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Rumour: PlayStation Home |

Before the original launch of the PS3, there were rumours circulating around about a special feature of the PS3 that hadn’t been announced yet. The PS3 launch came and went without a mention of this “special” feature. Well I think that it has finally surfaced! This is all rumour at this point, but to me it makes a bit of sense. I’m going to lump this rumour into the “true” category.

So what is this feature? PlayStation Home.

It’s a virtual home that you can invite your friends on your friends list to. They can come to your home, see achievements (or will they be called “entitlements”, or something else?), and do some other cool things. Like what things? Well, they can listen to music that you have stored on your PS3! They can watch videos stored on your PS3 too. You’ll be able to make your media public or private, so that only public stuff can be viewable by others. You’ll be able to play minigames with your friends too. You’ll also be able to walk out of your virtual home and visit the Virtual Theater and Virtual Arcade.

You’ll also have an avatar, and some things suggested by Phil Harrison recently imply that this avatar won’t be as cartoony as the Wii’s.

It’s obvious that Sony has been working on PlayStation Home for some time. Something of this magnitude takes a lot of work, and I hope that people don’t say that Sony is copying Nintendo, because that’s obviously not the case. I’ve heard rumours of this feature for a while now – months before the launch of the PS3. But it’s also true that all the above features are rumours, and not facts. Who knows what may or may not be in the final version of PlayStation Home?

Either way, I’m excited. This is cool stuff. What do you all think?

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  • I have a feeling alot of this is going to be true. If not, well, then why did sony feel so upset when kotaku went public with it? Some forum site also dug up a trademark for it, so this is nearly confirmed.

  • Let’s see, some questions:

    Is your “home” open all the time? You wouldn’t want someone lounging around in your home, listening to your music or watching your videos and sucking up all your bandwidth while your playing. Can they even get to your home while you’re playing a game?

    How do they get into your home? By invite? By “knocking”? Are your doors open all the time?

    It’s an interesting idea, but begs more questions that it answers. But, seeing that the PS3 network is not seamless, one wonders how it’ll be implemented.

  • Next2heaven

    If this were true then wouldn’t we all have to have our ps3 on all the time for someone to access our videos or mp3’s? Think about it, they keep saying that we won’t even be able to download content while playing a game so you know this won’t be happing unless we too are in others virtual home. If users were doing it at the same time that would make sense but other than that it wouldn’t work. Cool idea for a MMO style chat interface (without the fighting). I do like the concept.

  • Obviously there are still a lot of questions left unanswered. But as to people being in your home while you’re playing games, I think not. Why? Because supposedly the new background download feature won’t work while you’re playing games. That suggests to me that Sony’s putting the kibosh on things like that.

  • ehandlr

    They mentioned something they called “Always On” which is supposed to be explained at GDC

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    I’m uber pysched. I have 360 fanboys all in my dorm and they give me crap about PSN on a daily basis. Up until this annoucement all I could say was “at least PSN is free!” Now I can state it’s free and going to great. Sony has a lot to do to get back on top and I think they can. The games have to start looking better than what 360 can offer and PSN has to be great while remaining free. Good stuff. By the end of 07 I fully expect PS3 games and PSN to make this system great.

  • Sporty

    Does sound kinda cool. With the entitlements they add replay value to games and have you play games you normally wouldn’t play just to get a reward in your ‘Home’. It also answers the system wide buddy lists problem.

    The PS3 and Wii for that matter are always on already. Just giving the PS3 something to do now. With worldwide remote play coming I’m guessing this is another way to use it.

  • Pc

    Sony deffinately knows what their doing and they have what it takes to do something like this. I wouldn’t doubt that atleast part of this rumor is true 🙂
    I hope it is true because i would love to see games like Resistance have entitlements or achievements. Once all is said and done, the PS3 will have more features and function than any other console of today by far, and of course, will be sitting firmly back on top !! Once the price drops a lil bit, it might actually surpass the PS2 one day in the future.

  • At least this would mean that achievments would MEAN SOMETHING, instead of being a pointless number. Phil Harrison said a while ago that he didnt care for the 360’s achievement model because it isnt game centric, something about “Madden Players really only care about how good a gamers is at Madden”. And for all you know, their points could be from playing King Kong for the easy achievements.

    This would mean the more tricked out the room, the bigger the gamer. However, it seems to reward the media fan as well. Because a room could have video music and photos. I smell Porno rooms being a part of our near future. And you know, sony has the ability to create a community media experience, since they bought Grouper last year (something grouper peed their pants in excitement about ).

  • Burten

    Sounds like a Sims MMORG when we sum up all the rumours 😀
    Guess we’ll have to wait ’till wednesday before we can cheer.

    Anyways, if some of this is true, the 360- and wii-fanboys will be all over Sony once more..