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Global Remote Play within 6 months |

I’m disappointed in this news. I was hoping this would be part of the march firmware update for Europe and the rest of the world. Being able to connect a external hard drive, digital camera, memory stick, etc. to the PS3 and having access to those files anywhere in the world via a wifi spot is a great feature. As it is right now, it’s just local remote play, and that’s kind of useless.

I wonder how it will work when remote play goes global. Do you need to have the PS3 powered on? Or can you just have it on stand by? I like the fact that you can also access your buddy list on the XMB and use the PS3’s web browser as well.

Sony’s “global” connectivity plans within 6 months

  • Darth-Busby

    Why is this being delayed the only use I have for it at the moment is I use the ps3 to listen to mp3’s when I’m in the bath global access would be so much better.

  • liar

    I imagine the testing on this is where the majority of time will/is going. People aren’t going to be too happy if it isn’t pretty well flawless..

    Confirming it’s actually coming is good news to me..and it only garnered 3% on your poll 🙂

    Streaming music over the PSP is great for of the kids can be listening to music while the T.V.the PS3 is connected to is being used for other stuff. .

    I’d like them to spend their time opening it up and allow it to be used as PDA etc..maybe the PSP 2.

  • TommyGun90

    I agree. I don’t find much use for it know but i like to go on it sometimes. Its just really cool to see your PS3 screen on your PSP. I cant wait for the Global Remote Play. I’m looking forward to showing slideshows (with music in the background) for my family at their houses. Wifi rocks. Also, i cant wait to see how games are going to use the remote play. Maby global remote play games, wow!