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Army of Two Talking Smack |

😆 I don’t know why I find the video below funny but I do. I hope Army of Two supports voice chat (I think it does if I remember correctly) because I can just imagine some of the banter that will go on with your human partner during co-op play. The entire convo would need to be bleeped out if Henning got involved! 😉

Salem sounds like his voice hasn’t broke yet. 😆

Army of Two co-op

  • Hehe, yeah.

    I just REALLY hope, there wont be “only German” groups, like region locking and stuff. I really dont like german (the language that is^^).

    The trailer looks ok though, graphically not as good as others in that regard, but nontheless ok.

  • I think it’s just meant to highlight the co-op voice chat aspect of the game and the opportunity to talk as much smack as possible to your supposed ally before he can take no more and pops a cap in you backside. 😉 So to speak.

  • Its wired how obnoxiously high pitched that one voice is.

  • Burten

    This game is gonna be great!
    VoiceChat is bound to be in a game like this, it’s like one of the developmentguys said : This gane dosn’t have an co-op mode, this game is co-op..

    And most of all, it got splitscreen 🙂