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Devil May Cry No Longer PS3 Exclusive |

Capcom has now scheduled Devil May Cry as a simultaneous release for the 360 and the PS3 with a PC version to follow.

Devil May Cry 4

Capcom now has zero PS3 exclusives and several recent 360 exclusives such as Dead Rising and Lost Planet. I sure hope they got a large sum of money from Microsoft.

This is disappointing news for PS3 fans. PS3 owners will of course still get to play this title, but it’s still disappointing for obvious reasons.

The only big name titles that are still scheduled to be PS3 exclusives that are not owned by Sony are:

  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Final Fantasy

Am I missing any? Of course, there are still plenty of third party PS3 exclusives, but they mostly involve IP or publishing deals owned by Sony such as Ratchet & Clank and L.A. Noire. Are there any big name 360 exclusives that aren’t owned or published by Microsoft? Bioshock? Am I missing any others?

Capcom’s Announcement

  • Simple economics my friend. Might as well cast your net as wide and as far as you can. You catch more fish that way.

  • Pc

    That really pisses me off !! A japanese company making exclusives for an american made system only !!! Devil May Cry only makes sense on a playstation !!! This isn’t my favorite game or anything, but capcom has went and made me mad !! Resident Evil most likely won’t be exclusive either and i really do love that game. I’m such a big fan of the Playstation that i prolly won’t buy this game since it will be multiplatform…only a rental now 🙁

  • Sporty

    As long as its still coming it doesn’t matter.

    One positive that Sony has done is build up it’s internal studios in the last decade. They now have a larger first part then Nintendo or Microsoft. Nearly the size of EA alone with 150 first party games currently in development.

    I don’t care if every game is multi-platform as long as it still comes out on PS3 since I’m about to sell my 360

  • Richard

    mcwilliams is exactly right, unless one console is dominating the market like the ps2 did last gen, there’s no way it makes financial sense for a third party to do an exclusive unless they get a sweet deal with the console manufacturer.

    sony’s not fronting the cash and the installed base certainly isn’t going to dominate the 360 anytime in the near future, so why reduce your returns?

    Sony’s still got the tekken franchise, but there’s rumors about that as well. I don’t know of any xbox 360 3rd party exclusives coming out this year off the top of my head,even if a game hasn’t been announced for the ps3 it probably will, like monster madness did.

  • Darrin

    Devil May Cry 3 also wasn’t Sony exclusive. It was also released on the PC (although, that version got terrible reviews)

    You guys are right. Sony said it best about GTA exclusivity: It’s hard to justify PS3 exclusives this early in the game.

  • Mike

    It’s hard to justify PS3 exclusives this early, but how are they going to justify purchasing the system when a lot of the games end up on 360?

    This creates a snowball effect: third parties put the games on 360, limiting sales potential of PS3, eventually limiting the likelihood of anything else from a third party being exclusive.

    I’ll stand by what I said before: they launched PS3 too early. Third party cross-platform games are never going to show what the hardware is capable of , and there was only one notable first party launch title. I don’t know if 360 coming out so early made them do it, or wanting PS3 out to kill HD-DVD, but with how strong PS2 has continued to be, and one of the new systems basically being 2000 level hardware, they shouldn’t have been roped into launching so soon.

    The funny thing is they probably thought using a GPU from a PC graphics card vendor would get them more ports of Xbox and PC games, but the damage of so many PS3 games getting ported over to 360 so quickly and easily is hurting them badly.

  • luke

    ^good point. i don’t see why it wouldn’t be in sony’s best interest to put down some money to keep some of these games exclusive. you can sell a lot more systems (and games) if you have exclusives. if you have all these multiplatform games, why would you bother paying $200 more to play the ps3 version as oppose to the 360 version? i say sony better pony up and get mgs4 and final fantasy exclusively on the ps3.

  • Sporty

    Its not a snowball effect. A system with less then 3 million users is a risk for a company to put a $40 million game on. Once a system has over 10 million users they have reached critical mass where the install base justifies the big budget exclusives. Before then Sony would have to help cover the costs of development.

    Since 360 wont take off in JP getting totally exclusive games is going to be hard without asking developers to cannibalize their own region. Since localizing is easier then porting until PS3 reaches critical mass they will be the target platform for higher powered developers in JP and most will come over here since no region lockout.

    360 might get US targeted games and ports but PS3 will still get a ton of games until they reach critical mass then exclusive would be less risky.

    And I think your way off on thinking they launched too soon. Maybe by six months but PS2 had crap till 5 months after launch also. The big difference is news sites and message boards weren’t as big of drama queens as they are now with all the micro-bitching and exaggerating.

    PSOne best holiday year was the one after PS2 launched also. Unlike other companies, Support for PS2 wont die just because PS3 is out.

  • Pc

    The one thing that concerns me right now is wether or not Capcom will also be releasing titles such as dead rising and lost planet on PS3. They better be with will all that talk about making its titles available to as wide an audience as possible !!!! I just hope that by the time RE 5 comes out, the user base of the PS3 will be big enough to possibly score it as an exclusive.
    Either way it goes down, the PS3 is still a much better buy than the 360 and still has much better exclusives !!

  • ibenez

    Isn’t there a rumor going around about MGS 4 might possibly be released on the 360 as well? saw it on gamespot sometime ago. too bad game companies aren’t getting much profit from PS3 games alone that they had to strip from exclusives from PS3.

  • Sporty

    I don’t expect Lost Planet or Dead Rising to ever come out on PS3 now. Microsoft courted Capcom into making them in the first place with Capcom being reluctant. Once both became hits Capcom announced Dead Rising 2 exclusively for 360. PS3 would have to balloon up 20 million units this year to change that. RE5 will probably stay multi platform as they announced it for both over a year ago. Unless of course the MS buying Capcom rumors turn out to be true.

  • Jimmy Stewart

    I think this is probably for the best… it means maybe next round I won’t be forced to buy two consoles. I mean I love consoles but the prices just keep going up. I spent $400 on my 360 which I love to death and then spent $600 on the PS3 just to make sure I don’t miss anything. So far my PS3 has just been collecting dust, I almost regret the purchase. I would if it weren’t for BluRay.

    That said, one of the reasons I bought the PS3 was because I knew that inevitably Kingdom Hearts 3 would be announced and I think it’s pretty safe to say that will be an exclusive. Also God of War 3 will certainly be an exclusive. Granted both these games are a ways off… but still it’s a bit better than just banking on FF and MGS.

  • Personally, 1st party is more important then 3rd party this generation. And I think Sony beats MS in this regard quite easily.

  • Burten

    The norwegian newsite just ran a story about this topic. They also put out a list of witch games are exclusive on witch platform. Cut and paste and here you are :


    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Gran Turismo HD (forsmak til GT5)
    Final Fantasy XIII
    White Knight Story
    Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
    Heavenly Sword

    Xbox 360

    Halo 3
    Forza Motorsport 2
    Fable 2
    Project Gotham Racing 4
    Banjo Kazooie
    Mass Effect
    Alan Wake
    Halo Wars


    Super Mario Galaxy
    Metroid Prime 3
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    No More Heroes
    Super Paper Mario
    Dragon Quest
    Project H.A.M.M.E.R.
    Trauma Center: Second Opinion

  • Rather

    I don’t mind seeing exclusives go to the 360. What concerns me is that titles are going to be dumbed down to accomodate the 360’s inferior specs.

  • Can’t say I didn’t see this one coming. I figured MS had gotten their greedy hands into Capcom. I wish Sony would slide Capcom some cash to prevent it though. This is really dissappointing for me..
    What’s the point of buying a PS3 for any games now since they’re all coming to the 360? Besides the 1st party games….What do PS3/Sony fans have to brag about now??????

    Oh well, I’ll still be getting the PS3 version only.

  • darrin

    fleakitten, good point. Although none of the three platforms have many third party exclusives. Sony just doesn’t has this advantage like we are used to.

    IMO, Sony has better first party content and better hardware.

  • francois

    IMO in the long run, ps3 will have more games than the 360, and more exclusive because it is going to remain on the market for longer time.

  • Pc

    About what Rather said….I really don’t want to see exclusives moving over to other consoles and being multiplatform simply because if they do, they won’t be utilizing the PS3’s power to its fullest , plus i really want more and more games to be on one system only !!! I want hundreds of reasons to own one system over the other 🙂 I have loved the Playstation brand ever since day one and i would like to see all of those great games still only be on a Playstation.

  • OblivionRising

    More and more games are losing the PS3 exclusivity. I’m pissed!

  • OblivionRising

    Even though DMC 4 may be going to the 360, we’ll still have the superior one. If they don’t screw the PS3 version up to match the 360 one, though. 🙁

  • ehandlr

    In the translation, Capcom stated that each version will be taking advantage of the systems we will notice alot of differences for each as its not a simple port.

  • It’s a sad day, I know, but look on the bright side…Dante’s not the star in this one so it really doesn’t kinda count..:)

  • matt

    First they can’t just port games from the 360 to the PS3. The systems are very different and artwork is pretty much the only thing that stays the same. Each version will take advantage of each system. This is very evident in the multiplatform games out already. Things like A.I. need to be programmed to each machine.

    To the comment about the PS3 lasting longer meaning more games. Do you own a PS3? Outside of God of War 2 do you regularly buy PS2 games? Probally not. All of these systems will have a longer life than last gen but not to the hardcore gamer. Hardcore gamers move on to the new hardware the minute it is released and forget about the older system. Yes there is a game or two you might pick up for the old system but you get the point. With new price points the system reaches new consumers. When the PS3 and 360 have price drops they will have a surge in sales.

    Get used to games going to other systems. This is a business afterall and Sony will not dominate the market like they did with the PSOne and PS2. There is now money to be made on all three systems. Sony will most likely not pay the premium because they develop a lot of games. Microsoft will pay because they can have great games exclusive that might cost them as much (or more)to develop themselves. This saves them from buying developers up just to acquire a similar amount of 1st party teams. With Nintendo being so different the games cannot be “ported”.

    I predicted DMC on the 360 for a long time now. I am no genius, but smart enough to realize money comes before gamers. This will also not be the last 3rd party game to go 360/PS3.

    I think Sony would love to develop the majority of the games on their systems and pay nothing for an exclusive. They would make a lot more money. I expect to see so many new IPs from Sony this generation. This is how they can get back to the giant they want to be with little dependency on the outside world. If they can get 50 one million+ unit IPs they would seperate themselves like Nintendo did.

  • Pc

    How can you say that the PS3 will not dominate this time around ?? The PS3 has the latest and greatest hardware this time around and they still have more exclusives coming out for it than any other system, not to mention that their first party makeup is larger than that of nintendo and microsoft combined !! I really, truly just realized today that Sony did the right thing with the PS3 after reading about microsoft already rethinking their xbox 360….LOL….makes me laugh !! Their adding hdmi and a bigger hdd, plus changing the color to black (how many different sku’s will they have before making something decent ??). Next-Gen actually did start when Sony said so and it is soo true. After a year or so when these really big titles start coming out, everybody will either own a PS3 or dream about having one and start saving every penny to get it.

  • Pc

    Just incase somebody says that the PS3 doesn’t have more exclusives, then they have just as many…and im talkin bout 3rd party here…we all know sony has more 2nd and 1st party exclusives, and they have the better exclusives to boot !! Everybody that once owned a PS2 should deffinately want or already own a PS3, so for Sony not to dominate this time around (very soon) means people are saving up money to buy the PS3, or their still playing great games on their PS2 and don’t want another console yet, or their possibly even waiting for a certain game to come out, or a price drop.

  • Sporty

    Although just about every market analyst thinks PS3 is going to come out on top. Nearly all of them say it wont be as much of a bloodbath as last gen where PS2 sold nearly as much as GC and Xbox combined. Most are saying it will be closer to 40% %30 %30.

    So they wont dominate like they did last gen this time. Also most seem to factor in that 360 has 3 years left in it’s life while PS3 has 5 before the next cycle. So 360 could be on top the way Genesis was and Sony catch up in the end like SNES did while MS is moving onto their next console.

  • matt

    I don’t care how many games are exclusive to a system. The PS3 could have 1000 to the other consoles 10. I want quality. 360 right now has more games exclusive that I want to play than any other console (even PS3/ Wii combined). This might not be true for you, but for most gaming magazines and websites, 2007 is more exciting on 360. Right now their are more games this year than I have time to play. I am very excited about playing BioShock, Mass Effect, Forza Motorsport 2, Shadowrun, Halo 3. More than any title coming out on PS3 and Wii (Mario Galaxy would be the next exclusive title).

    PC most of your comments, like usual, are childish and mis-informed. People bitched about HDMI for 360 and Microsoft is catering to them. Does this mean I have to upgrade? NO. Right now the 360 is the more powerful system and in reality you are talking about so small a difference in power you can’t tell.

    In a year or so when these great titles are coming out I will pick up a finished PS3. I will also not pay $500 for a machine that has no games worth $60. I still own one of my PS2s and gave the other away about a year ago. I also have spent more on games with my PSOne and PS2 than probally everyone in this forum. I bought over 100 games for both systems with most of them being bought at full price. Don’t dare call me an Xbox Fanboy when I want to buy a system but have no reason to. With the money Sony has gotten from me through the years I have every right to complain about the PS3.

    The next generation of gaming starts when you have:

    1) An HDTV – YOU own
    2) Dolby Digital Surround Sound
    3) Broadband Internet

    Sporty: The 360 is just as powerfull as PS3. Which means the 360 will last longer (one year more in the market) than the PS3. Microsoft abandoned the Xbox because it STILL lost them money and needed to ensure a solid foothold before the PS3 launched. They are now selling their first consoles for a PROFIT and will continue to do so until the end of the cycle.

    PS3s aren’t selling well in Japan either.

  • Sporty

    Believe what you want but 2010 the next MS console is going to be shown. No credible developer will say 360 is as powerful as PS3. They all say 360 can keep up with PS3. But when PS3’s first gen games aren’t far from 2nd gen games on an easier to develop system you know that in a year 360 will be showing its age. Most games will span multiple disks. MS said a few years ago they plan to bleed Sony with shorter 4 year life cycles and out last them. PS3 is more future proof then 360.

    You right that you need a HDTV to really get into this cycle. But for those that have have surround and HDTV PS3 is a better investment. Not to mention we’re not as poor to complain. Blu-Ray is a major advantage that lessens the blow to the price. without HDTV your taste are lower that you don’t realize that DVD are grainy low res crap. If your into lower quality then you shouldn’t be looking at a PS3 in the first place.

    The not finished console remark is just plan fanboyish and ignorant. If your really love buying into spin you need to get your ass off loving 360 since they are still updating it. Stop using computers in general and stick with the DS.

    You obviously are a 360 fan. You shout their praises constantly. Also sugar coating your PS3 complaints as “I can’t wait till they get their act together” crap. If 360 gets you so excited go play it. It does have a lot of great games and some excellent exclusives. But to discount Sony at every turn your not ever going to give them a chance. You just discounting each plus and regurgitating the negatives regardless of if they are true or not till you run this cycle out.

  • MetalProxy

    A friend of my is a xbox freak, and soon as he heard about DMC4 he did a little dance. And then he said “what about metal gear?”. I was not happy to say the least. They drop Clover and now this. Arrrrrgh!

  • MetalProxy

    Forgot to post this..”Sporty” thanks for the comment. The xbox fanboys think they are pretty sneaky. I go to several other Forums, and they are very quick with the stupid comments. There are so many of them out there. Iam starting to wonder if they are even playing there 360.( I use my PS3 to search the web and game, so back off)

  • matt

    I have owned almost every major console. I read a lot about gaming in general. I don’t want an investment. I want a machine that plays great games NOW! Every console generation I buy the first system released to get into the next gen as soon as possible. When a new system comes out that has games I want I buy that one too. I owned a Dreamcast and bought my PS2 about six months after it launched (availability) and when it had a few games that the Dreamcast didn’t (which was a lot because EA didn’t release games on DC). I Bought the Xbox right after it launched due to Halo being so good.

    Sporty if you think Sony isn’t going to try to release a console with the next Xbox you are CRAZY! 2010 is fine in my book. By that time the 360/PS3 will be just about maxed out and a new system will liven things up. Even when the new systems are announched none of them will be abandoned like last time. If you don’t believe me go to college for Economics and you will understand why.

    Also Blu-Ray is a nice feature of the PS3. I NEVER use a console to play movies. I strongly beieve in stand-alone equipment because it is designed to do one thing well. This is probally why my original PS2 still plays like a dream all these years later. Using a console for double duty will shorten its life-span. There are so few movies on Blu-Ray that warrant a purchase right now that I don’t already own on DVD. And no I am not rebuying my entire DVD collection. At current Blu-Ray prices that would cost me near $10,000. Cable is doing a decent enough job with On-Demand HD that I don’t need to spend $700 on a Blu-Ray player just yet.

    The PS3 is not finished. How many updates have their been now since launch? Dozens? 360 has had some updates but only 3 of them. The only thing that 360 gamers could really complain about was background downloading and that came pretty quick after launch. The other updates have been done to add more features that we were never promised. They are also things the competition is not doing.

    I have every right to complain about the PS3. Like I said above I have most likely spent more on the Playstation line than anyone in this forum. I had high expectations from them to release a console that had a great online experience that competed with Live. I heard about all of this “super technology” that would blow away the competition. Their games do not match the 360. “But the 360 had a year head start”. Guess what. The PS2 has a year head start on the Xbox. Halo (launch title) destroyed almost everything that ever came out on PS2 in its entire lifespan. The graphics and A.I. were leaps and bounds above 98% of ALL PS2 games. If the PS3 is “that much more powerful” than the 360 we should have games available now that are better than Gears of War right?

    As I have said a thousand times. I am hard on the PS3 because it is not what I was told it would be. The games to date are OK at best (“MotorStorm, no split-screen? WTF!). Resistance is an IP I have high hopes for but the first game plays a lot like other games I have played. Not a horrible thing but it does say the PS3 is worth my money. Other games like Lair (May 7th), Metal Gear Solid (late 2007, maybe), Final Fantasy (No way in Hell it comes out on December 1) have my interest. If Lair doesn’t review well (controls will be huge) than I have no reason to even think of a PS3 purchase until Holiday 2007 IF MGS4 or FF come out this year. Sell me on why I need a PS3 right this instance. Sony can’t but maybe you can. I am no fanboy. I am just pissed off that one year after its release the PS3 might have 4 games that are considered “good” exclusives with one or two of those being must own titles. The 360 in that same time frame will have 4-5 must own titles and a few other good-great games.

    I will buy a PS3. But if I can save a few hundred dollars by waiting a year or so (system cheaper and the games out now and in the near future will be in the bargain bin).

    I look forward to answers.

  • Sporty

    “The PS3 is not finished. How many updates have their been now since launch? Dozens? 360 has had some updates but only 3 of them.”

    Your basically looking at it from a MS PR spin point of view. If you really dont like a new features every few weeks then just wiat till next gen when PS4 comes out and PS3 is $49. By then they wont be updating it. You must be on Windows 98 unless your a hypocrite since XP and vista still get updates. PSP and PS3 will get updates probably for the next few years. Just like the upcoming spring update. The difference is MS does the same thing on 360 that they started on PC. wait and do big updates at once so people don’t complain about how often they are getting patched.

    I’m not telling your to buy a PS3 now or ever really. I don’t care if you don’t. I think you wont even if every month it gets a new AAA game. it will be the same thing most people say about PSP. Every new AAA titles that PSP gets everyone says ‘now a game I want, might be the time to get one’ But then end the arguement with I’m not buying a $200 handheld for one game. Doesn’t matter that it’s the 10th time they said that. Taken item buy item and discounting each one instead of taking it as a whole.

    Pinning hopes on MGS4, Lair, or FF isn’t the way to buy into something I played a ton of games that were under the radar last gen. I personally hated MGS3. I don’t care for flight games and FFXII was just ok to me.

    I understand you not wanting to rebuy your collection. That’s why I stopped buying DVD’s in general. I can’t stand low quality so it’s BD or nothing. Although we have 20 HD channels and a few dozen on demand options (wish ABC would get a HD offering here) . I like having a physical copy of a higher quality version then cable can currently offer.

    And no I don’t think the next Playstation is going to follow in MS’s footsteps. I doubt Nintendo will either. If 3 more years on 360 is fine buy you then great. I value my investment more then that. That’s part of the reason Sega lost consumer trust. But today’s audience has selective memory.

  • Ace

    PS3 is not more powerfull than the 360. By all rights it should be, but games that have come out for both, have shown that in fact the 360 outperforms the PS3. Games like NFS-C, Call of duty 3 and Def jam are all said to look and run better on the 360. I don’t even own any systems I’m a PC boy myself but I’m telling it like it is. Any one who thinks that the PS3 is way more powerfull than the 360 is a delusional Sony fan boy. Face facts people, Sony this time around is at the bottom of the barrel. The Wii is outselling it by a margin of 3-1 and could potentially catch up to the 360 in US sales. Why would any smart company give exclusives to a system that is not at the top. In fact I red a story that Sony is trying to secure exclusive rights to Final Fantasy, meaning they don’t have it yet. Which means the Microsoft will all of Bill Gates money could potentially sway Square into releasing Final Fantasy VIII on the 360 as well, and if that happens… Well to say that Sony’s future would troubled is an understatement to say the least.