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Sony Pleased with January Sales |

January was a good month all-around for the gaming industry, and Sony was not exempt. The PlayStation business made $550 million in North America in January 2007. The PS3 sold 243,554 units (slightly behind the 360 and way behind the Wii) and tie ratios for the PS3 are going up. (A tie ratio refers to how many pieces of software a consumer buys per hardware unit.) PSP sales have been strong too, selling 210,719 units (slightly behind the DS). PS2 hardware sales were 299,352. With supply stabilizing, February will see the first appearance of the PS3 in weekly retailer advertisements.

All good stuff. Though I have to admit that with the recent launch of the PS3 I was hoping that it would outsell its competitors. Oh well.

Sony ‘Very Pleased’ with January Sales

  • Sporty

    You know with all the negative online backlash from news sites and fanboys the PS3 has done very well.

    Slightly behind a console that is cheaper and has momentum along with a ton more titles released that month. The software drought is basicly over now with VF4 Tekken and the major march releases. You go to some message boards are they are dense enough to think the PS3 is bombing. With these numbers I guess 360 must be bombing also if you buy into their simple thought process.

  • mcloki

    I think Sony should be very pleased. One they had absolutely no games for the PS3. Resistance was a launch title. Sonic was no help at all. The 360 had the much advertised Lost Planet and an overhyped Halo 3 beta cycle tie-in with Crackdown. And it barely beat a system who’s claim to fame was a free demo of GTHD and some download movie trailers. February sales are not going to be any brighter. I don’t think VF5 is going to have that much of a push. But March sales should start to soar. Motorstorm and Oblivion may actually start to move the dial. That and a little push by Sony about the Bluray capabilities and the machine will start to gain some traction.
    And the biggest factor. Who has money after Christmas. Visa bills come in on the 15th.

  • liar

    yes I’m sure Sony is very happy. Quite remarkable given the smear campaign being waged, no major titles during the period (unlike competition), and supply issues n some areas still holding it back..and people were opting for the 60GB on top of all of that. Very happy I’m sure. They should be..I know I am very satisfied with this marvel.

  • Pc

    Sony will be MORE than pleased here in a month or two when some of these titles come out…..Tekken 5,Motorstorm, Oblivion, Formula 1, Calling all Cars, and quite a few others, but im done typing now. 🙂

  • SolidSlug

    The PS3 will go the way Blu-ray went.

    HD-DVD fans were thrilled because they had better picture quality at first and a lot more titles.
    Sony was bashed and bashed by HD-DVD fans.

    Today, Blu-ray has equal or better picture quality and more titles than HD-DVD.

    I think the same will happen with PS3. At this time next year, the gap with the 360 will have been bridged and then some.