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More MotorStorm Content in April or May |

First we hear about friends list for MotorStorm from IGN, and now we hear about a time trial mode from ThreeSpeach. Here’s what they had to say:

Any PS3 owner playing MotorStorm online will receive Time Trial Mode automatically – you won’t even need to download this one from the PLAYSTATION Store. Take any vehicle out on the track of your choice and go hell for leather to lay down the quickest lap time. You can race against ghost vehicles of your previous efforts, other players’ times and the best attempts from the MotorStorm development team – and then upload your best times to the global online rankings. In addition, more tracks, vehicles and game modes will be available later in the month, and thereafter on a regular basis.

Coming soon to a PS3 near you!


  • That’s great news! Thanks for the update 🙂

  • Hm… time trial is not exactly what makes me play more of a game (I did however do all time trials in Gran Turismo 4).

    There need to be more playing modes, not just race. Knock Out and all that.

  • Although I feel somewhat cheated that some of this content didn’t make the final cut I am still really excited about all of the extra content. I’ll be getting my hands on it right away! Especially the extra cars and tracks.

    If they really wanted to impress me though, they would include a quick race option where you could customize every setting (track, time, # of opponent cars, etc…)

  • Why cheated, it is free!!

  • Pc

    Sounds great !!! I love new content 🙂

  • The friends update is already live… only 22mb!