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WarHawk will be released on Blu-ray |

Sony said last week that WarHawk is still an online only game. But it looks like it’s still being sold on a Blu-Ray disc. And it should be out late summer. I like that fact that it will be on a disc instead, that way it won’t fill up my hard drive. I am personally more interested in the flight part of this game, I already have FPS’s that take place on the ground, I want to destroy people in the air 🙂

If you want to play Warhawk, you’ll have to buy a disc, not a download. “That’s a misinterpretation,” replied Sony’s spokesperson. “Phil was only addressing what the future of downloadable content meant for the industry and how important online support will be for games. He didn’t make any announcements.”

WarHawk Confirmed for Blu-ray

  • Unless it retails for less than £10 I won’t be interested. No single player sucks, so they will be taking the (you know what) if they charge anything approaching £20 or over.

  • I don’t agree. For me the multiplayer is where it’s at. I don’t play single player CoD3, I just play multiplayer. I wouldn’t have played the single-player Resistance campaign if it wasn’t for the co-op mode. I much prefer playing multiplayer online over single player, any day.

  • Darrin

    ThreeSpeech just posted that Warhawk will be download-only.

    “Phil Harrison made a WarHawk-related announcement at GDC which was something of a bombshell: WarHawk […] will be available only as a download over the PlayStation Network – it won’t appear on Blu-ray Disk”

    Sony is more confused than anyone else.

  • Pc

    They need to hurry up with this game because it looks fun as hell !! This is my type of game right here…it’s kind of like BF, but better.