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Global Remote Play is coming in Firmware 1.6 |

This is something that I’m really looking forward to. And it will be released with firmware 1.6 later this month. Right now you can do it but it’s just local remote play and that’s … lame to be honest.

But when global remote play is out later this month you can access your PS3s hard drive, memory sticks, anything hooked up to it via USB, for example a 500 GB hard drive like me 🙂 And you’ll be able to access those files from any wireless hotspot in the world.

Remote Play to be added in Firmware 1.6

  • Burten

    All the cool features will be “in the box” when I buy my PS3 🙂
    Thats if I can find one on the 23….

  • One question that I’ve been wondering about is … do you have to leave the PS3 on standby when you leave the house? Or do you have to leave it on?

  • ehandlr

    You will have to leave it on I believe.

  • sounds good!

  • You will have to leave it on, kind of like when you host things on a pc. You have to have it on, and in that mode, but that wont be much of an issue for me. I can just switch imput modes, and watch tv as usual with the ps3 still on. So this is something I will DEFINITELY take advantage of when it comes out. However, I would like there to be a Wiiconnect24 style solution, where the ps3 can be sort of in a powered down state when it is acting as a server.

  • Unfortunately, it looks like global remote play won’t be making it after all. See the post on 19mar07.

  • Boooooooo! I want global remote play!