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More 1.6 Update Details: Disappointing |

IGN has some details about the upcoming 1.6 update, and to tell the truth, I’m not impressed. There’s only a little new information here, but here’s what we have so far:

  • Background downloading. But with some limitations to be announced later. (Presumably, that you can’t download while in a game.)
  • Extended PSP media viewer support. But only to support any wireless access point within a home. Not the world-wide hotspot support we were hoping for. So this is worthless to me.
  • And extended large-size keyboard option for text entry. Big deal. Where’s my Bluetooth keyboard support?
  • Better browser text size support. This is alright, but I rarely use the browser. So again, worthless to me.
  • [email protected] support. We knew this already and I don’t think I’ll be installing [email protected] I don’t want to leave my PS3 turned on.

So all in all, this is a very disappointing update for me. Where’s the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support? What about accessing the XMB during games and movies? Where’s the universal chat support? Fixes for the 720p problem? In other words, where’s the really good stuff? The only feature that will be semi-useful to me is background downloading. And I don’t even download that much.

Sony Shares Details on 1.6 Update

[Edit: it’s been confirmed that 1.6 will include Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Hurrah! Also, there are rumours that background downloading will work during offline gameplay, but I doubt it.]

  • Ya, I was really looking forward to “Global” Remote Play. Who cares if you can access your PS3 from any wi-fi spot in the house ……

    But I am looking forward to [email protected] at least.

  • I was hoping that, when the European release comes, the PS3 field would be much better, so I’d invest in the console.
    However, so many months have passed and I’m only disappointed about it. My roommate has a 360 which is really fun and seems more interesting considering the $$$ investment.
    News like this only make me want to wait for when either the PS3 experience is better, or its price falls down… and I’m a PS fan!!

    Honestly, you guys that already have the pleasure to play with the PS3, what are your thoughts on this?

  • That’s a tough call. I’m definitely enjoying my PS3 and don’t regret buying it. On the other hand, there’s no denying that Microsoft is doing many thing better than Sony right now and that the Xbox 360 has many more games. If you’re buying a PS3 today, outside of a few games like MotorStorm and Resistance, you’re buying potential. If you’re buying a 360, you’re buying results. That’s today. By the end of the year, I think things will be quite different. By then we’ll have a lot more games to choose from and several firmware updates, and don’t forget Home and LittleBigPlanet. I think we’ll see the PS3 really come into its own this fall. I’m glad I bought a PS3, but I’ll be even more glad by Christmas.


    I forgot to mention Blu-ray. For some people this isn’t a big deal, but for me it is. I enjoy watching movies in HD, and I like the fact that I got a very good BD player built in to my PS3. So that helps.

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    Also, why can’t I use one of my photos on my PS3 as my icon for PSN? Right now I’m using some corny 8ball when I could use a really cool picture. The background image is cool…I guess. It’s just, like you said, a whole lotta nuthin.

  • Jason

    For me, the lack of universal chat support is so aggravating. Coming from the Socom 1,2,3 community I can’t believe it’s not a given for all online games on the PS3.

  • I’m glad to hear they’re continuing to enhance the web browser. It’s a nice capability to have, but the current version really is hard to look at 1080 resolution.

    Background downloading will be a very big deal as well, even if it’s only resumable across game play. Hopefully it’ll be like on the 360, where games can elect to support downloads during gameplay if they know they aren’t stressing the system to its limit.

  • Darrin

    Henning, you are a “glass half empty” kind of guy. Sure, the firmware update isn’t a huge deal: just a limited form of background downloading plus a bunch of smaller features and refinements.

    But, this week and next week are probably the best two weeks in the PS3’s short life: Godfather, Oblivion, Calling All Cars, Virtua Tennis, Go Puzzle, Armored Core, and [email protected]… That’s the best release lineup the PS3 has ever had! The firmware upgrade is merely a cool bonus rather than an earth-shattering upgrade. Really, I couldn’t be happier with my PS3 right now. These next two weeks are going to be awesome.

    I *would* love better Bluetooth keyboard support, but I can wait.

  • ibenez

    You should be happy with what you’re going to get. It does seem like Sony is just doing something they should’ve done months ago, but I choose to overlook that because they’re working really hard to patch things up. Hopefully though, the update will consists more than what Sony had announced.

  • liar


    If you have a PSP then the global remote play is something you won’t ever be able to do with a 360. With the PS3 it’s a bit longer wait but it will come – so if it’s in your future something to consider. Testing/security is a bitch for them I’m sure. If you don’t have one then that shouldn’t be an issue as far as the update.

    As far as the $$$ – if you start adding it up you may find the 360 is actually more expensive..not less. At least in N.A. – not sure about Europe. Make sure you actually do your homework.

    Some examples

    360 wireless controllers either use standard style batteries or you buy the proprietary 360 battery/charger – that last option makes additional controllers almost twice the price of the PS3 that has it built-in AND it means your the out-of the box more expensive if you make a trip back to the store to get it. Many people bought 360’s assuming the charger was built in like it is on the PS3. It’s not…so keep buying standard batteries or buy standard rechargables (which are expensive themselves) – that’s why people end up buying the proprietary 360 one after they get the box home.

    On-line play is a yearly cost that continues for years on the 360 – subject to rate increases. You should at least count the first year if you want to ignore the other ones 🙂 However that cost difference alone covers the price difference in N.A. And you get 60GB, built-in wireless and media slots in addition.

    Blu-ray is a consideration if you want HD in the next 5 years – or now. If your planning that then the PS3 is really a no brainer. HDMI IS a big deal for HD as analog components simply can’t handle HD audio formats. You will never have the full HD with the current HD-DVD add-on for the 360.

    The 360 proprietary wireless adapter add-on was the same or slightly more expensive than the difference between the 20GB and 60GB PS3 in N.A.

    PS3 internal drive is easily upgradeable with cheaper off the shelf laptop drives if you care about that. HDD being built-in is something devs are starting to take advantage of and will continue to do so in the future.

    Standard cell phone headsets work with the PS3 via wireless bluetooth. Keyboards coming. Not sure what the 360 does in that regard – but I suspect it’s proprietary add-ons and not blue-tooth. Anyone know?

    Blue-tooth everywhere is very good. Controllers auto-configure themselves (the PS2 multi-tap games issue aside -everything else is very nice). The flexibility and openness of blue-tooth will be exploited more in the future I believe.

    The hardware on the PS3 is simply top-notch and has been extremely reliable.

    The PS3 really is future-proof to an incredible degree and by the time you start adding up all the 360 add-ons I think you will find the cost comparable, if not actually cheaper – again depending on your situation. For me I could see having to upgrade the 360 a lot sooner than the PS3 and that is more expensive to me in the end. In some cases by quite a bit. We have 5 controllers because we have a gaggle of kids and their friends over for parties. That alone saved me $200 vs the 360. Rather significant.

    For my situation when I added it all up I would have been able to buy two PS3’s for what the 360,accessories and on-line was going to cost me.

    Right now your waiting for software updates on the PS3. With the 360 I believe you will be paying over an over again for hardware upgrades in the future.

    Create a list – line item everything and post it if you want some help deciding.

  • Pc

    I just want to be able to do a private chat while playing an offline single player game like OBLIVION !!! I could do this on the 360 and it was my favorite feature about xbox live. It’s soo freakin awesome being able to chat with a friend while your playing offline !! 🙂 Please tell Sony to do this.

  • Pc

    BTW….Sony is doing a great job of updating the system with cool and much needed features…a much better job than Microsoft did with the xbox 360. It took Microsoft about 8 or so months to do shit like background downloading !!! I know this because i bought one at launch 🙂

  • Pc

    I sold my 360 on Ebay though, to buy my PS3 cuz it’s wayyy better !!!

  • I’m not even going to bother updating. It’s a hassle. If I could just click update and comeback to whenever it was done, cool. But its not like that at all. Not much incentive.

  • skootie

    If the PSP can access the PS3 through a normal router, what stops me from accessing my router on-the-go from my PSP? Should be fairly easy to set up.

    I am not in the least disappointed with the announced features. [email protected] was one of the reasons I bought a PS3 in the first place.

  • liar

    skootie, I was thinking the same thing about the PSP/router stuff..

  • liar you are so right. Microsoft is the more expensive option. Gold membership makes this a fact and so does the HD DVD add-on. $50 a year to play on line. That’s easilly an extra three hundred you’re paying over the life of the 360. Plus the $199 for the HD DVD. Microsoft has a way of having things add up over time.
    I’m not too upset about the update, First this is just an IGN rumour. And Updates tend to happen regularly with the PS3. If the feature you want isn’t in this update maybe it’ll be in the next one. I think the universal chat and background downloading during games would get folded into the HOME update. That update/change is going to change a lot of things. So why change something for what amounts to 6 months when everyone who has a PS3 is going to download HOME immediately.
    and Vitor. My thoughts on your comments is the old adage “penny wise and pound foolish”. If he added up his Visa bill he’d see that he spent too much money total on his system. Just because those payments were over time makes them easier to handle mentally. The hurt on your wallet is the same.
    If Vitor you bought the HD DVD unit, How much is it going to cost you to get the Bluray player. No HDDVD movies again this week. Doesn’t look good for HDDVD. meanwhile, I’m watching Bond, tonight. in 1080p. Hooked up through HDMI and I gotta say it’s stellar.

  • liar

    And for those worried about leaving it on either from a security perspective or it need to worry.

    On for over 2 months 24/7 without problems…a home media server I’d say.
    100’s of thousands of hacking attempts and …

    Superb quality my friends. Superb.

  • bubba

    well, according to a statement made today, there is background downloading and bluetooth support for keyboards….so some of the issues you complained about are done.

  • To be fair, I did say in this post that background downloading was there. And about the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support – see a post about that I wrote today.

  • liar

    If the wireless keyboard and mouse support is there – well that’s something I’ve been waiting for even more than global remote (still want that)..the wireless keyboard will just get more usage day to day..which is why I prefer it sooner.

  • Rob

    I just wanted the custom soundtrack option.

  • matt

    The way you guys compare online is silly. By your reasoning a Porsche is the same as a Kia. Yeah they both have 4 wheels, a steering wheel, and can get you where you need to go. You leave out that the Porsche is much better all around.

    Since I have been a Live member since its inception I can probally speak on its behalf. It is SO worth the money. A 10-12 hour single player game can get HUNDREDS of hours of online gameplay. I have done this with multiple game through the years. Saving me thousands of dollars in new game purchases to fill in that time. If the online is solid with all of the features you want is it worth it? From power on to in a matched game in 20-30 seconds (Xbox 1) on Halo 2. I don’t know I really can’t enjoy the Sony Online experience right now. I guess if you have never seen Live you don’t know what you are missing.

    Right now the difference between Live and Sony Network is huge. I can still easily justify the $50. I am not saying this won’t change because it will. As Sony catches up Xbox will introduce more features.

    Liar where the @#% did you get your controller amounts? You can buy a 360 right now with 2 contollers for the system price ($299.99 or $399.99). The charge kit cost $19.99. I bought my second controller for $29.99 (Circuit City had the wireless controllers for $39.99 on sale and I had a $10 off coupon). I agree the PS3 controller has a cost advantage but if my 360 controller dies because I didn’t charge it I still have the battery option to keep me wireless. Anyway you only saved $100 by my math (5x $19.99) and if you wanted you could probally break even.

    I am also very tired of the HD-DVD add-on price being included. I refuse to buy either format right now because both of them are very short on titles and I do not want to pay more than $15 for a brand new movie (Borat $13.99 and The Departed $12.99 on DVD). Until there is a clear winner (probally Blu-Ray) and Blockbuster has every new movie on BR or HD-DVD I don’t care. Watching a 1970’s or 1980’s movie in HD seems retarded to me (a lot of the HD movies are older titles). Yes it is HD but the quality of the film is bad. I just don’t see the point of paying a premium for something that doesn’t make sense right now. But everyone keep buying Blu-Ray/ HD-DVD movies and players. I’ll thank you now for dropping the price for me and getting me some more titles.

    If anyone is still listening, Custom Soundtracks is one of my favorite things on 360. I don’t see why Sony couldn’t implement this at sometime.

  • Darrin

    Matt, which features make a huge difference between Xbox Live and Playstation Network?

    I think 360 has better friend/chat features: PS3 has friend/chat, but 360 works better across games and in/out of games, and makes it easier to invite friends to games.
    360 also has better custom soundtrack support. Although, I’m sure PS3 will have this shortly as well (it isn’t very complicated).
    360 also has a better selection of games currently, but of course, that will even out during this year.

    Am I missing any?

    Also, Xbox Live definitely justifies $50/yr for most gamers, but in my opinion, when you include the fees like that and the other add-ons, the PS3 is a much better deal, even without Blu-Ray movies. That’s very subjective of course.