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Another Reason to get a PS3 |

Hey everyone. I just had a thought, so I looked up some facts. Here they are:

Upcoming PS2 Releases
Upcoming Xbox Releases
Upcoming GameCube Releases

It’s pretty clear which platform and company likes to support their legacy hardware…

  • So true, I find it hard to beleive everyone is giving Sony such a hard time about the expense of a PS3 when their other home console Sony alternative is just so damn viable. Can’t afford a PS3? Simple, buy a PS2 for £50 – £100, far cheaper then any other console that still has games coming out. GOD OF WAR II!!!!

    The competition is simply laughable in this regard,

  • matt

    There are very sound reasons for Nintendo and Microsoft leaving their older consoles in the cemetery. Just like their are a few reasons for Sony to support the PS2.

    Nintendo never had a large install base with the GameCube. They came in 3rd with 22 million units +/-. If they put some of their development teams on both consoles this would hurt the Wii which needs to do better. The Wii has sold 4-5 million units in its first 3 months and continues to dominate the current market. With Zelda, Metroid, and a new Super Mario coming in its first year of release, (barring delays) the opening year for the Wii can give it a good lead. This would encourage 3rd party developers to spend some money on developing for it which gives it more games. So far the Wii planning looks like a smart move, as well as abandoning the Cube.

    Microsoft had even more reason to dump the big black box. They were losing money on every console sold. Getting to market a year before the competition has given the 360 a huge lead and gained much needed support from 3rd party developers that avoided the original box. This cut into the PS library of exclusive third party games which now makes the difference between systems even less drastic. The 360 even though it released a year before the PS3 is about equal in power (some industry people say PS3 is more powerful and other says the 360). The 360 has had some great new franchises in its first year +. The rest of 2007, the 360 has more AAA games coming than any of the competition. If they drop the price this Spring, which I think they will, they get into a price war with Wii and distance themselves from the PS3. The 360 is turning a profit on console sales right now which is something MS could never say about the Xbox.

    Sony is continuing to support the PS2 because their is still a lot of money to make. They make a lot of profit on the consoles sold. They make a lot of money on game royalties. They have a huge user base that if even 1% of the PS2 market buys a gmae it equals a huge success to the developer (1 million games sold). Unlike the Cube or Box the PS2 is a cash cow.

    This should make sense to everyone because most of us followed the last gen pretty hard. Sony makes a lot of money on their last console. This generation if the Wii, 360 and PS3 all sell over 50 million units each company will continue to support the old machines as they move onto the next gen. Trust me, Nintendo and Microsoft would have loved to support the Cube and Box but from a business standpoint it would have been idiotic.

  • User

    You’ve nailed it, Matt.

  • Well thought out post, Matt.

  • Richard

    Those are great reasons to get a ps3 5 years from now 😉

  • Pc

    The only think i thought was wrong about matt’s post was about the 360 having more AAA titles coming out this year. I can only think of like 3 for the 360, (Gaylo3, Mass Effect, and Bioshock). 2 of those three will also be on the PC which means i don’t even have to have a 360 to play them. The PS3 already has great games starting to roll in and it will pick up steam very quickly. When i owned my Wii or even my 360, when friends came over they wouldn’t even pick up a controller and play the systems. My PS3 doesn’t ever get any rest cuz people always want to play it, and it’s early on in it’s life and there really aren’t that many games out for it yet. Things are looking very good for the PS3 and the people that own one right now should know this. :))

  • I was just talking with a guy last night about this he said he wanted to play God of War 2 so bad but he no longer had a PS2, sold it for a wii,then he told me he wanted to play GoW2 so bad he could buy a new PS2 for it,i told him that if he has the cash he should make the invesment and buy a PS3 isntead,he told me depending on his money he is going to considerer that.

    thats why PS3 is worth the price tag its a console thats going to keep geeting support 8 years from unlike the other’s.

  • I don’t believe there is any documentation that Microsoft actually is turning a profit on the hardware at this point. People have made noises along those lines on the Internets, but let’s not take it as gospel, shall we?