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Lair Interview and Footage |

IGN has an extensive interview with the Factor 5 president about Lair and shows lots of game footage that hasn’t been shown before.

From my perspective, it’s hard to know what to expect from this game. I’m not sure whether it will be amazing or merely another good game with great graphics. I haven’t played previous Factor 5 games but they are clearly an experienced team and their games have gotten strong reviews and praise.


This game looks better and better. The graphics are amazing, but we’ve seen that before. He mentions that there is a lot of sandbox style gameplay which sounds great but I can’t see any of that in the gameplay footage that they show.

The president also seems to be the ultimate PS3 fanboy, praising everything from 1080p to blu-ray to Cell to the sixaxis to HDMI. That’s a great sign, as we can expect them to exploit the PS3 hardware to the fullest.

This is definitely one of the most anticipated PS3 games of 2007. I look forward to seeing more of this title.

Lair Interview and Footage on IGN

  • Yeah, I don’t know why this game is so hyped. Everyone talks about it like it’s the grand bruhaha of PS3 games, and I just don’t get it. Nothing about this game has me interested in the slightest.

  • ehandlr

    I’m very interested in this game. The in air battles is what sells it.

  • Part of the hype around it is that it will be the first true SIXAXIS (i keep wanting to say six asses) game. Its also one of the earliest games for the PS3 people were shown. I think its because it appears to be something completely new, not a sequel, or a new IP thats similar to what we have seen.

  • calvhobbes

    did u catch what he said about communicating with people in game.. not needing to leave the game to communicate with people.. sounded like outside of the game or something…. i think this is a hint as to what the firmware update will be… sounds like it’ll be a great update to the network side for the ps3.. and with motorstorm and Vf5, i’ll need to grab a ps3.