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Poll: What Internet Connection? |

Just curious about what kind of internet connections all of you are using. A friend of mine couldn’t get WPA TKIP to work. Is there anybody out there using that? So here’s the question:

What internet connection are you using for your PS3?

  1. Wired
  2. WEP
  4. WPA-PSK (AES)
  5. Not online

Previous poll results:

What PS3 improvement do you want most?

* Background downloading: 31% (80)
* Fix for 1080i/720p problem: 17% (44)
* In-game support for PS3-stored songs: 14% (36)
* Global buddy lists, invite friends to game: 10% (25)
* System-wide chat support: 7% (17)
* Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support: 6% (15)
* Global remote play: 3% (9)
* Better internet browser: 3% (8)
* Better file/folder management: 3% (7)
* Global ranking support: 2% (6)
* Improved Bluetooth headset support: 2% (6)
* Better PS2 memory card support: 2% (6)

Total Votes : 259

  • yodaddy

    wired at 12megs down… only 1 meg up thur tha cable !

  • Hm… I have both.

    Our house has 3 stories, which all indepedently all have their own WiFi APs, but most Desktop PCs here have a Wired connection (100 to 1000 mbits, depends, my pcs both have Gigabit).

    My network is not crypted, but there is a MAC filter involved, (If I did crypt, I wouldnt be able to use my (open firmware) PSP on the net, yet) which drops all not known clients.

    My Internet “officially” is 6mbits down and 384kbits up. But I only get 3mbits down, because my town is “too small” sort of.

    My network is being managed by a Linksys WRT54GL router, with OpenWrt installed (Linux open source firmware), which works great!

  • xScythe

    I just got a Netgear WGT624(today-and its great) and am currently using WPA-PSK TKIP. I am on my ps3 right now typing this. So far no problems and hope it stays that way.

  • Pc

    I just have everything nice and simple (wired). It seems like you need a fairly expensive Wireless router to keep the signal strength strong across the house. You also have to worry about encrypting the access so nobody can use your internet.

  • Thats why I have a MAC filter, 3 APs and also wired Internet ^^

  • I have a Wired internet conection i dont know what the other ones mean really.

  • Mark A


  • yodaddy

    well i got another modem in the front room for the computers… it has wireless router but when it comes to my ps3…. I just got another modem! am I being spoiled ?

  • TommyGun90

    I have a wired connection through a router. It works ok. One thing is that when i do an internet connection test, the NAT Type says Type 3 which limits your chat ability and for me it also causes massive glitch whenever playing Resistance online. The more people in a game, the more glitch. It really sucks to. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

  • St0rm

    Go to set up a Static IP address, Forward Ports. It worked for me.