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PS3 Misses Out On TMNT Action |

I actually watched the original TMNT live action movie about a week ago. And I loved the turtles as a kid and the games where fun too. Raphael was my favorite. The new TMNT PS3 game will be based on the upcoming CGI movie. It will be released on the PC, 360, Wii, DS and PSP. That’s right it’s not coming to the PS3 sadly.

Ubisoft says the game will have explosive ninjitsu driven gameplay, tag-team moves and interesting enemies. The plot will pull right from the movie with a few twists.

Cowabunga! TMNT unleashes its 1-2 punch

  • Hmmm… doesn’t look like PS3 is one of the supported platforms…

  • I was a big fan of the TMNT when I was growing up, and yes, Raphael was also my favourite Turtle. The first film was great, the 2nd less so and the less said about the 3rd the better.

    I’m looking forward to the new CGI movie but I’m disappointed that there is no PS3 version of this game but if it’s any good I’ll get it on PS2.

  • luke

    good riddance. we all know it will suck

  • Joe

    Donatello was easily the best. =D

  • Burten

    luke says :
    “good riddance. we all know it will suck”

    They played this game at the last “On the Spot”, it didn’t look all that great.
    ..But I’ve never been a fan of tmnt..

  • loo

    didn’t you wrote, that TMNT will be on PS3? I donĀ§t see any edit…………

  • TMNT is dead like the 90s no matter what platform it’s on.

  • TMNT has not had a good game in over a decade. And this game doesnt seem to be changing that any.l Not only does it have the cursed TMNT branding, but its a MOVIE game. Nothing about this makes me believe that it will be anything above mediocre. The last thing the PS3 needs is a game that isnt worth anyones money, there are already enough of those to go around.