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I Might try Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion |

I am currently re-reading The Magic of Recluse for what must be the fifth time. I am blessed (or cursed, as the case may be) with a really bad memory. So when I read a book I’ve already read, it is still quite an enjoyable experience for me. I sometimes remember some of the main plot points, but often I just forget almost everything and reading an old book is like reading a new one. Anyway, this book is a fantasy book set in a well-thought-out fantasy realm. And the book, incidentally, is where I got the name “Blackstaffer” from.

So anyway. All this to say that I’m interested in fantasy related things.

I saw this preview of the Oblivion Shivering Isles expansion, and I got to thinking. Now that I don’t update anymore, I’ve got more time on my hands. Why don’t I give this whole single-player RPG thing a try. Ages ago I tried Ultimate III (or was it Ultimate IV) on my Atari 800XL, and frankly I thought it was quite boring. But I’m a big fan of fantasy books, so maybe I’ll like a fantasy RPG.

From the preview below, and other things I’ve read and seen, Oblivion is supposed to be a pretty good game. Is there anybody reading this that played Oblivion as their first RPG, and enjoyed it?

First Impressions – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Shivering Isles

  • Pc

    Well, it deffinately wasn’t my first RPG, but it is, in my own opinion, one of the best RPG’s out there. I played it on the 360 when it first came out and i loved it. I put somewhere around 95 hours into it before getting bored of it. It had so many bugs and framerate issues on the 360, i just couldnt play it after a while. The PS3 version is supposed to be near perfect when it launches so i’ll be picking it up again. 🙂

  • Burten

    Strange, this is…

    Oblivion is a game that got so overhyped for the 360, I just thougth “..Naah..”
    I mean, everbody went on and on and on about how big it was, and how pretty, and the hole sandbox stuff, and (something about armour for horses !??!!)

    Grand Theft Knights or something 😉

    But yesterday I checked out a couple of Oblivion trailers, and … ops..

    I wanna play Oblivion!

  • Sino

    Not as great as I originally thought. If you like J-RPG then Oblivion might not be good for you. Try Dead Rising and play it like an RPG(save as many survivors as you can the first time to level up), it’s the best game for the 360 so far.

  • There’s a 99% chance that I will get Oblivion when I get my PS3. I love RPGs anyway so maybe I’m a little biased but Henning, you need to play more SINGLE PLAYER games. 😀

    So give TESIV: Oblivion a chance. You might just enjoy it. 😉

  • I wouldn’t say it’s the best 360 game so far…the best RPG available, yes.

    I played Morrowind (GOTY Edition – included 2 expansions) on the original Xbox and probably logged close to 300 hours over the course of 8mo.

    I’m about 35+ hours into Oblivion and I’ve barely touched the main quest. There’s a ton to do, explore and discover – if you desire – and if you want to zip through it, you can. But I highly recommend digging in deep. It’s not a game to rush through, IMHO.

    I guarantee we won’t be seeing Henning too much once he starts playing ;).

  • I have it for my pc…

    I liked it, but there are many things, I didnt like about it.

    First thing is, coming from NWN and such (D&D) , I was very dissappointed, when leveling up your char didnt matter AT ALL. I mean, you can rush thru the game to the end, without leveling at all (if one can avoid getting XP). Ok, some FF games did this too, but its linear system of the many story didnt let you power thru the game.

    Second thing was, I HATED the inventory system. It was NOT made for KB/Mouse. And third, the char graphics sucked. Animation was subpar (third person) and riding horses felt like driving a car (GTA) not like riding a horse (SotC).

    I will find it pretty dissappointing, if Oblivion will be a full price game (and if the 360 DLC will cost extra). The PC version can now be get for less than 10€ (used at ebay) and todays newer pcs are well and able to run it (even my old pc had not too many problems at that, strangely).

  • matt

    I got it on lauch day for the 360 and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I am not a huge RPG fan but I logged in over 135 hours before I completed everything except a few very minor missions. I highly suggest playing this game since it is easily worth the full price.

    I also highly suggest reading about character development before you play the game. You want to pick things that you will do, so leveling up is fun (like swords, summoning, etc). There are some great sites out there to really help you enjoy the game and character you create.

  • Actually, the optimal strategy is to pick a character whose primary classes are things you *won’t* use. All leveling does is raise your hit points, and the difficulty of the monsters you face.

    Your character’s primary class attributes start off higher than all others, but all attributes go up as you use them.. but only your primary class attributes cause you to level. So if you want to be a spell caster, make your class a warrior. You’ll start off a poorer spell caster, but you can raise your spell casting powers all you like without raising the difficulty of the opponents you face.

    Imagine being a ‘level 8 warrior’ who is able to cast ‘level 30’ spells!

  • Pc

    That’s a good idea Jonathan, but i remember being able to adjust the difficulty at any time on the 360, so it didn’t even matter what enemy you were facing or what class or lvl you were. lol 🙂
    You could actually be in a battle with a creature that was slightly more powerful than yourself, pause the game, then lower the difficulty bar to the left, then kick the creatures ass !

  • ehandlr

    I never got into Oblivion and I definetly disagree with the best RPG ever.

  • There is a reason that most people use the phrase “genre defining” when they mention Oblivion. I am not that big in RPG’s, but this is a seriously awesome game. It should at least be played in some fashion before it is brushed off on a whim.

    I wish I had more time to play it, if i did, I would be able to enjoy it more!