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Spider-Man 3: New Goblin

Spider-Man 3 will be a cross-platform game, but the PS3 will get an exclusive Collector’s Edition featuring all kinds of interviews, behind the scenes footage, and other goodies.

Even better, the PS3 will also get an exclusive playable character, “The New Goblin”, that can be controlled completely through the sixaxis motion tilt functionality.


Very nice!

IGN Spider-Man 3 Article


Warhawk- PS3’s downloadable Battlefield?

1Up’s Sam Kennedy seems pretty sure it is.

There has been some interesting speculation, and the lack of info coming from Incognito has fuelled rumours that the game is stuck in development hell. According to Kennedy though Warhawk is still very much progressing, albeit in a different direction, and he’s off to give it a playtest. The game is now not going to be sold at retail and this download is unlikely to come packaged with a full single player mode. Quite a change of strategy, although Kennedy still seems to have high hopes for the game.

It also sounds like the game will have a lot of downloadable content available, but due to the slightly covert nature of the blog it got me thinking… will Warhawk become the first game with a “build your own feature set” in terms of what you choose to buy. Start off with a very basic version, then buy the maps you like and the characters and vehicles you prefer to complete your experience. Interesting idea isn’t it? Something similar happened in PC download only title Pangya. I’m cautiously optimistic that this could be great… if fairly priced.

Expect more news around the time of GDC… In fact expect a lot of PS3 news from around GDC if Kennedy and the other rumours are to be believed.

Sam Kennedy’s blog


Another Reason to get a PS3

Hey everyone. I just had a thought, so I looked up some facts. Here they are:

Upcoming PS2 Releases
Upcoming Xbox Releases
Upcoming GameCube Releases

It’s pretty clear which platform and company likes to support their legacy hardware…


Sony Pleased with January Sales

January was a good month all-around for the gaming industry, and Sony was not exempt. The PlayStation business made $550 million in North America in January 2007. The PS3 sold 243,554 units (slightly behind the 360 and way behind the Wii) and tie ratios for the PS3 are going up. (A tie ratio refers to how many pieces of software a consumer buys per hardware unit.) PSP sales have been strong too, selling 210,719 units (slightly behind the DS). PS2 hardware sales were 299,352. With supply stabilizing, February will see the first appearance of the PS3 in weekly retailer advertisements.

All good stuff. Though I have to admit that with the recent launch of the PS3 I was hoping that it would outsell its competitors. Oh well.

Sony ‘Very Pleased’ with January Sales


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