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A Tough Decision |

There’s just hours to go before eager European gamers can get there hands on the PS3 and Eurogamer has compiled a list of the various accessories and games you (European PS3 owners) may be interested in getting, if you have any spare cash left over after breaking the bank to get a PS3 of course.

If you check out you can find a lot of accessories cheaper than the RRP. Amazon is just an example though but it pays to shop around.

I was never planning on pre-ordering a PS3 anyway and I haven’t but I’m torn as to whether I should get a PS3 tomorrow or follow my plan of waiting until my birthday (August), and use my birthday money to go towards the PS3. With just hours to go I’m getting way too tempted to try and get a PS3 tomorrow after I finish work.

There are a couple of things preventing me from going with my heart and rushing out to get the PS3. Firstly, I don’t have an HDTV. I only have a 32″ CRT SDTV and I don’t really know how the PS3 looks on a SDTV. I don’t want to spend £425 and find out the games look poor because of my TV. 😥

There’s also the lack of games right now. Only two that I want are initially available tomorrow (MotorStorm and Resistance) and Oblivion has been delayed until the end of April. I’m currently head over heels with FFXII at the minute, plus God of War 2 is released shortly, so there isn’t a lack of games on the PS2 to force my hand.

There’s also the price. £425 is a lot of money no matter how you look at it, regardless of the potential and what you’re getting with it. I know it’s worth every penny but it’s still a hefty price tag and that’s before I’ve even bought any games. Waiting until August will mean I will have spent less of my hard earned money so I will feel less guilty. 8)

I’m truly torn and the major obstacle in my way is the lack of an HDTV. I guess I’ll have to see how I cope tomorrow but I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist the urge. 😀

  • Well, PS3 games will look better than PS2 games on your television, but not as good as on a HDTV, of course. Just imagine – get a PS3 today and start enjoying it, then enjoy it anew when you get an HDTV !

  • Darrin

    I have a 27″ SDTV with s-video and it’s great. I used a PS3 on an HDTV at a friends house, and it was a huge improvement, but you still get most of the experience with an SDTV. I even love Blu-Ray on my SDTV due to the improved extras.

    My recommendations for Europeans just getting a PS3: Resistance, GT:HD, flOw, Lemmings, and mess around with other free demos and such. Also, the Blu-Ray remote for watching movies. That’s disappointing that Oblivion didn’t make launch.

    Seriously though. I don’t feel much pressure to upgrade my TV. I’m trying to hold off an HDTV purchase until 2008. If I’m going to spend $1000-$1500 on a TV, I want all the extras: LED backlighting, 1080p, and full HDMI 1.3. Right now you just can’t get that.

  • chrysostom

    Even if you don’t buy any games, you can still enjoy the free demo games from PS Store. Also, spread out the expenses over time is a good idea. Buying HDTV + PS3 + Games all in 1 shot would make the purchase even harder psychologically. (oh well, maybe it’s just me. 🙂

  • Doodlepants

    Get the PS3 now and why not use the bday money to get a HDTV ?

    Signed : The little red devil over your shoulder.

    Not getting a HDTV until fall makes sense since LCD are expected to drop heavily in price!

  • Hmm, that’s reassuring to hear, Darrin. So the PS3 won’t look rubbish on my SDTV. I think I’m going to pop in to a couple of shops tomorrow and see if they have any PS3s left and check out the games aswell.

    I could try and get some money together to get an HDTV around the Autumn/Winter time. Tomorrow will be an interesting day.

  • Just look at PC games.

    Games at 640×480 and 1280×1024 are sort of comparable to SDTV and HDTV (although 1280 is more than 720P).

    Most games look very poor on VGA (also because they were not designed to do so), because the HUD is just “incompatible” with it, but the rest, shaders, polygons and whatnot is still there, so the graphics dont look bland either.

    I can make some fotos of my PS3 running at 480i/p if you wish for a comparison tomorrow

  • The pressure is mounting, Gary!

  • OblivionRising

    The PS3 still makes games look good on an SDTV. I’m currently running mine on 480i, and it’s still pretty stunning.

  • Can I connect a PS3 using SCART? (one for the Europeans 😉 )

  • Jup, you also should be able to you a RGB Scart cable to do so (havent read that it does work though). You can get those for 5€ at EBGames here.

    Scart can use inputs from Composite, S-Video and obviously RGB. If you dont have one, just either buy a adapter (Scart to Svideo or Composite) or get a new RGB cable for a fiver!

  • Pc

    The PS3 still looks great on an SDTV. I for one am using a 32″ sdtv, but it has component inputs 🙂

  • Sporty

    You could just get the PS3 tomorrow. Without a HDTV you will still get an upgrade in picture quality but just not as big as it could be.

    Save for a HDTV on your birthday. One thing is for sure is HDTVs will always get cheaper the longer you wait.

    Not sure about HDTV prices in the EU though but here we have 21 months to switch over from analog TVs so everyone is buying them now. HDTVs are outselling SDTVs so prices are coming down. is reporting an estimated 30% price drop on LCDs by this fall. SO if you plan on getting an HDTV that’s the one you should wait on.

  • Jup,

    I could still bite my ass for buying my HDTV so early^^. The successor of my TV is now cheaper than mine in late october 🙁

    But then again, I would have had no tv at all at that time (my old one died of old age).

    I am still not dissappointed in my tv, it is pretty good!

  • Sporty

    Yeah I feel for you. I had my old TV die on me last summer and replaced it with a 30″ Sony Wega. Its ‘HD ready’ so no built in tuner 🙁 Doest matter now since I have Comcast, at least I has a HDMI though.

    Since the FCC laws switched in July all TVs over 26″ must have tuners built in my TV isn’t on the market anymore and the 35″ with built in tuners are about the same price I paid.

    On the other hand the longer you wait on a PS3 the more games will be out for it. I still need to upgrade my av receiver to one that can handle PCM to take advantage of BD movies better.

    Bottom line. Upgrades suck. The moment you buy something a better version will come around cheaper. I dont regret my TV but that’s just the way it goes.

  • MetalProxy

    I find it strange that people try playing there PS3 on a standard TV. My TV that I bought several years ago is a Sony 32″ HighDef Flat Tube television. Its able to do 720p and 1080i. Granted you cant get the super heavy tanks anymore, but it was on clearance. So now Iam keeping on eye an eye out for the 1080p goodness. My cousin has a WestingHouse 1080p TV and he said it tends to not like the 720p games. And one other thing which is better LCD or Plasma? All I want is the highest resolution and contrast. Alot of the LCDs are under 1000:1 contrast (junk). I know there is a million to one contrast coming(average 10,000:1). Some people tell me the contrast dosent matter. They forget Iam an artest and I do notice a difference. Anyways didnt mean to ramble on…happy gaming!