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Global Remote Play within 6 months

I’m disappointed in this news. I was hoping this would be part of the march firmware update for Europe and the rest of the world. Being able to connect a external hard drive, digital camera, memory stick, etc. to the PS3 and having access to those files anywhere in the world via a wifi spot is a great feature. As it is right now, it’s just local remote play, and that’s kind of useless.

I wonder how it will work when remote play goes global. Do you need to have the PS3 powered on? Or can you just have it on stand by? I like the fact that you can also access your buddy list on the XMB and use the PS3’s web browser as well.

Sony’s “global” connectivity plans within 6 months


New Resistance Content April?

Phil Harrison had a little chat with Newsweek’s N’Gai Croal, and although they discussed a lot of stuff that will interest other people, the bit that caught my attention is that there could be new downloadable content coming in April for Resistance: Fall of Man:

We’re going to release additional content for Resistance. I don’t think we’ve gone into detail on the schedule, but we have some really, really cool things that will be extending the story, extending the locations, some brand new content, starting in April. So if that works well and is well-received by the audience, then that will keep the engagement with game going between now and should there be a sequel at some point in the future.

I’m not really a big fan of downloadable content (unless it’s free) so I’ll watch with interest what is made available, how much it will cost and how well received it turns out to be.

So what DLC would you like to see for Resistance?

Phil Harrison Interview


Poll: What Internet Connection?

Just curious about what kind of internet connections all of you are using. A friend of mine couldn’t get WPA TKIP to work. Is there anybody out there using that? So here’s the question:

What internet connection are you using for your PS3?

  1. Wired
  2. WEP
  4. WPA-PSK (AES)
  5. Not online

Previous poll results:

What PS3 improvement do you want most?

* Background downloading: 31% (80)
* Fix for 1080i/720p problem: 17% (44)
* In-game support for PS3-stored songs: 14% (36)
* Global buddy lists, invite friends to game: 10% (25)
* System-wide chat support: 7% (17)
* Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support: 6% (15)
* Global remote play: 3% (9)
* Better internet browser: 3% (8)
* Better file/folder management: 3% (7)
* Global ranking support: 2% (6)
* Improved Bluetooth headset support: 2% (6)
* Better PS2 memory card support: 2% (6)

Total Votes : 259


Tekken 6 Playable Soon?

Tekken 6 was at the AOU arcade expo in Japan a couple weeks ago. And the trailer they showed just had a 2007 date. So I wondered when I could get my hands on this. I’m a huge Tekken fan myself.

Looks like a popular magazine in Japan got some juicy details from Bandai Namco. Tekken 6 will have a on location test before the weather gets hot. So depending on what they mean hot, it could be as early as May. But your guess is as good as mine.

Playable Tekken 6 Coming Soon?


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