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Poll: What Internet Connection? |

Just curious about what kind of internet connections all of you are using. A friend of mine couldn’t get WPA TKIP to work. Is there anybody out there using that? So here’s the question:

What internet connection are you using for your PS3?

  1. Wired
  2. WEP
  4. WPA-PSK (AES)
  5. Not online

Previous poll results:

What PS3 improvement do you want most?

* Background downloading: 31% (80)
* Fix for 1080i/720p problem: 17% (44)
* In-game support for PS3-stored songs: 14% (36)
* Global buddy lists, invite friends to game: 10% (25)
* System-wide chat support: 7% (17)
* Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support: 6% (15)
* Global remote play: 3% (9)
* Better internet browser: 3% (8)
* Better file/folder management: 3% (7)
* Global ranking support: 2% (6)
* Improved Bluetooth headset support: 2% (6)
* Better PS2 memory card support: 2% (6)

Total Votes : 259


  1. yodaddy

    wired at 12megs down… only 1 meg up thur tha cable !

  2. Hm… I have both.

    Our house has 3 stories, which all indepedently all have their own WiFi APs, but most Desktop PCs here have a Wired connection (100 to 1000 mbits, depends, my pcs both have Gigabit).

    My network is not crypted, but there is a MAC filter involved, (If I did crypt, I wouldnt be able to use my (open firmware) PSP on the net, yet) which drops all not known clients.

    My Internet “officially” is 6mbits down and 384kbits up. But I only get 3mbits down, because my town is “too small” sort of.

    My network is being managed by a Linksys WRT54GL router, with OpenWrt installed (Linux open source firmware), which works great!

  3. xScythe

    I just got a Netgear WGT624(today-and its great) and am currently using WPA-PSK TKIP. I am on my ps3 right now typing this. So far no problems and hope it stays that way.

  4. I just have everything nice and simple (wired). It seems like you need a fairly expensive Wireless router to keep the signal strength strong across the house. You also have to worry about encrypting the access so nobody can use your internet.

  5. Thats why I have a MAC filter, 3 APs and also wired Internet ^^

  6. I have a Wired internet conection i dont know what the other ones mean really.


  8. yodaddy

    well i got another modem in the front room for the computers… it has wireless router but when it comes to my ps3…. I just got another modem! am I being spoiled ?

  9. TommyGun90

    I have a wired connection through a router. It works ok. One thing is that when i do an internet connection test, the NAT Type says Type 3 which limits your chat ability and for me it also causes massive glitch whenever playing Resistance online. The more people in a game, the more glitch. It really sucks to. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

  10. Go to set up a Static IP address, Forward Ports. It worked for me.

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