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GTA IV Trailer Arrives March 29th |

Slap me with a fish!!! If you click this link, you will see that R* Games has a countdown timer counting down the days, hours, mins and secs until they unveil the first trailer of one of the most anticipated games of this year. No not Barbie Goes Skating :roll:, Grand Theft Auto IV!!! 😯

I’ve marked the date in my calendar widget 8) so I’m all set. So many questions are floating around in my crazy head. Which country will it be set in or will it be in a number of countries? What new additions to the series will there be? Will I be able to go into ANY building I want to? Can I capture my own face using the EyeToy and put it in the game to scare children and old women? Will there be a zoo? Can I fly Hot Air Balloons or Blimps? Can I ride around on a Skateboard? Can I use my own songs stored on my PS3 and make my own custom radio stations?

Who knows but I can’t wait to find out!! 😀

  • yodaddy

    ( BONG )

  • I hope for many things…

    -real physics
    -more time before stuff gets “deleted” (I dont want to turn around to see that the blown up cars disappear)
    -more interaction with the world (the stuff in SA was only very basic)
    -BETTER graphics
    -less stupid missions
    -better difficulty curve (some missions sometimes are too hard, but the following ones are too easy and so on)
    -multiplayer (coop and/or mmo style)
    -2player splitscreen (one can dream!)

    And most important of all, an uncut german version!!! Up till now, every part since GTA2 was censored (no blood, no money for hitting people…)

  • Im not asking for much, i just want an even bigger world, more intellegient townspeople, and stuff that doesnt dissapear as quickly when you walk a block away. Ive enjoyed the games since GTA3, but i feel making a 360 version will hold it back. Since a blu-ray could hold much more game content than a dvd could. And if there was just a PS3 version, the game could be HUGE.

  • Luke

    someone do the math. what TIME does the trailer come out lol

  • IMO custom soundtracks are what makes GTA a cool game. The ability to use your own songs in a game is awesome, which i found out when I merged some of my favorite tunes with samples from an LA radio station. the User track channel in my game sounds just like a local station and plays the muic that I love adding to the immersion!

    I found it cool anyways….. 🙂

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    Hope they actually do something innovative this time around.

  • I wouldnt bet on it, prepare to be impressed by the graphical improvement, and underwhelmed by everything else.

  • Now imagine if they made it so big that you could fly to other continent, like Europe… uhmmm, maybe only on GTA VI 😉