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Poll: Bluetooth Controller Connection Issue? |

I saw this news posting about the Bluetooth controller connection issue, and I thought it would be a good topic for a poll. I had ignored this issue for a long time, because it never affected me. But two weeks ago it happened to my friend while we were playing on my PS3. His connection just got lost while in the middle of playing a game. It’s only happened the one time, but it’s quite annoying.

So my question is this: has the Bluetooth connection problem been a problem for you on your PS3? If so, how often?

Bluetooth connection issue arises with Sixaxis

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  • Darrin

    The controller just disconnects while playing a game? I haven’t seen that at all.

    What I have seen, is that the controller always starts up as #2 and I have to manually switch to #1. Since most games ignore the #2 controller, this can be very confusing.

  • Ed

    This has never happen to me. But I do notice that the battery runs out fast.

  • chrysostom

    This has never happened to me. Are there other bluetooth devices near by? Maybe they are interfering the signal.

  • It has happened 5 times while playing Resistance. But there was also 3 times when the PS3 couldn’t be turned on by any blue tooth device, and I had to reconnect my two controllers and my remote.

  • liar

    Haven’t seen it. We have 5 controllers.
    Never seen the PS3 failing to turn on either.

  • TommyGun90

    actually, the same thing happened to me. my friend brought over his controller and in the middle of a game, it just lost connection. We had to hook it back up. But it’s never happened with my controller. Weird.

  • Pc

    My controllers lose connection for a second, maybe once a week or so. The only thing that actually happens, is my character ends up running the direction that i was last pushing on the joystiq. It does’t do this for long either (usually only a couple seconds), therefore it doesn’t really bother me, but i do wish they wouldn’t ever do it.

  • rem

    my controllers have had seizures too but only recently after many-a-marathon of bouts in VF5 none thru any other game… to date

    i do go through what u could consider long and tedious load times
    u can almost hear her panting -by her i mean my precious ps3

    was simply expecting shorter loads i guess— after all the hype

  • scootondown

    I have never had this happen during gameplay. The only issue I have is I’m not very fond of having to reconnect the controler after a system update.

  • Pc

    The loads were fast for me in VF5, that is of course, if you have the game data installed ! 🙂

  • G

    I have had this problem but when my controller disconnects I have to connect the USB cable to get it connected again or reset the PS3. I have 2 PS3’s in my house. One in my room and one in my brothers room, which are close to each other but divided by a plaster wall. I also have bluetooth enabled on my mobile phone. Maybe this is causing the problem.

  • G

    If this happens you need a new PS3!

  • Paul Llewelyn

    It happens to me on a regular basis. And I cannot tell you how infuriating it has become. It happens every 10 mins or so.