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Rumble… returns! |

No really. The unthinkable has happened.

Sony and Immersion have finally reached an agreement regarding their lawsuit! This, for those out of the loop, is the most likely reason that the sixaxis does not rumble. In other words, this is excellent news.

Immersion gets the money it was demanding and in return Sony gets to integrate vibration in its PlayStation products. The good news: Force Feedback is a go for all racing games in all territories and Sony will almost certainly release a vibrating version of the sixaxis controller in the future. The bad news: There are no specific details on products yet and so we don’t know what happens to those early adopters with non-vibrating sixaxis pads.

Based on certain other rumours flying around the web tonight we are in for an interesting week!


  • Nice find…

    +rep Tom

    Although I dont pretty much care about rumble (mostly switch it off) I find it to be good for the rest of the pack, who miss it.

    Although I am still unsure about the FF thingy (if it was even part of this lawsuit or not), now we have confirmation, that there wont be any problem for us here.

  • Martin

    Pretty much the only games I find rumble *somewhat* useful is in racing games. Rumble feels kinda unnatural, and takes focus away from important stuff. So instead of enhancing the experience, it makes it worse. That’s my experience anyway.

  • If this turns out to be true, alot of people will be happy. I never much cared for it, but still wanted it there. For me, rumble was like back seat cup holders in your personal car, you may not particularly care, but you do think its nice that they are there.

  • Yes, the only genre that made sense out of rumble were racing games, and guess what, I do have a FF wheel, so rumble is totally useless to me ^^

  • All over $90million? Stupid. They could have settled a year ago or whenever the stupid suit came up and no one would have been the wiser.

  • James

    i could care less for it. If the game is very immersive, I pay more attention to it than anything else

  • Has anyone thought of the motion sensor? Wouldn’t rumble mess with motion sensitivity? I wouldn’t want to be playing Lair and diving to the ground every time the controller rumbled. I think rumble and FF have their place, but I think this go round it doesn’t make sense (technically speaking).

  • The Wii has and uses both. Their are ways to get around that issues.

  • James

    im sure motion sensing could work around rumble without rumble interfering with the motion sensing. the wii does it, as was stated. Its just a matter of sensitivity given to the motion sensing. If its super sensitive, as to where the slightest movement would cause an action, then its best not to use rumble, but given the high leniancy of motion sensing technology, it shouldn’t be a problem, especially since it takes more pronounced movement to cause an on-screen reaction.

    by thew way, flOw’s motion sensing is great and its a very relaxing game. And i’m going to have Linux installed on this tomorrow (I dont have a PC, so a friend is sending me a DVD with the ISO burned onto it). Hopefully YDL will recognize the printer (HP DJ5740) so we can print things.

  • Meh. I can take or leave the Rumble. And picking up a rumblePad would be low on the priority list.

  • Burten

    rumble and tiltfunc works perfectly together! There’s alot of vids on the wed demostrating this..

    However, if its this that Sony has put their s*&t together, and paid Immersion… YEAYH!

    Great news!!!!

  • Pc

    Lots of good news spreading around tonight !! I can’t wait to have rumble in a sixaxis controller !!

  • Jimmy Stewart

    I’d rather have rumble than the half-butt Wii knock off controller… Or they could avoid both and concentrate on making a controller that’s actually comfortable.

    I do like the quote… “Immersion gets the money it was demanding and in return Sony gets to integrate vibration in its PlayStation products.” Interesting way to explain Sony refusing to pay for the features it was stealing.

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    I actually missed Rumble. Playing RFOM without it is something I got used to but the game would have been that much better with rumble. And you KNOW Metal Gear is going to need Rumble. Konami would love to have the controller shake the whole game I think. So this is great. Now what happens to these two sixaxis controlelrs I have? I guess I just have to swallow the bullet on this one huh?

  • Yeah, I missed rumble more than I thought I would, but it still wasn’t a deal breaker. I like the tilt stuff. But I’m glad rumble’s coming back.

  • elektrokuter

    Man, how is Sony & co going to explain this one. Rumble is so last gen! It suck! We dont need it! Then they settle. Well at least this is someway of them admitting defeat? Although the jury is still out on whether or not they will actually incorporate any actual rumble in their controllers. It would suck to have to buy everything over again.

    ALso Ive been playing these awesome free games from called Kuma\War and Dinohunters. They’re FPS’ that use the Source engine. Pretty damn cool.

    Bring on the rumble sony!