people like it.

    In my opinion Sony is going to have to develop a fighting game that uses new physics and is more realistic. And it has got to not suck.


    Tekken is a fighting type game and must not be compared with adventure type games (like Indiana Jones etc…) . We will leave speculations for the kids when the game eill be released it will be a great HIT

  • I love Tekken games. I have played every single one and I can’t wait to get this one. I feel as if the director of this game has done a very good job. The technology they use to create this game is fantastic! I am disappointed that it is out only for the PS3 and I want it to also be in for the PS2 or XBOX. But apart from that, I can’t wait to see the game and it will sell very well.

  • in my opinion, they changed alot of the styles, moves and physics in the gameplay like jin for example in Tekken 3 he was using mishiba style karate, and in Tekken 4 onwards he used the more refined base style karate which means the way of fighting is different. The other thing is that they add more moves to the characters like armored king, carg murdoc and eddy which meas the physics have changed. Thank you for your time.

  • butifull