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Join the Sunday Night Foldathon |

This Sunday night, March 25, all PS3 users who want to help a good cause will turn on their systems and run the [email protected] program. Anytime during Sunday is fine. But it would be best to turn it on before you go to bed and let it run all night.

The reason behind this you ask? To let Sony & Stanford University know that there project is being appreciated and that the PS3 community is willing to help out. [email protected] attempts to understand diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and many forms of cancer among others. [email protected] is a optional feature released with the next firmware update from sony.

So are you going to help out? I am 🙂

PS3 community launches Sunday Night Foldathon


The PS3Blog.Net Team Number is 55054
Click Here for our PS3Blog.Net [email protected] website
And check out our forum for more info.

  • Pc

    I’ll deffinately let it run while im not playing a game. Sounds pretty cool, plus it’s helping to better human life !! 🙂

  • skootie

    Absolutely! And not just Sunday either 🙂

  • Darrin

    Background downloading is great! But why did the [email protected] download not work in the background?

    Tosh, were you going to set up a [email protected] team for this site?

  • Ya, I plan to run this a lot 🙂

    I just created a [email protected] team for if you want to join our team number is 55054

  • Darrin

    Sorry, found it in the forums. Our team number is: 55054

  • ehandlr

    I’ll join up tonight before I jump on Oblivion

  • freedesign420

    I’ll be joining team 55054! let’s like…you know, like cure diseases and stuff!

  • skootie

    Why not just join the existing PS3 Team made on the Official Forums weeks ago?


  • skootie
  • MetalProxy

    Folding Home? Sounds really interesting. I havent been home to update yet. I will make sure to check it out after work.

  • You can also join team 55054 from a PC as well. I have it running on my work PC 🙂

  • Burten

    I’ll join!
    Thst is if I can get a PS3 in time 😉

  • francois

    I will join !

  • eeyeats

    i will join! i already input the 55054 team.

  • OblivionRising

    I’m joining. I just need to join the 55054 team.

  • This is our Team Logo, that I personally made 🙂

    This is our Folding @ Home Team Page

  • I set up my own team for a GTA fansite I’m a staff member of, and will take place in it as well. Im going to be running mine from Saturday night through, at least, 4:30PM on Sunday. I still gotta make a team logo for ours though lol (we’re 55084). I really would like to see the progress when i get home from work sunday night 😉

  • just joined the team!

  • MetalProxy

    I wasent sure if it was going to work and it did. Glad to be on the team! I have told others about this and they look at me like Iam from outerspace…oh well.