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Mercenaries 2 Gameplay Footage |

Check the video below to see members of the Mercenaries 2 Dev team confirming Mercs 2 for the PS3, 360, PC and PS2 but the real reason to watch this video, is the all new gameplay footage and man does it look incredible!!!

Firstly, THERE ARE MOTORBIKES IN MERCS 2!! Nothing beats riding around GTA SA on the motorbikes listening to the radio and pulling off unique jumps etc, so I can’t wait to blast around a war zone on a motorbike. 8)

The helicopter gunship action looks awesome aswell, reminding me of the old Strike games on the MegaDrive. In fact everything that they showed off looks ridiculously great! Can’t wait for this game.

Mercenaries 2 Video Blog

  • Sino

    Looks like GRAW graphically, but you can do way more in that game.

  • Pc

    Mercs 2 is going to be awesome with the 2 player co-op gameplay !! I love sandbox style games, especially when you can blow things up with a friend.

  • Ed

    THis game looks pretty good. I hope Sony releases a demo soon.

  • luke

    something about how they talked about leaving all the hints about the 360 version rubbed me the wrong way. but WOW! co-op is going to be an honor and a pleasure lol

  • Oh man… can’t wait to blow some time away with this game!!!