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No MotorStorm Today |

Today in Ottawa it must be one of the coldest days of the winter. The temperature this morning was -24C (-11F) and now at lunch it was -18C (-4F). But my PS3-owning coworker and I decided to brave the cold to get MotorStorm. WalMart didn’t have it. A guy there (also looking for MotorStorm) said that FutureShop didn’t have it (which is in sync with their website). We walked (which was a mistake) over to EBGames, but they didn’t have it either. The icy wind nearly ripped our facial skin off. Then my car wouldn’t start. (Something to do with the anti-theft system.) The dealership said I’d have to have it towed, but I decided to wait 15 minutes and try again. That did the trick.

So I froze my butt off and got stranded in a WalMart parking lot to get a copy of MotorStorm that wasn’t even available yet. That really sucks. When there’s a release date, companies should honour it! This isn’t the first release date problem I’ve had either, and this is really starting to tick me off.

Ah well, at least I’m enjoying a nice roast beef sandwich…

  • Marcelo

    I was looking for it also, but couldn’t find it anywhere! The funny thing is that yesterday night (arround 9pm EST) I received an email from Sony saying that it was available. This morning I went over all the big retail websites and didn’t have it. Bestbuy says it will have it tomorrow…. Sad…

  • I called my local gamespot and they said tomorrow for Motorstorm…… 🙁

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    That sucks bro. PS3 games are so much that I usually rent before I buy or purchase if the game gets a 9 or higher. You guys don’t have some sort of insider hookup?

  • I wish. I have no idea how to get an insider hookup.

  • mcloki

    Same with me. I just went to three places and no love for Motorstorm. EB games, Futureshop, Gamerama ( independent ) I’ll go back to the Gamerama because the same thing happened with VF5. i went at lunch couldn’t find it. The owner said come back at 5 and I got it. I’m in Toronto so I understand cold.
    If i get it tonight, I’ll try and post some thoughts.

  • Are games released on any given day in North America?

    Over here in the UK, most games are released on a Fri. Although it has been for certain retailers to put certain games on sale a day early.

  • Is it normal for you Canadians, to tell temperatures in Celsius, or was it just for me and Gary ^^

    Btw, we had 14°C on noon today!

    Yep, this REALLY sucks.

    The same happened to me, when Command & Conquer (Red Alert) was released over here… Back then I had no car and whatnot (going there by bus!)!

  • Darth-Busby

    14 degrees is pretty warm compared to what we had in the uk today

  • liar

    I’ve found that to be pretty universal in Canada so far. In-stores the day after official release. F1 came in around lunch-time last Wednesday. Expect Motorstorm will be the same.

  • Canada uses the metric system, unlike the States. So we have celsius, kilometres, and kilograms just like you guys.

  • DC

    Guys, this is nothing new. Take release day, add 1 to it. As far as I have seen that is what to expect.

  • Burten

    Go metric-Canada!
    I’m tired of always reading about miles and gallons!!

  • Most games ship on Tuesday and are released on Wednesday. Sometimes even if Gamestop has the game they won’t sell it till Wednesday.

  • Jordan

    Ottawa is so beautiful. I was just thinking of how Toronto has no character, no charm. Totally worth freezing your ass off.

  • Pc

    I always call before i go to pick up a game now days. I should also note that the games usuallu always don’t make it to the stores until the day after the release date.

  • Sporty

    In northern cali we always get games about 2 days after the street dates. Seems like the only time we get them on time is when I preorder online.

  • When games get put on shelves is really arbitrary here in the US. Many places get them on tuesdays, and put them on the shelves on wednesdays. But then there are also many, that get shipments from their distributor at different parts of the week, and so its more like thursday or friday when it comes into. Sometimes it has to do with the magnitude of the game, if its huge, they make sure its in and on shelves on the very day its supposed to be (like GTA:San Andreas).

    It can be quite frustrating since there is no clear cut schedule for these sorts of things.

  • I went to BB yesterday to try and get it too. All they could confirm was that yesterday was the SHIP day for Motorstorm. They said all stores should get an overnight shipment of them and they will be in stock today. I will call first.

  • Marcelo

    Anyone could buy it at BestBuy???

  • i’m really frustrated about that too. happens to me a lot. i look for a game on the release date and stores tell me to check back 2 or more days later 🙁