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Harrison Keynote Play by Play |

Like the previous two GDC keynotes, I have a friend who is attending this year’s Sony keynote. So tomorrow he’ll be giving my play-by-play updates on what Phil Harrison has to say, using his Blackberry. (I don’t even have one, and I love the Blackberry.) As I get his updates I’ll be updating my website with the information.

Of course, the usual disclaimers apply. If his Blackberry stops working, or he gets food poisoning, or I have a meeting at work I just have to attend, or my ISP craps out, etc etc etc, then the updates won’t be forthcoming!

But I hope it all works out, and that we can have some fun…

[Edit: Don’t forget that the keynote is at 10:30AM PST.]

  • Awesome! I’m looking forward to it 😀

  • I probably won’t read all about it until Thursday afternoon. 🙄 Time Zones FTL!

  • Why is that Gary?

    The keynote is from 19:30 till 20:30 in Germany and 1 hour before that in the UK!!

    Or does your wife take hold of you in the evenings ^^

    I am very psyched about all GDC. I wish I could be there too, but I only managed to snag tickets for Cebit (and a driver that is). News on the front of everything tech related!! Sony will also be there, so I think, there’ll be something PS3 related, at least.

  • Hmm I thought it would be on later than that. Then I’ll read it pretty much as it comes through.

    My gf does like to spend some ‘quality time’ together at that time but it usually involves watching rubbish TV. 😡

  • Yep, today “Desperade Housewifes” is on, and House Md on another channel… No guess, what will be watched 🙁

  • Darrin

    Very cool! Can’t wait

  • chrysostom

    Sweet. Can’t wait!

  • Burten

    I wanna Can’t Wait too .. 😀

    But seriously.. guys, its a keynote..

    What if Henning’s car breaks down, and as he realises the cellphone is flattbatt., it starts raining?
    He will still feed us hungry puppies with PS3 news from GDC. Just a little bit later 😉

    eeh.. you would do that, Henning? right?

  • As long as any of the rumors get announced, I’m happy!

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    *In his best journey imitation* You’re the inspiration! You bring meaning into my life….

  • The anticipation is killing me, the only time I felt more antsy is before E3 06, AND WE KNOW HOW THAT TURNED OUT. But anyway, unless Sony announces NONE of what was rumored (which seems unlikely), its seems that the keynote will mark a good day for sony fans everywhere.

  • Pc

    Yup, I’m very excited, but for several reasons….#1 i get to pick up Motorstorm tomorrow and #2 i love these kind of events……hearing of updates and new features makes me happy.

  • skootie

    My apologies if this has been linked in a previous article:

    In particular, check out ‘Sony Pre-Keynote Reaction’

  • Nice 🙂 Good find