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More Tekken 6 Info |

When the weather gets hot in the Land of the Rising Sun. Tekken 6 will have a on location test and it will including playable versions of the two new characters, Leo and Zafina.

The roster will include all the characters from Tekken Dark Resurrection and Leo and Zafina, and even more. They won’t give the final character count but they don’t want to include just one or two more new characters.

The backgrounds shown in the AOU Tekken 6 trailer will feature interactive backgrounds. The backgrounds will change with the passage of time. They’ll also be affected by your player actions.

Tekken 6 Update

  • Darth-Busby

    Is there any official launch date yet?

  • Nothing yet, just a 2007 date.

  • Burten

    This game should have an online game mode.
    Or does it?

  • Man I hope it has a on-line game mode.

  • User

    Games like Tekken and Soul Calibur are imposible to have online play.

    If you are really have mastered some of the counter attacks in this games, you’ll know what I mean.

    So it’s okey if this game does not support online gameplay.

  • Mr. Monteiro

    I hope Christie is in Tekken 6.

  • Of course she is 🙂 And Eddie as well I assume.