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Datel to sell PS3 Headset |

Datel’s first PS3 peripheral is going to be a headset. I actually think this is a good thing. We need manufacturers to sell headsets that just work with the PS3, with no hassles. It’s kind of annoying that not all Bluetooth headsets work seemlessly with the PS3, and that you need to look up whether or not your particular headset will work.

Here’s some more info:

Take control of your gaming with the Communicator Headset for PlayStation 3. This lightweight headset fits comfortably over your ear, so you can play for hours in comfort. With voice control features and a high-quality headphone speaker, your game will take off to the next level.

The Communicator Headset is designed to work flawlessly with the PlayStation 3. Games with voice-activated commands have never been more fun, and talking over the Net has never been easier. With a modern sleek style that looks as good as it performs, the Communicator Headset is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their game.

Product Features

– Works with PlayStation 3 games featuring voice commands
– Hands-free microphone makes talking over the Net easy and fun
– Behind-the-ear clip frees up your hands, so you have full access to your controller
– Lightweight design enables you to play for hours without tiring
– High-quality headphone speaker delivers clear, distortion-free sound

Datel’s first peripheral for PS3 Is… a Headset.

  • yodaddy

    uhhh where can I buy 1 ?

  • Pc

    I just hope it’s good quality because i really want one that’s made for the PS3.


    This would be the shop for you US gamers for Datel stuff…

    Dunno if it is available yet, this store is pretty confusing!

  • Pc

    Is this headset bluetooth ?? I didn’t see that anywhere.

  • I tried finding this product at their website but couldn’t find it.

  • Me neither, it didnt even list any PS3 category…

  • Youhavebeenpked

    I just bought one. It is not bluetooth. It is usb so it plugs into PS3 and does not have a very long cord. Right now, mine is not working but I think it will. Compared to $50+ bluetooth headsets, it is a bargan at Best Buy and other places, $16.


    i have one but its not working WHY?!!!