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Why GTA 4 is not a timed PlayStation exclusive |

“I don’t think PS3 has the install base to support Rockstar’s investment in GTA IV on its own,” said Harrison.

Actually, that’s a pretty logical reason.

When development on GTA 3 was being planned, it was a big risk. It was a niche series with a small fan base. Up front money on a risky project is very desirable. However, GTA 4 was almost a guaranteed success, so the publisher would rather take more of the risk in exchange for a larger cross-platform audience.

The same thing happened with Harmonix’s music games. The early riskier projects were exclusives and when the series produced a runaway success, it eventually turned cross platform. I hope the same thing will happen in the other direction.

The other big question is where will the next surprise hits come from? The really great innovations are often completely unexpected.

Regardless, GTA 4 is the title I’m most excited about. I can’t wait for the trailer later this month.

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  • I dont want to be mean, but I dont think, GTA 4 will be as revolutionary as everybody thinks.

    It is after all Rockstars flagship, and with those titles, its mostly “take no risks”, and this is, what I fear happens here too.

    It will surely look great, have good music and whatnot, but it will still be the same as the GTA 3 series of games, nothing more.

    Also, going multiplatform from the get go is also something that bothers me. Even if it went with the 360 at first, I believe it would look and play better that way (vice versa also).

    But then again, I have no idea, maybe Rockstar will again shock the gaming world with a quadruple A title!

    Everything is possible!

  • Darrin

    If they do just do another GTA-like title I will be disappointed. They know they have to do something big and new.

    That’s a really hard goal even for a great team with a huge budget. They may succeed or they may fail, but I am optimistic.

    My big bet for a disappointment is Calling All Cars. I think it will be a good fun game, but it will pale in the legacy of God of War. David Jaffe is a talented and likeable guy as I’m sure are many of the other non-public people who worked on those titles, but its hard to make a completely new game that is both very original and very fun.

  • Yeah, I know Rockstar. They made all kinds of games and most of them were rather good. Now this does not mean, it will make GTA4 better, but I fear, the progress got stuck somewhere in between GTA3 and SA. Adding “simple” stuff like entering buildings and whatnot maybe nice, yet it is not mandatory. I mean, there needs to be much much more stuff to expand the game. Just running, gunning and driving wont be enough for a triple A title to come.

    You cant compare God of War (playing again ATM :D) to Calling all Cars, I think.

    GoW is a major budget full price game, and CAC is a low budget cheap DL title…

    As long as it plays well and is just plain fun, it is a good game.

    I just rewatched the making of GoW (within the game). Hehe, comparing him to now is just like… No time passed since then, they didnt even censor cuss words (strange, since its american!). I find it cool, that they use Maya for all that stuff (I am also using Maya for my Hobby projects :D).

    Ok, back to topic.

    And as it is original and very likely to be “short time” fun (meaning, 10min or what games sessions), I think, I’ll be getting it, if it is 5€ or less!

  • liar

    LittleBigPlanet answers the next big surprise rather well I think 🙂

    Segitz any pointers on the Maya stuff…since Home is going to include using these assets I’m now interested in finding out more..and who owns Maya? Investment time I think.

  • It is Autodesk who owns Maya.

    You can download a free version of Maya PLE (personal learning edition) here, after registering.

    If you have knowledge of 3D Studio Max and or AutoCAD, you can do neat stuff with it. But as I only recently upgraded to a dual core, I wasnt nearly able to do the real funky stuff ^^.

    Sadly, the PLE is based on version 7.0, but the current retail version is already gone to 8.5 with cloth simulation and a better physics engine. And I cant afford Maya at ALL (Unlimited costs $9500). Maybe I get a better deal via my University. That would be VERY cool.

  • I wanted GTA4 to come out on PS3 1st so it can take advantage of the power.