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Rumor – Phil Harrison’s GDC Keynote Details Leaked |

If this is all true, March 8th will be a very exciting day for PLAYSTATION 3 owners. A huge firmware update, a more refined PS Store, Playstation Lifestyle, and lots of demos to try out.

We will find out if this is all true soon. The Keynote begins on Wednesday, March 7, 2007 10:30-11:30 AM PST.

Details from Phil Harrison- Sony Computer Worldwide Studios – Keynote at GDC March 7th 2007:


Firmware update available on the 8th for North America/Japan and Asia. European PS3’s will be preloaded with this latest update.

Features of this latest firmware include:

More refined PS Store front end
Playstation Network integrity enhanced
Wallpapers from pictures
Ability to change background colors
Sony Connect Store for music and movies added to the PS Store. Hundreds of trailers/full films/song videos and MP3’s available for download.
Playstation Card option in PS Store enabled.
Playstation Lifestyle- Similar to my space/youtube. User generated content and experiences are the key.
+ more.

Removal of Emotion Engine chips in PS3’s in NA and Japan to follow in April. Reason for this is to reduce costs and focus on enhanced opportunities via software. Benefits include the ability to upscale selected PSone/PS2 games to 1080i/720p.

Lots of development talk.
Release dates for key games. Warhawk in June/July 2007. Heavenly Sword delayed. Killzone and MGS4 in late 2007.

New content on PS Store available on the 8th:

Tekken 6 trailer
Lair demo & trailer
Rainbow Six Vegas demo
EA: Skate trailer
Battlefield Bad Company trailer
Warhawk demo
Virtua Fighter 5 demo
Virtua Tennis 3 demo & trailer
GRAW 2: trailer
Mortal Kombat 2 game
Killzone trailer, demo in May.

I can’t wait to download all these demos and try them out. And I’m happy to see that there is at least a Tekken 6 HD Trailer I can download 🙂 I’m a huge tekken fan.

Phil Harrisons GDC Keynote details inside

  • It pretty much like it, that most good games offer a demo beforehand for free…

    You dont need to buy new games at all 😀 (I never bought any “OPM” in my life… too expensive, for what it offers).

    I dont believe that this is real at all. Just think about it. This sort of sensitive information is very unlikely to leak. And most of this stuff is also very likely to happen!

  • Darrin

    I don’t believe this either. It simply sounds way too good to be true. That’s way too much content for one day. It would be nice though.

  • Burten

    KillZone 2 DEMO in may??!!?
    Do we accually get to play it?!??

    And I who thought KZ2 would just be another Duke Nukem Forever 😉

    Great idea to put all the stuff from Sony Connect into PsStore. Guess Sony wants to build a “iTunes Store” for Playstation.
    (Hmm, yeah, thats kinda in the name)

    😀 But what I really wanna hear from is “..All euro Ps3 will ship with Rumble Sixaxis..” 😀

  • calvhobbes

    i may need to put off my ps3 purchase till the new version comes up.. would like the upscaling

  • Lyndon

    Keeping in mind the source for this “information” was a guest post on the NeoGAF forums I’ll believe all of that when i hear it from Phil himself.

  • Just fyi,

    PST is 9hrs before CET (GMT+1), so in CET, the Keynote will be 19:30 till 20:30 or 18:30 till 19:30 for you Brits out there…

    Thankfully it is not in the evening, as then I would need to stay up way too late ^^

    And to tell you again, I dont think this is real AT ALL.

    Phil, although he is a VERY good speaker, cant possibly put that much content into one hour. Maybe (but I dont think even that) half of that info will make it into Phils keynote. Maybe at some other event, we will hear about other stuff, but not at Phils speech.

  • James

    its all plausible, but unlikely. In any case, I do hope for more demos, and, dammit, background downloading on a firmware update, if there is one…

  • Tosh and I were both a little skeptical, but we thought you guys would like this anyway. We’ll find out Wednesday if any of it is true.

  • James

    btw, I hope it is true, because March 8th is my 21st b-day 😉

  • Happy b-day James! My birthday was the 3rd of March 🙂

  • mcloki

    I would think getting iTunes onto the PS3 would be a better deal. How many other movie studios are going to like the idea of paying Sony for every download of their movie.
    They need to talk about pre loading my PS3 during the day or faster streaming of the trailers. I should be able to get every demo downloaded automatically. Upscaling is very nice. At least it saves me from spending $100 on an upconverting DVD player. I hope GOW II is upconverted.

  • Mine is in April (15th, my 25th to be exact) 😀

    We’ll see on wednesday, what’ll be said… I am however very psyched!

  • MetalProxy

    I seen that list last week. If I get half that stuff it would be great. A sonystorm is coming…

  • chrysostom

    I am all hyped by this rumor… can’t wait for Wed…

  • Pc

    Now i’m all excited !!!! Ill have Motorstorm on wednesday also !!!

  • Sporty

    The hype is building so fast that if Sony doesn’t have any ground breaking announcements this will be another ‘megaton’ moment.

    I’m more leaning towards the PS Home rumor since Phil has been hinting at ‘Second Life’ and ‘achievements that mean something’ for awhile. Along with getting so upset with Kotaku trying to spoil that. If it wasn’t true they wouldn’t even have looked at Kotaku.

    However I can see the trailers. demos and Sony Connect as something that they can do with very little easy and upscaling as something they can do with firmware updates. Even on our systems with the EE in hardware since it’s select games. The GS and VRAM are in hardware on ours and the new systems and that’s where the resolution is handled so upscaling wont be limited to the new systems. Calling it a benefit is only to shut people up that seem to get mad about emulation.

    Pretty much everything on that list they can do but what are the chances of them doing everything on that list in 3 days along with the other rumors to roll out in 17 days?

    I’m guessing it’s something simple like entitlements and Sony connect, better PSP PS3 integration and everyone is expecting something bigger so it will seem a let down.

  • Wow…demos, pictures, trailers and a firmware update. Way to knock it out of the park Sony.

  • I’m really hoping the Playstation Home stuff turns out to be true. And I would love it if they would announce a PSP portal to the Playstation store.

  • Sporty

    mcwilliams response is exactly what I said was going happen from the MS side of things. Downplay and spin whatever it is and always make it seem like a letdown. Doesn’t matter what it is. Concidering no announcement has happened but the damage control has started.

  • I wonder, will this be the beginning of sony’s turnaround? For almost a year now, its been cool to hate sony, even when its not clear why. Taking into account, that so much of the hate has been based of FUD, what does it take to get back on peoples good side?

  • Too good to be true if you ask me. God knows I’m hoping from the bottom of my heart it is. I really would like to put a positive look at owning my PS3, but I just cant. Those demos would keep me entertained for a while, but playing PS2 games in HD would be my main bread and butter. It’s annoying having 480p games that don’t quite fill the screen. Its like widescreen lite, or 13:9.

  • This has been out for a while, its gonna be insane if its true.

  • Fingers crossed this will all come together.

  • Rather

    Will be pretty exciting. Best case scenario, it is a great presentation with great new offering from Sony, one that has potential to forgive the mistakes of 2006. Worst case scenario, it is E3 2006 all over again and the experience offered is clunky and without a clear vision (think current PS Store). Be real interesting to see.

  • Their biggest problem now, is that people are expecting so much from the keynote now, that people are going to deem it another failure, if its not, absolutely everything they expected. I’m sure nintendo and microsoft will be happy, because they is no way ALL of the rumors can be true, so some are bound to be dissapointed.

    However, I could be wrong, the press release stresses that Phil Harrison will debut previously unnanounced features and services. So maybe im just worrying.

  • Rather

    Well you can all but count on some sources to throw a wet blanket over the presentation in the immediate aftermath. Remember, the rules say take a drink every time 1UP sneers, and chug if they use the word Killzone. Ultimately the market will prove out whether it worked or not.

  • ibenez

    so where’s the update that was meant to be released on March 8th? I’m still waiting for that to come. and no, March 8th wasn’t an “exciting day” for any of us. I hope in the future that what we read on this blog is reliable.

  • This was just a rumor …….