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Disappointing February Sales |

NPD Sales Data for US, February 2007

DS 485K
Wii 335K $249.99
PS2 295K $129.80
360 228K $389.00
PSP 176K
GBA 136K
PS3 127K $598.00

Ouch. Weak PS3 sales are somewhat understandable since the PS3 had almost no new games through the entire month of January and up to the end of February. However, in February 2006, the 360 managed to sell better than this with NPD reporting 161K US unit sales. The 360 was also still under heavy supply constraints at that time unlike the PS3 was this February.

On the bright side for PS3 fans, the good content has just started to roll in. VF5, flOw, F1, and Motorstorm have recently shipped. And the next week or two will probably be the best yet in terms of content:

  • Calling All Cars
  • Godfather
  • Oblivion
  • Virtua Tennis
  • Go Puzzle
  • [email protected]
  • 1.6 firmware update with Remote Play and Background Downloading.

I can’t wait!

  • Richard

    It costs $600 and there aren’t any must-have exclusive games for it. Until something in that formula changes, the answer to the question: “how many people will buy it” is going to be: about 120,000 a month.

    I’m tempted to pick one up before the BC gets gimped here in the US, but I dunno, after that last harrison interview, if software bc does upscaling I’m not sure if the old ones will support it.

  • Mike

    Sony seems to be in the twilight zone since Howard Stringer took over. Battery recalls, rookits, and what appears to be a case of getting roped into launching PS3 way too early. The system shouldn’t have come out without a game like Heavenly Sword (Resistance is good, but lets face it, you can upgrade your video card for less and have more FPS to play) and should have been $400 / $500 at retail with the $400 units ACTUALLY BEING AVAILABLE.

    They’re fortunate that the studio support is so awful for HD-DVD, because Blu-Ray seems to be the one winning product they have right now.

    I’m glad I never bought third party publisher stocks. I don’t see PS3 sales picking up before a price drop, people buy Nintendo games on Nintendo systems, and good luck hyping an X360 game this fall as much as Halo 3.

    Oh well, it’ll be funny to see EA sweating it out.

  • Darrin

    They didn’t launch too early. Sure, it still has plenty of rough edges, but this is how it always works. Early adopters want to buy in early and are tolerant of these teething issues and most other users can wait for a more mature product.

    Consumers always want more, sooner, and for less money. As a gamer I’m really happy with what Sony is doing and what I’m getting. Sure, there are plenty of areas that they can improve, but I think they are doing some amazing stuff.

    The sales will pick up over the course of this year.

  • SolidSlug

    All is well, when you can sell 127K units with no new game, while your main competitor sells a mere 228K units with a 1-year strong library, you don’t have to worry about much.

  • Pc

    MK II is also coming on the 22nd along with CaC 🙂

  • Darrin

    Who cares about MK II? That’s already on cheap Midway classics discs.

    All the other stuff in the next two weeks looks awesome though.

  • Look. M$ killed the original x-box. Sony didn’t kill the PS2. Where are the x-box numbers? They don’t exist. Hey God of War just came out for the PS2. What came out for x-box? I even see titles created for the original playstation. Why? It’s cheaper for developers which gives us way more games to choose from. Katamari Damaci would never make it to the 360 because of the high bar it must cross to get seen.

    These aren’t bad numbers folks. It is creating two classes of gamers. Eventually eveyrone will be on a ps3, but for today we still have the PS2 and it’s titles to bide our time.

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    PS3 is, at the moment, nothing more than a good cheap Blu-Ray player. Until the killer aps come it will continue to be that way. We have to give people a reason to spend the extra money for our system despite having graphics equal to 360 and a library that is less stellar.

  • Mike

    MoLe – I agree completely, I’m thrilled with how Sony has continued to support PS2 and have had a blast with games like God of War II, FFXII, etc. that have all come out 18 months or more after Xbox got it’s last notable release.

    This is sort of the irony of the situation though – Sony kept support going for their previous system and didn’t screw over the people that owned it. Microsoft dropped the Xbox like a ton of bricks and never looked back. But this is exactly why Xbox 360 is winning right now. They launched it earlier, more systems are in people’s homes, and the third parties that got a lot of opportunity to make money off of Sony consoles in the past will now go where the quick buck is.

    Looking at how VF5 and DMC4 ended up going to 360, I can’t help but think Sony was actually dumb enough to think that 3rd parties would wait the extra year for the launch, the extra few months for supply, and now however long they’ll have to wait for a price drop to create a sales spike.

    None of them will do that, because they can get money from Microsoft to make 360 games and port PS2/PSP games to Wii.

    They basically gambled too much on first party games selling systems, which might have been good, if they had more first party games available to launch the system with.