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Doh! PS Home Trophies Not a Requirement |

Sony is leaving too many things up to the developers to decide. First they don’t mandate chat support, and now they’re not mandating that developers use the new trophies announced to be part of PlayStation Home.

I don’t like it.

I’m finding that recently developers have been taking the path of least resistance when it comes to games. Splitscreen support is on the decline. Hardly any chat support. Developers seem to be doing the minimum to make a buck, and I don’t trust them them to add Trophy support without a mandate from Sony.

This news is snot on a stick.

GDC 2007: PS Home Trophies Not a Requirement

  • ehandlr

    Phil also said in an interview at GDC that the additional content for Home will be so easy for devs…they can’t help but put it in. Basically if they want to make a zone for their game…they can take in game content that they already developed and use it for the zone. He said the content they would use is already in game and the trophy system will take minimal effort.

  • Darrin

    This is a good poll topic: Should developers be mandated to add trophy support or other Home functionality to games?

    I disagree with Henning.

    Developers should be given as much independence and creative autonomy as possible. Sony should definitely not start mandating features or functionality that gets put in games.

    If developers feel that trophies are a worthwhile addition, they will add them willingly. If developers feel that trophies aren’t appropriate for a particular game, they don’t have to do so.

  • Darth-Busby

    I agree that developers need a lot of freedom and I think it’s fine to leave trophy support up to them but can everyone not agree in game chat should be in every single game with online play it enhances the gameplay massively.

  • Rather

    I think it’s a moot point. Any developer that is worth anything and wants to promote their game will have a prescence in Home in some way, shape, or form. What we really need to worry about is developers handicapping the game on the disc, with the plan of nickel and diming people for stuff. How would you react to Evolution making offline split-screen support available for download, but you have to cough up $5?

  • I honestly never use offline split-screen, even when with friends at home, I find it too distracting having two separate areas on the same screen with different interaction/animations.
    So making that optional, for a few bucks, would be a good idea, specially if the retail prince would cost those few bucks less!
    On the Home Trophies requirement, I also disagree with Henning, companies should have the freedom to include features or not… it depends on their audience and how successful they want their game to be 😉

  • liar

    Rathers point is the key one. I think the market will force developers to add it if they want to compete..the only danger is because it’s not mandated..they will use the nickel and dime angle..but mandating this..nah. Chat is a tougher one..but again I think the over time market forces will push out those that cut corners on that one as well.

  • The market is not a perfect system. It caters to the lowest common denominator. Only if a feature is required/wanted by the vast majority of people will it make its way into a product. All those special touches that appeal to some people but not others (like splitscreen support) get lost in the process.

    My friend told me the other day that if he were to buy another console today (he currently has a GameCube) he’d probably get a PS2. The PS3 games didn’t have the kind of splitscreen support that he was after. While I do have a PS3, I have to say I understand his POV. The lack of splitscreen support is vexing, to say the least. The lack of decent chat support is too.

  • Darrin

    Some features, like cross-game chat, would probably be best implemented at the system level, rather than on a game-by-game basis.

    But the overall quality of the game is ultimately the responsibility of the developer. They should get full creative freedom to choose which features are the best fit for their game. Gamers will vote with their wallets on the end result.

    No, the market isn’t perfect, but they can’t please everybody because we want different things: Henning wants split-screen support, I want better support for steering wheel controllers, Darth wants better cross-game chat, and others want online co-op or custom soundtracks.

  • I guess I’m a bit more pessimistic about the motices of the game developer. I see game developers as doing the very minimum needed to make a game sell well. While you seem to think that a game developer will make a truly excellent game to sell well. I admit that reality might be somewhere inbetween.

  • I think that Motorstorms lack of split screen is more a fact that it’s a 1.0 Game than a glaring omission. As far as mandating Home trophies. The market will dictate that. on the 360 would you knowingly buy a game that didn’t give you any achievement points. Phil said last night that it would be relatively easy for trophy support top be added to any game. Its a 3D in-game model after all.
    And Liars worry about nickel and dime content has already played out on the 360. It’s the Oblivion Horse armour meme. I don’t think producers are going to want to have the backlash that occurred tainting their next release. It’s making me hesitant about buying a copy of Oblivion when it hits PS3. Because in the back of my mind I’m thinking, How are these guys going to screw me now.

  • ehandlr

    This is free advertisement for developers. They don’t need to pay anything out to Sony to be included in Home. I can imagine that most devs will eat this up.

  • It takes minimal effort on the developers part to do this, they are already used to doing things like this when it comes to game saves (the ps2 had 3d game based icons for game saves). Like harrison said, with existing models and content, making a trophy would take less than 20 minutes the churn out. Also its in the best interest of the developers to have stuff in home. It can advertise a game, it can make consumers more aware of titles they wouldnt normally know much about.

  • Yeah. But just because something is in a developer’s best interests, doesn’t mean that they’ll do it.

  • Sporty

    I’m sure nearly every game will support trophies even if they are just a 5 min hack on some of the cheaper barbie and Bratz games. Trophies add replay and they can be a selling point. If someone wants a item that’s game exclusive and a trophy that’s better the the whole of the game some people will buy for that reason.

    The chat and splitscreen aren’t related to this topic really. Chat and buddy lists are going to be handled in home so it’s system wide soon. Split screen game support has nothing to do with the system and is only a developer choice. Evolution said they left it out since they figured most people will play online. Lame answer but they might do a patch or just wait for Motorstorm 2 or 1.5 😀

  • I dont think, they’ll dismiss it, for being “unpractical” or something along that line.

    First, it uses Maya, which is basically THE industry standard for modelling stuff for games and movies, and second, the SDK has sort of a converter according to Harrison, so you basically drag and drop your assets into that programm and you are done with it. There may be some caveats to it, but mostly these guys are professionals and so, this should not be any problem at all.

    This is a free opportunity for publishers to get their games into Home. Free advertising is always a good thing for them. And dropping support for Home would surely not go well with many gamers.

  • matt

    If it is so easy to implement than it should be mandatory. This way if Home takes off you don’t have to worry if a game you want has it or not. I strongly agree with Henning that developers will be slow to implement it and the feature may not be fully introduced for over a year.

    Say what you want but the features that gamers want should be mandatory. Dolby Digital, 720p/1080i support, chat, trophies, and even more stuff should all be standard. This way the games are consistant. Screw developers, they should be able to put features in that their customers deserve. Games are now $60 and the few extra features can’t cost that much.

    It is the Playstation 3, not PS2 HD