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First And Second Party Content |

With Capcom no longer making any PS3 exclusives and AceCombat coming to the 360 release as well, there aren’t that many third party exclusives left on the PS3 right now. Final Fantasy and MGS 4 are the last two big ones. And while it’s not impossible that they stay exclusive, it’s clearly questionable at this point.

The only games that are guaranteed to be PS3 exclusive are first and second party content. Just to clarify:

  • First Party The development studio is completely owned by Sony. For example, Polyphony Digital or Team Ico.
  • Second Party The development studio is completely independently owned but works on Sony funded and Sony owned PS3 projects. For example, Rathchet & Clank or Motorstorm.

Here’s a list of the upcoming announced first and second party content. I omitted retro ports (such as Gauntlet II), junk (Wheel of Fortune), and titles that are likely very early in development and a long way off (like sequels to Resistance or God of War) .

Development Studio Game Title
Level 5 White Knight Story
SOE Espionage MMO
SOE Whimsical MMO
Team Bondi L.A. Noire
SCE Getaway
Ico Team Unknown
SCE Studios London SingStar
Naughty Dog Drake’s Fortune
Guerilla Killzone 2
Zipper Socom Title
Santa Monica Warhawk
SCE Studios London Playstation Home
Polyphony Digital Gran Turismo
Clap Hanz Hot Shots Golf 5
TBA Eyedentify
SCE Studios Japan Eye of Judgment
Page 44 Studios Gretzky NHL
SCE Studios London Eight Days
Rhino Studios Afrika
Media Molecule LittleBigPlanet
Insomniac Ratchet & Clank
Ninja Theory Heavenly Sword
Factor 5 Lair
Factor 5 Unknown Title
thatgamecompany Two Unknown Titles

Anyone have any particular favorites?

I can’t wait to hear more about the Espionage MMO. That concept sounds like it has huge potential. I wonder if the PlanetSide developers from SOE are involved with this.

UPDATE: Added White Knight Story. Thanks WKS and ehandlr

  • Sporty

    I kinda wish SOE would do another MMORPG for PS3. I was hooked on EoA:F for awhile. I played EQ2 for a few month and although it was good. It seems that to were changing too much too often.

    I cant wait to see the next Team ICO game.

  • Although, from a gaming standpoint, MGS and FF going multiplatform is not unlikely, but there are 2 things, that make this a bit more unlikely…

    Namely Sony pictures ^^

    Sounds strange, but think about it. Square nearly went bankrupt with Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and SP so to say saved their backs with it and that way they owe Sony a favour^^.

    The next thing would also be… Sony Pictures

    The upcoming Metal Gear again is published by Sony pictures!!

    Yes, this doesnt mean anything, but it needs to be concerned!

    To be true, I couldnt care less about DMC. I have DMC 1 (bargain Ebay buy… 1€ ^^) and I am yet to play it! There are more games that I could care about going multiplatform, like the two above. I would HATE to see MGS or FF going multiplatform, as it would spell “inferiority” all over these games! Most multiplat games simply arent up to par on exclusives, no matter what platform they are on. Just look at Ubisofts or EAs games. They PALE in comparison to games like MGS3 or GoW2 (and mostly they sell not that much more units).

    Sonys big, BIG advantage in this issue is, that their “developers army” is soo manifold, its just amazing. They make games for kids, women and hardcore games alike, and most games always score higher than 8 on all major reviews. Nintendo also has very good first party titles, but they fail to address the hardcore gamers (Theres nothing comparable to Halo or GoW from Ninty). Microsoft on the other hand fails miserably in the Japanese market and they fail in the kiddy market (although Viva Pinata was a first try, but one game is just not enough as of yet).

    Sony also has a major advantage besides gaming… Movies and Music. Did you know that nearly 50% of all Color Movies ever made are curtesy of Sony Pictures and that Sony BMG is one of the worlds biggest music company? The other two just dont have something like this. Microsoft has Windows, which is also a very good leverage, yet Sony is already countering with Linux. Nintendo has the DS (fastest selling Handheld ever, with major support from all partys).

    And now… This list… I can already count 8 titles that I sort of want to have (including some I dont know yet, like 8 days, which I only saw this E3 trailer). And this is ONLY first party! Now add some high profile 2nd and 3rd party exclusives and we are all set (MGS, FF, Metal Slug and whatnot) for a VERY bright future for the PS3.

    And btw. did you know that NO company to date in the gaming industry was the market leader more than 2 times in a row! Neither Atari, nor Nintendo were there. If Sony manages to get out on top, we will have another record broken!

  • Yeah, I think everyone has to remember that the 360 has been out for about a year and a half now and that alot of it’s best exclusives (Gears of War, Halo 3, etc…) have just been or are just starting to be released. I think we all need to give the ps3 some time, exclusives will come.

  • matt

    I may be one of the few people who think this is a great thing. The closer the systems are with titles the harder the console makers will have to work to get you to buy their system. I predict Microsoft and Sony trying to one up each other with 1st party titles. I expect both of them to buy some new studios and take gaming into different paths. I’ll never explain this any better without writing a book.

    Exclusives going multiplat are good for gaming in the long run, trust me.

  • Pc

    There are sooo many 1st, 2nd and 3rd party titles i can’t wait to play , it’s rediculous !!!! I think i’ll go pick up Oblivion tomorrow, if i can that is.

  • WKS

    You missed White Knight Story… from Level 5.

  • gschwendt

    MLB07:The Show is set to release on April 14 (or thereabouts).

  • Getaway
    Team ICO Game
    Drake’s Fortune
    Killzone 2
    PS Home
    Little Big Planet
    Ratchet and Clank
    Heavenly Sword

    Alot of content that I’m looking forward to checking out.

  • James

    i thought heavenly sword was going 360 as well, but i could be mistaken

  • Pc

    Heavenly Sword is exclusive to PS3 !!

  • Heavenly Sword is published by Sony… The possibility of it going to the 360 is as high as GeoW going to the PS3… So no way 😀

    I like it, that Lair is being done by the german developers Faktor 5. If one can remember, they have done great games like Turrican on the Amiga (Chris Huelsbecks music also ROCKED)

  • Sporty

    I was interested in an interview recently with Factor 5 asking about PSN. They did mention that Turrican might make its way there but nothing is signed yet. They also said that another Rouge Squadron isn’t likely 🙁

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    Just looking for that first game to come out where all of us go “WOW” and say “there is no way this could happen on 360.” For Sony to justify this price they really need to pull away from the competition in some way.

  • what i’m most excited for on this list:
    * ICO team!!! i loved ICO and SOTC
    * playstation home and littlebigplanet, of course
    * heavenly sword
    * afrika (believe it or not)

    and i’m curious about that whimsical MMO. i’ve not heard anything about it.

  • ehandlr

    WKS beat me to the White Knight Story comment 😛

  • Darrin

    Segitz, you lost me with the movies/music to games connection.

    James, Heavenly Sword was funded by Sony. I’m sure Sony has exclusivity rights to go with that.

    Matt, this is like predicting that water will be wet:
    “I predict Microsoft and Sony trying to one up each other with 1st party titles.”

  • PJ

    My understanding is the L.A. Noire from Team Bondi has only been announce for the PS3, but is likely to be multiplatform (like Assasins Creed, DMC4, etc). Can you provide a link to a press release that says L.A. Noire is a PS3 EXCLUSIVE?

  • Darrin

    PJ, regarding L.A. Noire from Team Bondi

    “Brendan McNamara: The project is wholly funded by Sony Computer Entertainment America. We have a long-term exclusive arrangement with SCEA.”

  • Bobbin

    You forgot Evolution Studios – Motorstorm 2 (already confirmed)

  • Sporty

    Kinda wonder why Team Bondi isn’t published by Sony. I understand they are basically a second party and first three projects are exclusive to PS3 but why let a 3rd Party publish them.

  • jasp

    “I predict Microsoft and Sony trying to one up each other with 1st party titles.”
    Well microsoft have already been destroyed then. Sony have huge internal studios. Microsoft rely on paying large amounts of cash to 3rd parties.

  • jasp

    Wipeouts missing aswell theres a decent chance it’l arrive this year.

  • Sporty

    Yea SCE Liverpool is making the PS3 Wipeout about now. After F1 and Lemmings they have to be doing something.

    Their really are a lot of SCE studios I have no idea wtf they are working on now. Its harder to keep track of since the renaming and merging.

    London other then Home also have Getaway 3 and Eight Days in development. You know Japan studio has more then just Eye of Judgement and the next PS3/PSP LocoRoco’s going. They probably have another Ape Escape and Siren team is doing something on PS3. And since Bend doesn’t do jack but make Syphon Filter games, one is probably in dev for PS3 now that they just pumped out the PSP one.

    Sony’s first party is massive. Most people don’t realize it since for the most part they work on original IP’s.

  • dragonopolis

    I don’t think multi-consoles are good. I believe it is a cop out for developers to not have to custom tailor their games for specific consoles. Now DMC fans will get a game that is design to run on both Xbox 360 and PS3 and won’t take advantages of each console’s strengths (they don’t want to alienate their customer base).

    I not saying that the game will suck or not look good just won’t be bleeding edge coolness like an exclusives. What I believe we all want is fun, entertaining games that push the limits of our game machines (whether you are a 360 or PS3 user)). Both systems are capable machines but their strengths and weakness are totally different from each other. Thus developers have to limit themselves to what both machines can do well (which usually isn’t as good as a game engine specifically designed for that console)

    To me that isn’t next gen gaming. next gen is the combination of pushing both the hardware and the software/game experience to heights.

    Maybe we will start to see an new change forming in how we label Developer Groups. Perhaps there needs to be four Groups

    First Party – Own and funded by the Company who owns the console

    Second Party – Own independently but works and funded exclusively with a specific console manufacturer

    Third Party – Independently owned companies that make exclusive titles for console without the aid from one of the console companies. (they can make cross-platform too but must have exclusives to be considered third party.

    Fourth Party – This would be the same as Third Party except no exclusives.

    This would work to both Microsoft and Sony’s advantage because it would take pressure off them to always have to fund the big or create the big titles. I also believe that there is a larger amount of gamers that prefer that games are exclusive and only buy exclusives unless the non-exclusive is really really good.

    Now I am not suggesting the game engine has to be completely different – its more than that.
    Its about also providing perhaps another Story based on a similar engine custom tailored for the console (such as Gears of War using Unreal Engine modified to take advantage of the Xbox 360 strengths). Comes from the same Engine but Story (and in a sense game play) is completely different from each other. Or, Ninja Gaiden, which is using the same story but using a completely different engine than the Xbox 360 plus is adding enough different content to justify keeping it a Third Party title rather than dropping it to a Fourth Party title.
    For instance, Capcom could have release a twist or different perspective to Devil May Cry story (maybe a female Character rather than a Male). Good enough but different enough (but still Devil May Cry) that you sell the customers on the Franchise but you keep it different enough that these new fans just might want to play ” the other console’s” version thus pay again. Plus, the get on the Sony’s and Microsoft’s good side because the game is selling system consoles. They would also be on the Console fans side because each console has their own “exclusive” to the story.

    This was just an idea and not preaching it as “the bible” of Developer ratings.
    I just believe that something must be done by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo (perhaps together) that would push Third Party developers to release more exclusive games for their systems.

  • PJ

    Thanks Darrin. Good to know.

  • There really is no lack of exclusives, it’s just fanboys getting rattled.

  • Hey this article discussion made it on News4Gamers.

  • matt

    Darrin what I meant is simple. If both systems now have 98% of the same titles something has to change. Microsoft will either develop their own or purchase exclusive games for their console. Sony will continue to develop their own and rely less on outside developers like they have in the past. Becuase Sony and Microsoft will try to “1 up each other” there will be more 1st party exclusives that are actually first/second party. Each company will try to have more exclusive games and cover more genres.

    What this means is we still get all of the 3rd party titles we are used to but even more 1st party titles. Anyway you cut it the single console owner gets more quality games and will have more choice. Multi-console owners like myself gain reasons to own all consoles. If in one console cycle there are 10-30 must own exclusive titles on each system, life is great. I never have to buy EA crap again!

  • MetalProxy

    I check out “news 4 gamers” alot. They tend to piss me off, but they do give me the heads up on stuff. Anyways all I can say is that I cant what for LAIR!