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4-Player PS2 Games a No-Go on PS3 |

I’ve tried to play two 4-player PS2 games on my PS3 so far, and neither of them have worked.

First up, I tried to play my F1 game. It couldn’t recognize all four of my PS3 controllers. That was a while ago. Now I can’t even start the game anymore. So backwards compat for that game is totally broken.

Last night, I tried to play Champions of Norrath with four players, and again the game complained that it couldn’t find four controllers. I had all four of my PS3 controllers turned on, so that shouldn’t have been a problem. This is quite embarrassing when you have friends over and one in particular always has to find bad things to say about the PS3. (Although I must admit he didn’t give me a hard time about this.)

Has anybody else tried to play four-player PS2 games on the PS3? Has it worked for you? Inquiring minds want to know …

  • francois

    Well at our last game night, we tried using 2 ps3 controller and 2 ps2 controller, only the 2 ps3 controller were working. My friend had brought his ps2 slim version which did not work with my PS2 4 players adapter… that was our first crappy moment! in all games night we had so far. We usually play Tekken 4, NHL, TestDrive eve of destruction, AtvOffRoad and Timesplitter.

    We ended up playing Resistance and Ultimate Alliance using 2 PS3 controller et 2 PS2 controller.

  • liar

    It looks like a bug to me.

    We noticed that if you turn on 5 (PS3) controllers the 3rd player option enables and we have been able to do 3 player in Champions of Norath – Call to Arms. Once we turn off the 5th one it goes back to 2 player – even if 4 controllers are on. The port assignments are I think it’s just a bug that is fixable.

    Maybe you can get someone’s attention on this just like the [email protected] stuff.

    Thanks for following up on that.

  • PJ

    ps3 backwards compat am teh sux confirmed

  • I never really got into 4 player games on the ps2. So few games supported it (since you needed a multi-tap addon to even be able to have 4 players).

    As for backwards compatibility. For a software solution to support almost all psone games, and over 1200 ps2 titles is far from bad backwards compatibility. With the huge number of games, there are bound to be a few issues that slip through the cracks.

  • killwill

    I ran into this same problem. All 4 will work.

    Easy fix, you have to reassign the controllers as 1, 3, 5, and 7. Or 1/1-A, 1B, 1C, and 1D.

    do that and all 4 will work in game. Dunno why, but that’s how me and my bro-in-law got it to work with that exact same game.

  • reno

    Has anyone been able to solve this problem with Jackass the game for PS2 to PS3 we can’t get 4 players…

  • I tried ratchet gladiator and that also doesnt w0rk! It jus goes blank

  • I find that if you make controller 1-4 in the PS2 game to controllers 1,3,5,7 on the PS3, then it works out in some games.

  • Stephen

    Thanks a lot Kill Will!!! We played the EQ games on the PS2 & wanted to play them again on the PS3 but could never get them to work. You made our day!!!

  • lukasdb

    the problem is thats ps3 recognizes 1-A an 2-A like(something). anyway turn 3rd and 4th controller on 1-C and 1-D

  • nickelnick

    how do you reassign your ps3 controllers as 1,3,5,7 or 1-a,2-1,1-c,1-d