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Sony ‘Open to Changing the Sixaxis’ |

Before I got the PS3 I didn’t think I’d miss rumble all that much, especially considering that we get the cool new tilt functionality. And while I was right that tilt is cool, I found myself missing rumble more than I thought I would. When taking the curbs in the F1 game, there’s no rumble. When getting shot in a FPS, there’s no rumble.

Now that Sony has kissed and made up with Immersion, Sony’s starting to make noises along the “we might change the controller” front. This is a good thing. The sooner the better.

Sony: ‘We’re Open to Changing the Sixaxis’

  • yodaddy

    damn… what about the 2 controllers that I have now 🙂

  • hollywooda

    ohh thankyou sony!!!… ohh take my first born if it’ll help!……… should of listened in the 1st place, too little way too late. R.I.P. P.S.3

  • liar

    We have 5 – big family :). If it’s an addition then that would be fine at some point. Nothing lost. Something gained. If it happens I hope you can turn it OFF for games like Motorstorm Two..that would just be painful and sadistic.

  • Darrin

    The bigger question is why games like F1 don’t support dedicated steering wheel controllers that already have rumble along with many other force feedback effects?

    I love rumble and thought I would miss it, but I really don’t. It’s really not that important for most action, adventure, and RPG type games. However if the racing simulators, such as Gran Turismo, don’t support force feedback (not just rumble), I will be disappointed.

  • Martin

    I they do this and ship a new default controller with rumble, they HAVE to replace already sold controllers either free or for a shipping fee only. Otherwise they will be totally bashed.

  • Didn’t the add rumble at a later date to PS1 controllers? That seemed to work out fine…

  • lol, I already have 4 sixaxis controllers ….

  • yeah me too

  • Yes, I still have 2 PS1 controllers here. They still work (although the dog ate away some cable, I needed to replace those), they have neither rumble, nor analogue sticks…

    Resident Evil 1 had also 2 versions of the game, one with rumble and one without.

    I think, they purposefully left racing wheel stuff out of F1 to push the Sixaxis motion sensing, as with Motorstorm also. They will add this to later games for sure. No FF in GT will suck very much and Sony knows this too well!

  • Darth-Busby

    If the dispute between the two companies wasnt so well documented in public I would say this was a cynical attempt to cash in by forcing the users to buy replacement controllers 6-12 months after the console launched.

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    Great…so I forked over more than 100 bucks on sixaxis for nada. I’m assuming Sony won’t have some sort of trade in so I’ll basically have to buy new controllers to get the rumble, which we all missed more than we thought we would.

  • ehandlr

    Meh…I still don’t miss rumble. If given the option..I’d opt for it…but definetly not worth crying over.

  • liar

    How do you figure nada? ?Your current controller just stopped working all of a sudden? And no we didn’t all miss it more than we thought. You did. I’ve enjoyed using the motion controller way more than rumble myself. Flow and Blazing Angels were way more immersing because of it and Lair and Warhawk will be the same. Rumble – been there done that..time to move on and open new doors – thats what next gen is about – not just repacking the same old thing and saying it’s new.

    Now it looks like your going to get both worlds and your complaining..geez just can’t please some people. If they would have come out with both and the controller was $10 more people would have been screaming about why it’s more expensive than a 360 controller.

  • I must say… Liar speaks the truth!! how ironic! 🙂

  • Burten

    I’ve gettin so familiar with the rumble, that I know I’ll miss it when the PS3 is in my home.

    Come on, when that big explotion hits just in the nearby.. No rumble.
    When you’re firing of acouple of rounds with your AK47.. No rumble.
    When you hit a mountain wall with your Porche 911 .. No rumble.
    I guess I can go on and on..

    I think Sony made a big mistake when they left out the rumble. It’s time to put it back in.

  • Pc

    I’m so happy that i own a PS3 !!!