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1,000 PS2 Titles Playable on the Euro PS3 |

Phil Harrison says when the PS3 arrives in Europe, Australia, Africa and the Middle East, the PLAYSTATION 3 will be able to play over one thousand games from the PS2. All this is done by software emulation. And of course that list will grow with future firmware updates.

They are going to make a website that will list all the PS2 titles that will have backwards compatibility. And they’ll add to that as the list grows as well.

PS3 Backwards compatibility: 1,000 reasons not to worry

  • That’s not too bad; 1 out of 8 PS2 games are playable… (if you account that there’s over 8000 PS2 games).

  • noOne

    Actually, it’s 1 out of 2.5 (only around 2500 released PS2 games in the EU)

  • I knew that it wouldnt be a big deal.

  • Sporty

    I was trying to say that in the last thread.

    But how much do you wanna bet that this info and the lack of complaints on the BC list will get less airtime on news sites then the ignorant outrage last week.

  • LifEndz