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flOw priced |

I was just talking about this game at lunch, I come back, and there’s the price. flOw will be $7.99US from the online store, starting tomorrow. I hope they have a demo, because I need to try this highly-hyped game before paying for it.


flOw priced, gamers ready

  • ehandlr

    Its not being sold as a much as an experience. There really isn’t much of a “game” to it. Its pretty….crazy weird but fitting music that still sounds cool. I’ll definetly be picking this up tomorrow.

  • Pc

    I’ll be picking it up also !!

  • liar

    Me three.

  • Jason

    If you want to play flOw then just download the flash version that it’s based on. It doesn’t look like the PS3 experience is going to be much different.

  • Sporty

    If you been following the reviews then flOw for PC is only a small taste of what the PS3 version is.

    Of course if you have a PS3 then you can just download the demo tomarrow to see if that’s true.

  • The PS3 version is a little deeper than the flash version. Its also prettier and has more variety than the flash version (which is little more than a proof of concept sort of thing).