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GDC ’07: Mercenaries 2 Footage |

With GDC ’07 now underway, I was waiting for something game related to grab my attention and the devs at Pandemic haven’t let me down. There are two video walkthroughs over at GameTrailers (I’ve embedded both of the non-HD vids below) and the game looks nothing short than stunning! 😯

The game world looks fantastic and the explosions are superb with some great smoke effects from RPGs. Sticky C4 for the massive damage!! 😀

Check out the first vid:

Oh yeah, I’ll being having some of that! The second vid speaks for itself:

Some great lighting in that second vid and I’m willing to overlook the graphical bugs as it’s still a work in progress. 😉 It’s set for release in the Winter Quarter of 2007 on PS3, 360, PC and PS2. This is a guaranteed purchase for me no matter what the reviews say. A definite must have.

Mercenaries 2 at GDC ’07

  • Burten


    Its Star Wars Battlefront without Star Wars 😀

  • Darth-Busby

    This is shaping up to be a must have title, no doubt about it.