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Euro PS3 goes to Software PS2 Emulation? |

I know Gary’s not gonna like this.

Supposedly the Euro PS3 will have more limited support for PS2 games than the Japanese and North American PS3’s did.

Rather than concentrate on PS2 backwards compatibility, in the future, company resources will be increasingly focused on developing new games and entertainment features exclusively for PS3, truly taking advantage of this exciting technology.”

Some additional PS2 titles will become compatible on the PS3 system through regular downloadable firmware updates, which will be made available through the PLAYSTATION®Network, from or via PS3 game discs, with the first update planned for the launch date of the 23rd March 2007.

Users will be able to check whether their titles are compatible with PS3 at This site will be available on 23rd March to meet launch day.

Supposedly the PS3 hardware is actually different (sorry I forget the URL where I saw that). My guess is that Sony has gone with a software emulation model like Microsoft’s. We’ve heard rumours of this backwards compatibililty method before the PS3 even launched, so we knew this was coming. (Actually, I think it was more than rumours. Sony representatives actually said that they’d like to go this route, if I remember correctly.) It’s just coming a lot sooner than I expected. Software emulation is good for Sony because the cost to manufacture each PS3 will be less than previous PS3’s. But it’s bad for the gamer because the list of compatible games will be smaller. One of the things I really appreciated about my PS3 is that it supports my PS2 library. Now Euro PS3 owners might be facing the same problems 360 owners do.

That sucks.

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  • This is bad news for us European PS gamers. I have a huge collection of PS2 games, this news sucks big time!
    Although I have XBOX, XBOX360, PS2 and PSP consoles, I’m a self-declared Playstation fan and I must admit that every week that goes by I feel like something is going terribly wrong at Sony lately.
    I’m sorry to say that, though my loyalty wants me to stick with PS, the fact is that I’m having much more fun with XBOX360 then ever before.
    But I’ll be patient and wait for the release of PS3 in Europe before assuming a final position. Please Sony, wake up!!!!

  • mcloki

    Why is it bad news. you still have your PS2. This is a red herring. Wait till the list of non compatible games comes out before everyone decides to jump of a cliff. And to quote Fake Steve Jobs. “If the biggest problem in your life is the fact that your brand new Shiny PS3 doesn’t play some obscure PS2 game. Do me and Sony a favour. Take the $600 bucks you were going to spend on the PS3 and give it to OXfam or Unicef or some other charity, and then thank God you biggest concern yesterday was backwards compatibility and not starvation.
    And Vitor you write like a paid shil. Change your style mate, your paycheck is showing.

  • Richard

    So they’re going to charge european gamers more (IIRC, exchange rate wise), and give them less.

    maybe there is some benefit here, if the software BC includes upscaling to hd resolutions, but since one of the good things about the ps3 was it’s great BC library and support, this really sucks for european gamers, especially since besides waiting several months, they’re simply not going to be allowed to buy the same thing that japan and NA got?

    that’s pretty lame.

  • It’s no worse than what European 360 owners are getting. Their prices are higher too, and Xbox emulation is also software.

  • ehandlr

    Software emulation could mean upscaling. /waits for America and Japan to get pissed.

  • Richard

    No, it is worse, because they were promised something better, expected something better, and people on two other continents…ACTUALLY GOT something better, for less money.

    Microsoft didn’t just simply drop hardware based backwards compatibility midstream because it was costing them too much. they announced it would be software and not 100% more than 6 months before worldwide launch. they had a list of BC games up before the console launched, not on launch day, and in the year since launch have added games to the list, instead of doing hardware revisions that take games away.

    European 360 owners are getting the same product everyone else gets, while european ps3 owners don’t. I don’t see how that’s not “worse”.

  • ehandlr

    Sony planned on having software based emulation from the start. Unfortunately that would take longer and more resources then simply putting hardware emulation in. After the launch of the PS3, Sony stated they will eventually remove the hardware aspect and make everything emulate through software. They told us before, during and after. I actually wish I had a software emulation one myself.

  • You are right ehandlr, Sony was planning on doing this at some point anyway. They’ll get most the PS2 games working threw firmware updates anyway.

  • Pc

    Doesn’t matter to me one bit…as long as everybody’s PS3 can play GoW II, nobody should care because everybody still has a PS2 anyways !

  • Right, first off, IF using software emulation rather than hardware emulation means it costs less to manufacture the PS3 then REDUCE THE COST OF THE EU PS3 TO REFLECT THIS!!!! 😡

    I don’t have a problem with which route Sony decide to take to offer BC but if it’s cheaper to make, then show that in the price. We’re already being overcharged as it is (yes including VAT and whatnot) over here.

    Sony’s recent decisions have angered me more and more, to the point where I’m not going to get a PS3 until August at the earliest. I don’t give a (insert tasty language here) about the 60GB PS3. The 20GB model would’ve suited my needs PERFECTLY yet I don’t have the option. 😡

    Next they say only a “limited amount of PS2 games” will work on the PS3 compared to their initial claim of 100% BC. Now I knew all along Sony would switch to software emulation at some stage and I don’t really mind that the EU PS3 has gone that way but they could’ve released this news at an earlier time. I have no doubt that this news will have a negative effect on people going through with their pre-orders.

    Now that I’ve got that off my chest, time for some common sense.

    People are saying they don’t want to have multiple consoles plugged into their TV yet they are doing that right now with their 360 and Wii”s…oh wait a minute. Spot the pattern. 🙄

    How about having the PS3 in the main room you use for gaming and the PS2 in a 2nd room? It is after all a DVD player. How many people have multiple DVD players and VCRs in their home? The mass majority manage fine yet apparently it’s too much trouble for some gamers.

    Next they whinge about not being able to play their favourite PS2 games on PS3. Yeah if a game you love doesn’t make the list and you no longer have a PS2 then that sucks. The list will be updated so chances are it will work at some stage down the line.

    I’m not willing to pay $600 to play DMC3/FFX/MGS3 on the PS3. I’m willing to pay $600 to play DMC4/FFXIII/MGS4 on the PS3. Having the option to play PS2 games on it is a bonus but it doesn’t make or break the deal and if it does then I have a simple solution for you: DON’T GET A PS3!

    I will be shifting my girlfriend’s PS2 into the bedroom when I get the PS3 and if none of the few PS2 games that I have kept make the BC list, it won’t kill me to pop in there for a couple of hours to play on it.

    Not the end of the world. I just want the price lowered or the 20GB PS3 released or it will be a while before I get the PS3.

  • liar

    Richard you can’t say we got something better because you haven’t see what’s the end result of what your getting will be. Software emulation was always the intent..just wasn’t ready for N.A release. I’m sure that pretty soon the newer N.A. boxes will be the same so they can bring the price down sooner rather than later. If you have an investment in games then you have a PS2 and there may or may not be some that won’t work on the PS3 to start…

    As far as MS’s “commitment” I was under the impression that Halo 2 maps won’t be available for us original Xbox owners – despite the fact it’s an *original* Xbox game for &^%G sake. How’s that for sticking it to your customers. You know the ones that allowed you to get your foot in the door and supported you in the first place – while everyone else was buying PS2’s.

    No if you want that them you have to upgrade to a 360. Intentionally enforcing an upgrade that wasn’t necessary. What a crock.

    This is nothing even close. Not even close. Your not being denied access to anything.

    Now I loved Halo and thought Halo2 sucked so it’s not a big deal to me personally but it’s still bull#$#%. Where is the outrage at them taking that away just because they want to sell 360’s?

  • I currently have both my PS2 and my PS3 hooked up to my TV, and I have to tell you that I wish I could do away with the PS2, but I can’t. For some reason, I can’t play 4 player F1 (a PS2 game) because of controller shenannigans (sp?). And the lag is too great for Frequency. And I can’t use my Guitar Hero guitar. So I’m stuck. Anybody have solutions to these problems? I’d love to get rid of my PS2.

  • Sporty

    I’m sure like liar said that our ver2 models will be the same software emulation. But some people are getting panties in a bunch off speculation.

    Who’s to say that support will suck. Unlike MS with Xbox, Sony owns and created their own chips so they know better then anyone how they work. I wouldn’t be surprised if compatibility is very high. Saying ‘limited’ now is smart to legally cover themselves.

    A few comments like ‘one of the main reasons I wanted a PS3 was BC so I’ll pass now’ I’ve seen on other boards cracks me up. Honestly, that must be from someone that never intended to buy a system but wanted to sugarcoat a troll posting. No one knows the compatibility yet some are actually complaining anyway. Saying BC is the ‘main’ reason is kinda funny. Why buy a $600 to replace a $100 system to play the same games.

  • liar

    Henning I thought I came across something that allowed the Guitar Hero stuff to work. I don’t have Guitar Hero but I thought it was a “non-standard” hookup and someone was making/made an adapter that allowed it to work. It was fairly recently I seen it (last month?) – not sure if it was out or coming. Might want to do a search. I also could be going crazy.

    F1…well now you have an excuse to get the new one 🙂

    Is the lag because of the blue tooth controllers or because of some other compatibility issue with drawing? Curious.

    Shenanigans..if you used Firefox 2.0 you wouldn’t have needed the (sp?) you would have known the correct spelling 🙂

  • Sony think they are smart first we get a very very very very very very very very very very very very very late launch here in the UK / E.U then we have to pay 425 pounds for the console not including the 20 gb version they wont release yet.

    Then you have to be the one of the 500,000 that have to sign up to get the blu-ray version of Casino Royale whilst the U.S get there blu-ray packaged in the console then this outrage out having less backwards compatibility for ps2 / ps1 games than the U.S and japan.

    Sony just keep screwing us UK / E.U citizens over and over and over and over and over again we need to teach Sony a lesson about equal rights.

    And before i forget you guys aint gonna believe this but two guys broke into a store or a place dunno which just to play a ps3 before its released in the pal territories click on this to see what im talking about:

  • First of all. let me tell you some things…

    I am an Emulator guy. I play older games on my PC all the time (mostly Amiga, as my original discs are starting to die, due to getting plain old) and I love it. The Amiga 500 was a 7Mhz 68000 Motorola (same as the Sega Mega Drive fyi), had 512kb (fast) RAM and many custom made DSPs and Graphics chips. I was hell of a lot of work to emulate that, but it is mostly done now, with UAE.

    You know why? Because they had nearly all the documentations of the Hardware to do so. It even runs playable on ancient hardware (Pentium 200Mhz and up).

    As Sony tries to emulate its own designed hardware on a more than 10x faster hardware, it will not be too much of a problem to do so for them (except the eDRAM, because the PS3 doesnt have such, but it does have majorly more overall system BW). Even PCSX2 is taking shape. If you have a big rig (like me now ^^) some games will run full speed on a PC with open source emulation, without much documentation.

    Now imagine this, and the fact Sony has paid fulltime devs and full documentation of the hardware and all quirks of it. They will succeed in doing so!

    There was an interview of a guy who works for Sonys emulation studio (it was from around launch). He said, they had mostly got everything to work, but there where some things, that were not working yet, but they were hard at work in getting it to do so. He also said, that the old way of emulating the PS2 hardware ALREADY was somewhat of 50% software (the GS+EE inside the PS2 didnt have the PSX IO chip for example and some other things, I cant say right now).

    To make this long (and for most people boring) story short. I dont think, they will kill compatibility with many games. They also say, it wont work a 100% from day one, which is fully understandable (it is emulation after all) and now every “fanboy spreads FUD” on how Sony screws Europe. I do not think so.

    And if you dont plan to play PS3 games with your PS3, why buy one after all? The Emulator is nothing too major (for me at least, as I still have my PS2 and plan to keep it till it breaks down). And the top notch games also will get the most attention from SCE, so dont fret, all your GoWs, MGS and FF WILL SURELY WORK!

  • Sporty

    Segitz, That’s nearly the exactly same thing I said just with more words 😀

    Anyone that’s seen PSX games played on their PSP knows that Sony knows wtf they are doing. You know all the major games will be playable on day one. Hell you EU guys and rev 2 guys might even have the long standing BC probalems fixed. Like PSX FF classics with screw ups since the PS2 days

  • liar


    1. They are only bringing the 60GB because that’s what everyone was buying in the other territories..people voted with their wallets overwhelmingly for the 60GB. The 20GB were always the last one to sell when people had a choice and for the entire launch the majority of people in N.A. where peeved they didn’t have more 60GB available instead of the 20GB. It was based on feedback – no conspiracy.

    I mainly wanted the 60GB for wireless convenience and bigger HD (for music, photos etc). The memory cards slots have turned out to be more useful/convenient for transferring photos etec than I expected but not critical.

    Even with the 60GB we are now down to UNDER 20 GB of space free. Once you put your music, photos, download some trailers and demos on – the HD space starts going pretty quickly. That’s why the HD can be easily upgraded with any standard size 2.5 disk in the future. Very nice for those that may need it in the future.

    Also be aware that at this point the PSP remote play connectivity only works with 60GB version. With the remote play you can stream photos, music, video – including streaming photos and music at the same time to your PSP. Soon that will include over the internet so you can grab media from your PS3 anywhere you have a connection…may even be part of the March update..hoping.

    2. N.A. was the same as Europe – the movie only came in the first 500,000 units – not everyone got one. We got Tallegada Nights -your getting Casino Royale – believe me we got screwed – not you. I’d take that trade anyday.

    Please stay at least to the facts otherwise it comes across as a sockpuppet post.

  • Yup, Talladega Nights sucks…

  • It may not be as fleshed out as the backwards compatability of the US and Japan Models, but im almost certain that its no where near as anemic as the 360’s initial BC list. A software solution also means that games can potentially have increased performance, as was true with the PS2 on PSone games. Textures were smoother, loadtimes were near nonexistant, and the game simply ran better.

    So dont say its much of a bad thing until we see how many (or how few) titles are supported. Also, you cant expect them to cut the retail price on a system that costs them a couple of hundred dollars more than retail to make. Backwards compatability is like having a first aid kit built into the trunk of your new car, many will have it and think its nice that its there, but most wont use it much.

    As long as the two or three games I own work, I dont care. And heck, if they dont, well I still have my ps2 to play them on. No one seemed to care when nintendo pretty much had none existant backwards compatability until this generation.

  • Richard

    “As far as MS’s “commitment” I was under the impression that Halo 2 maps won’t be available for us original Xbox owners – despite the fact it’s an *original* Xbox game for &^%G sake. How’s that for sticking it to your customers. You know the ones that allowed you to get your foot in the door and supported you in the first place – while everyone else was buying PS2’s.”

    um, you mean maps for a game that came out over two years ago?

    no one got screwed, because no one was expecting dlc two years later. halo 2 still works jsut fine for people stil playing on xbox, and will continue to. you may as well say they’re forcing an upgrade by releasing halo 3 only for the 360.

    still, that’s hardly relevant to the fact that sony is sticking it to its european customers. they’re getting less hardware at more price. I really don’t see the upside.

  • Pc

    I would assume that if Sony was planning on doing the emulation through code instead of using actual PS2 hardware from the beginning, then they should have alot of games ready and able to be played by the march launch in Europe. Nobody needs to get all mad about this cuz everybody has a PS2 and most likely, the PS3 will play all the great PS2 Games from day one or shortly after.

  • liar

    “um, you mean maps for a game that came out over two years ago?”

    Um you mean BC compatibility for PS2 games that came out 5 years ago and for people who obviously already have a PS2 in the first place? Give me a break. Love the consistency.

    Halo 2 is a game for my original xbox. Who cares if it was 2 years ago I still have my xbox and I shouldn’t have to upgrade to a 360 to play them. Guess the 360 owners deserve better than us xbox owners that Microsoft is sticking it to. I don’t really see the upside of intentionally preventing maps working for the original game on my xbox.

    “they’re getting less hardware”

    .. thought it was about BC, who cares about the hardware. Software emulation costs money to develop and maintain and it’s all speculation as to what won’t be compatible at launch. Software emulation may also have some benefits that our current hardware solution doesn’t – like upscaling to 1080p. It’s quite possible the hardware solution got in the way of doing that or at least doing it easily since it was hardwired into the board.

  • Darth-Busby

    Man I’m so pleased I got an import instead of waiting I wonder what else they will be removing and I still cant believe they arent dropping the price as a resu;lt.