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The YouTube of gaming |

Microsoft’s Peter Moore famously introduced XNA as the “first step of creating a YouTube for videogames.” In the 3/8 1UP podcast, they said:

“XNA isn’t the YouTube of gaming, you have to work too hard.”


What I like about LittleBigPlanet, is regular people can realistically create mini-games. In the past there were products like RPG-Maker and Fighter-Maker, but those products were never very good. I really hope this game building genre gets fleshed out with more quality products.

The hurdle for indie games isn’t so much marketing or distribution, but actual development.

A quick summary of easy to hard approaches for hobbyist and indie developers:

  • Easy User Created Content or end-user game builder products like LittleBigPlanet and RPG-Maker
  • Medium Very simple games. Macromedia Flash is probably the major platform here, but many titles are done on other platforms such as C, Java, and .NET.
  • Hard Advanced general purpose game engines. XNA is getting a lot of attention, but there is also Torque, TV3D, jME, and dozens of other PC centric engines. These are really high quality and powerful tools, but they require huge time and skill investments. This often crosses the line for most hobbyists from fun to work and from a practical hobby to a impractical pipe dream.
  • liar

    Yes. LittleBigPlanet is going to be huge..kind of like Unreal engine for the common folk. Not quite right but close enough..even within this game environment their are some very interesting commercial opportunities for others..a lot of others..

  • I really hope people get on board with this, it looks so awesome, but will require people to get involved. The real youtube of gaming. What would youtube be without users? Nothing, hopefully LBP will be just as powerful to gaming as Youtube has been to the internet.