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Poll: PlayStation Home or LittleBigPlanet? |

So after seeing all this cool PlayStation Home and LittleBigPlanet stuff, what impressed you more?

Previous Poll Results:

What kind of internet connections are you using?

* Wired.: 49% (68)
* WEP: 31% (43)
* WPA-PSK (TKIP): 11% (16)
* WPA-PSK (AES): 7% (10)
* None.: 2% (3)

Total Votes : 140

  • calvhobbes

    no poll.. post the poll .. both things just made me buy a ps3… just gotta save up the dough..

  • chrysostom

    The potential of Home is huge. I think it’s cool to be able to walk up to someone virtually and challenge them a game of Resistance. It’s a much better experience than just a network ID.

  • Both have massive potential but it’s LBP that has got my attention and refuses to let go.

    Home looks like it could be a great addition for the PS3 and I hope I can have a DMC4 T-Shirt. 8)

  • Nick

    Yeah, I chose HOME for the potential it has. Still, it has a lot of question marks over its implementation…

    By fall there will be probably millions of ps3 users, how do you fit/cram them into the limited spaces we were shown in the trailer (lobby)???


  • Sporty

    My guess is it will be regional or realm like. During the keynote when he logged in it asked which “Home” to log onto and they had several. With the normal Status, Name, Users, markers. So it seems like a MMO type system.

  • I really am torn between the two, they both offer amazing and new possibilities to the world of playstation, but i will have to side with Home. Its effect can definitely reach beyond itself, and define what the playstation experience is in general. What it could be used for, really has no limits.

  • scootondown

    Both items shown have huge potential. I am equally drawn to both of these. Has anyone heard when or if there is still a planned system update, I pray for content folder creation for music and movies.

  • R07

    Both Home and LBP offer a wide range of unique, clever and amazing qualities, and both get my vote.

    I wonder if a system update will be released to allow you to listen to your music, whilst navigating the PS3 System because atm it is not possible.
    Folders don’t sound like a bad idea either….