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Great week for the PS3 |

This week we have:

  • Virtua Fighter 5
  • flOw
  • Q*Bert

Virtua Fighter 5

Not a bad week at all. One nice updated retro title, one artsy concept game, and one big budget big name sequel with a timed exclusive release on the PS3. I’m not really dying to play any of these personally, but it’s refreshing to see such a strong lineup of content.


I honestly haven’t seen a version of Q*Bert since the mid eighties. It’s been ported several times but not nearly as extensively as titles like Gauntlet or Pac-Man. Gauntlet is a great classic, but really, how many different systems do you want to play it on?

Next week we get:

  • Go! Puzzle
  • Tekken 5
  • Formula One

I think the post launch drought is definitely over!

I’m interested to see how Go! Puzzle turns out. Great puzzle games are a true joy to find, but the puzzle genre is flooded with mostly mediocre content.

  • I’m gonna check out flOw and Tekken 5 next week. Gonna have to pass on VF5 and Qbert though.

  • Pc

    I’m gonna rent VF5 and buy Flow, but ill be skipping Qbert. The next week i’ll buy Tekken 5 and also rent F1. Will be 2 good weeks !

  • ehandlr

    Bah….I need Flow, Tekken 5, Probably buy VF5, Go and maybe Qbert

  • I’ll check out the demos for most, but I doubt I’ll actually buy any of these, except for F1.

  • I already have tekken DR on my psp (which is essentially the same game), so unless its cheap, i’ll pass. Although it would be nice to learn the new characters using the ps controller. Virtua Fighter is a definite buy, and I know my brother will want F1. As for flow, i’ll play the demo, but the game will have to be cheap for me to buy it.

  • Finally Tekken 5 DR for the PS3, hopefully the PS2 controller adapter will come out soon so I can play with my Tekken 5 aracade controller. I may get flow if it’s cheap.

  • VF5 is very good. The graphics are great and the play factor is really high. The replayability is even higher. I had to stop to give my thumbs a rest. But I can tell you I sure gave the controller a workout. I could here it crack and snap as i was twisting it like crazy. Flow is a big “meh’ for me. i like the fact that it’s coming online but what i really want is simple networkable games. Chess with chat and rankings, Euchre, Bridge, gin rummi, all with chat and rankings. Monopoly, Risk with chat and networkable. These would be killer games. Sorry OT.

  • Joe

    Wow Q*Bert! Finally the true power of PS3 has been realised!

    I like the idea of simple networkable games. Would be cool to chill at chat over a game of monopoly without having to set the damn board up.