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PS3 Firmware: What I Want |

With all this talk of firmware updates, I thought I’d write up a list of the top five things that I most want the PS3 to support. Here they are.

  1. Universal chat support. All games should support chat, and I should be able to chat with friends even when not in a game.
  2. XMB access during a game so that I can text/voice chat with friends and arrange things without leaving a game.
  3. Games should be able to use music on my HDD. MotorStorm is great and all, but I dislike most of the music.
  4. I want my PS3 to see network devices and be able to stream content directly from them, without the need for special software. A network share should be sufficient. Frankly I don’t want to store all my music, photos, and videos on my PS3. I want to store my stuff on a central server for access by any number of devices.
  5. I want to set my own OnlineID icon.

I don’t really care that the 360 does these things already (except for #4, at least not exactly), and that Sony might be accused of copying Microsoft. Who cares. I want these features for me and my PS3 enjoyment, and I don’t care where the ideas came from. (Small warning: any posts that are of the 360-fanboy type bragging about how the 360 already has this stuff will be deleted.)

Feel free to post your own list, even if it shares a lot of mine or is just a rearrangement of order.

  • chrysostom

    1. Support Universal Plug and Play so that (4) above is possible. I too, don’t put my media onto my PS3, I already have 3 copies of my gigabyte of media in my 3 computers… Don’t want to duplicate it yet again in PS3. Plus I cannot access the PS3 harddrive as a shared drive, so synchronizing media files with PS3 will be a pain.

    2. More internet applications (e.g. email, RSS reader, map). I mean something that works with the SIXAXIS controller instead of the full blown browser.

    3. Weather channel. Okay, I borrow this idea from Wii. But every morning I wake up, I find I want this feature more and more on my PS3.

    4. Easier plugin dev. for the XMB. I wish we have the capability to install our own application onto XMB. Then a lot of the things I listed above will be solved and we’ll see a lot of interesting applications utilizing the power of PS3.

  • Ozzy_bulgera

    I only want one xtra thing at the mo and that is world wide remote play!

  • Pc

    I want to be able to chat with a friend while playing an offline single player game..example: Oblivion !!

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    Something will allow me to use my Ipod during gameplay. How much would MotorStorm ROCK if you could attach your ipod and play your own tracks? And I really want my own online icon. I’m sick of this 8ball crap.

  • Can someone explain the fascination with world wide remote play. What Am i missing?

    1. Agreed. But I think that Sony may wait and provide a unified Chat system and establish it through Home. That way you could be playing Resistance your friend could be playing Ratchet and clank and you could still hold a conversation. HOME, I think, will be where we see more enhancements since they are building up the base of something that will effect every game.

    2. Most of what everyone is asking for is essentially Apple iTunes on the PS3. Especially it’s streaming capabilities. I’ve been tooting that horn for a long time and I think with Springers comments about the iPod. Instead of competing with Apple. Strike a deal with Steve jobs. Apple brings iTunes and licenses the iPod to Sony. Sony joins the ITMS. Every iPod becomes a portable storage device for the PS3. Download a movies take it over to a friends house and watch it on his PS3 or Apple TV.
    Remember Sir Stringer “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Hook up with Apple, Sony

    3. And I agree with PSN ID# Iwant to make my own icon, but maybe it’ll be a picture of your avatar when Home comes along. I hope my avatar can be in game characters.

  • I cant tell yet, what I will miss^^

    But media streaming is a MUST for me (ok, can already be done thru linux, but is a bit of a hassle!)

    Then, chatting is not that mandatory for me… I dont chat much while playing^^ Must concentrate on gaming, not smalltalk!

    Own music would be nice, but also is not a killer feature for me.

    What I want the most is a freakin 3D kernel module for Linux!! This kills me (although the guys from YDL already ported MESA to the Cell with 80x performance increase over the Pentium 4). A full blown Myth TV server inside the PS3 would rock my world (and kill my need for a media center PC)!

  • phipscube

    I want the worldwide remote play. This has disappointed me with regards to the 1.6 firmware update. I thought it was going to be included. Hopefully its due next.

    mcloki, my fascination with world remote play is that I can take my PSP to work (As I do) and dock it in my speaker dock, then remotely stream ANY of my media to it without the need to tediously copy certain items of media to my memory stick. I often load up some mp3’s in a morning, get to work and relaise I forgot to copy a certain album. If it was remotely accessible, I could simply look it up on my PS3 and play it. Thats what I want it for.

  • When the 360 was designed Microsoft chose to allocate system resources to having their dashboard always running alongside games. So multiplayer ID, messaging, voice chat, background downloading and streaming of media can all happen while a game is running across games (go from playing Gears of War to Tomb Raiders without loosing the chat session). The PS3 doesn’t have that so each feature you have listed will need to be built into each game by individual developers with help from Sony so it works with their firmware. You might get some developers that choose to go out of their way to add some extra features like media from the hard drive, but you won’t get a unified experience.

  • Not true.

    Sony has reserved one SPE and 64MB of RAM for its own use. Microsoft only reserved 64MB. Why can Microsoft do more with 64MB than Sony can do with 96? I don’t know.

  • OblivionRising

    I agree with what Pc said.

  • SolidSlug

    I just want mine to play games and nothing else.
    I wish they would reduce the amount of software, so that no weekly update is required to keep the machine running well.

    Too much software = Way too many bugs and updates that can brick your console

  • HoOn

    I want the PS3’s HDMI port which is v1.3 to be compatible with v1.2 so my Westy and other HDTVs will be able to switch resolutions without the popping/blinking issue.

  • zuk

    1. Rent Movies via download
    2. Play downloaded ps1 (why not ps2 as well) content directly on the ps3
    3. Do something with an iPod (read and play files)
    4. Photo Printing Service integrated.

    Can you tell I didn’t buy the ps3 for gaming?

  • Michael

    hd audio support for dolby and dts.

  • Extinction

    “When the 360 was designed Microsoft chose to allocate system resources to having their dashboard always running alongside games. The PS3 doesn’t have that”

    PS3 does have that. Despite rumors it does not have 96 MB reserved, but it does have 64 MB and one full SPE. And one Cell SPE is more powerful than PS2 was in total. So it could run just about anything Sony wants.

    Including in game messaging, and custom soundtracks. I only wish they’d do it