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PS3 Guest Stars on Heroes |

The PLAYSTATION 3 made a guest appearance on the NBC show Heroes. It wasn’t very long, but it did show some game play footage of Heavenly Sword.

Check out the video here:

PS3 Guest Stars on Heroes

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There is also a cool video of the motion capture that is being used in Heavenly Sword, with some great looking in-game footage:

  • This little clip did alot to wet my appetite. Graphically, the game has improved significantly. Although what was shown was a interactive cutscene (like those in god of war), it still bodes well for what the game will be like when it comes out this year.

  • I hope the delay to HS is time well spent in making it a genuine big hitter on PS3 because I’ve had my beady little eyes on it since since I first saw it.

  • Pc

    Just by listening to them talk about the game and how their trying to go all out and hopefully develope the first BIG game for the PS3, makes me believe that it will be a great game. If the graphics are next gen, and the gameplay is right at that sweet spot, and the story is compelling and entertaining, this game will be up there with the greats when it’s all said and done ! 🙂

  • Burten

    I havn’t seen Heroes yet, but I guess they are, as they can play a not-yet-released-game 😀

    (..Somebody had to mention it..)

  • People were impressed with the gameplay way back at E3 06, that was nearly a year ago. So the gameplay can only go up from there. I’m pretty certain that this will be a good game, and the delay shows that Sony isnt interested in letting their investment go to waste by force it out before its done.

    Now, lets see what Team ICO is up to. Out of all the arms of Sony Worldwide studios, they are the ones that I’m quite curious about. A company that makes a game thats as engaging and aesthetically beautiful as Shadow of the Colossus, can only be up to something big.

  • I also only got really interested in this game after watching this clip!

  • This game looks to be the next great game I play on my PS3.