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Congrats to PAL Territories! Got PS3 |

Congratulations to all you Europeans and Australians out there who can finally purchase a PS3! It’s an exciting day and I’m sure that lots of you have already been to the store and back and have stories to tell.

This is the place to tell them!

Please recount us with your PS3 purchase experience. We’d love to hear about it.

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    Yeah, congrats to those that got a 46 inch HDTV as well as Casino Royale instead of Talladega Nights. So happy for them.

  • ehandlr

    Yea the first 100 people got the 5000 dollar tv…bastards…congrats hehe.

  • skootie

    The PAL launches have left me a little teary-eyed for the Sony execs and stores that held midnight launches…man I hope weekend sales fare better.

  • Yeah, im a bit concerned. Not many of the lanch events managed to gather much of a crowd. Is it really the price being that big of a hurdle for so many? only about 40 or so for a major austrailian launch party? Whats going on?

  • My store was pretty full… I didnt expect that… sadly I forgot my Camera AND my Cellphone at home, so I couldnt take any pictures πŸ™

    And my store is TINY!

  • Darrin

    So did any of our European members finally get a PS3?

    Segitz? Tom? Gary? Who else is in Europe?

  • I looked and was very tempted to get the PS3 with X-Men 3 and Resistance for Β£460 but everytime I saw the PS3 in action on a beautiful HDTV I just couldn’t justify taking it home and plugging it in to a SDTV. πŸ™

    I have my eye on this 1080p HDTV so I think I’ll save up a little bit longer to get that then get my PS3.

    The other thing that made me hold back was the lack of Oblivion and Rainbow Six Vegas at launch. If Oblivion had of been a launch title I would’ve gambled and just got the PS3 but I’m restraining myself and I’m not too happy. πŸ˜₯

    PS3s were in stock in most places (Argos had 70 when I checked in my local branch which is tiny) although WH Smith said they only took enough PS3s to meet their pre-orders and had none in stock to sell to people like me.

    I even went into GameStation and left before I got banned as they yet again started spouting crap about the PS3 and I found it hard to control my anger so I walked out. 😑

  • Or I may get one tomorrow. πŸ˜†


    A few people keep saying it still looks good on a SDTV but I can’t help but drool at what it looks like on an HDTV.

  • matt

    Gary how far do you sit from your tv? If you sit a normal distance (6-8 feet) from a 42″ 1080p or 720p you will not see a difference. Don’t buy the hype about 1080p. Almost all people who are buying them are buying 1080ps that are smaller than the recommended 50″+ where it STARTS to be noticeable. Check out Cnet here:


    Hopefully I just saved you a few thousand dollars! The Cnet team did a great job with their HDTV section. I have done TONS of research on HDTVs and there is a lot of crap info out there from most companies. The major reason the switch to 1080p is happening is profit margins. They can make a much larger % of profit on 1080p vs 720p.

    Maybe now you can get both instead of having to choose between the two. I personally would go HD before the PS3 because you will get more enjoyment from the HDTV.

    Good Luck!

  • Sporty

    That’s still pretty subjective. You can go to best buy and look at the displays. If you watching cable or a progressive upscaled DVD then you wont notice much since neither are native 1080p. You watch a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD and the difference is major. Its really about the source.

    Go look for yourself. Dont take CNet’s test or mine word for it.

    Same stuff was said about 30fps and 60fps. Some idiots say the human eye can’t tell the difference. Anyone that’s place first person shooters with decent PC will tell you that’s BS.

  • Sporty

    BTW back on topic.

    Gary. The longer you wait on a HDTV the cheaper it will be. The longer you wait on a PS3 the more games will be out for it. You will get decent graphic from SDTV, however nothing compared to a HDTV. HDTV will help you out in more then just gaming. All depends on your local programming how much of an impact you will get outside of gaming.

  • matt

    Sporty you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. I hate to be blunt but you are going against EVERYTHING I have read through the last two years. 1080p Native? There is no source available that is 1080p native. 1080p native would be 60 FPS and there will be no such thing anywhere in the foreseeable future. Do you know what the difference is between a 1080i and a 1080p signal from a movie? NOTHING. A good 1080p HDTV will take a 1080i signal and display it as 1080p. IF you fed the same tv with a 1080p signal it outputs the exact same thing. If you don’t understand that go back to school.

    And yes the reports about what the human eye can see are real. Are you serious? Is it so hard to believe the human eye can only see so much detail? What is your eyesite? 20/16? 20/20? You are so worried about pixels and maybe you should worry about what your own body can display. I can’t believe you go and ruin a post like mine that was out to help the less informed.

    What kind of an HDTV do you own expert? DLP, LCD, Plasma. It is probally 1080p so you can justify throwing away a thousand bucks on a 42″ westinghouse 1080p monitor when you could have bought a better 720p for far less. Go to CC or BB and look at a 1080p and an 720p, side by side from a distance normal people watch a tv from.

    Sporty, no kidding the HDTV prices will drop. This is the way of every technology in the last 40 years. I bought my HDTV a year and a half ago. Even though I can buy the same HDTV much cheaper today do I regret it? HELL NO. It is still one of my favorite purchases of all time. I knew going in the price would drop. I have gotten the extra time out of it. At what point do you say NOW it is cheap enough. If you wait long enough a new HDTV will be out and you will wait for that to drop. The longer you wait the more you miss. I could easily say the same about the PS2. I paid $299 for it way back when. I could have waited for it to be $129.00 but then I would have missed out on all the years of games I played the hell out of and will remember forever. Money can’t buy those memeories.

    Gary if you also choose to ignore me like sporty, go to another awesome site called Hating me because of what I feel is ok because it goes against the grain of this site. There are people there with more knowledge than anyone who visits this site. You can get an opinion from people with a lot more money than us and who could care less about ignorance. These people know first hand because they own the best equipment the world had to offer.

  • Darrin

    matt, calm down. Personally, I really enjoy reading your comments; I like talking to people with different points of view. However, I disagree with you on a few things:

    “1080p native would be 60 FPS”

    Says who? 1080p60 is 60 FPS. 1080p usually implies a resolution of 1920×1080 but doesn’t imply frame rate.

    “Do you know what the difference is between a 1080i and a 1080p signal from a movie? NOTHING.”

    Come on matt, that’s true but misleading. In theory, you can use “pulldown” techniques to send a non-interlaced 24 FPS 1920×1080 video stream over a 60FPS 1080i connection without any loss in quality or end user interlacing and the result will be identical to a 1080p signal.

    However, many displays sold today have fixed resolutions of 1366 x 768. Regardless of transport, or pulldown, or other tricks, those displays have to downscale 1920×1080 video to display it, and you won’t get 100% of the full quality.

    Also, I watched 1080p and 720p displays at electronics stores and I can plainly see the difference. I am perfectly happy with SDTV for now, and clearly the jump from 480i to 720p is far greater than the jump from 720p to 1080p, but the jump to 1080p is real and very noticeable by regular eyes.

  • Sporty

    Actually I don’t own a 1080p display. Mines a Wega 1080i. If I would choose now I would go 1080p since that’s quickly becoming the standard. So I’m not trying to sell him on jack or justify any purchase. If you actually ready my post to him you would see I said go check out the displays watching native 1080p24 (so you don’t get confused with the 60fps I never said about this resolution).

    Upscaled DVDs aren’t a good source to use since you are basically just watching 480p signal blown up. Cable normally top out at 1080i and is compressed down so that’s not a good source to judge from either.

    But I’m not blind. I’ve heard idiots say the human eye can’t tell the difference above 30 fps. I was just comparing that retarded information with the not noticing the difference between 720p and 1080p. It’s mainly from people that don’t want to justify the upgrade.
    After playing quake, quake 2 and quake 3 for years in the past I can tell the differences between 30-60-80-120. Not to say I can see every damn frame. But you can see the glossed over polished look increase from one to the next. Not to mention the igly feel of 30 once you go back. So I don’t care what you say you ready I know what I can see. Anyone that has a copy of any current first person shooter game with a fps lock and a decent video card can try that out. If that can’t tell then more power to you. You don’t need top of the line equipment since you wont be able to tell. But if you can then you will know the once that say you can’t are only speaking for themselves.

    I’ve always been a a/v phile though. I can’t stand listing to 192kbs mp3s when 256 sound so much better and 320 blow them both away. Some people try to say 192 is CD quality. I think they smoke crack personally

    I also said don’t trust me. Or the reports that say different but go judge for yourself.

  • Burten

    Got my ps3 yesterday at lunch-break! Se ya in motorstorm online πŸ˜‰

  • Sporty

    God I really need to start proof reading before posting.

    That has so many grammar errors it’s just plain sad.

    “Not to mention the igly” igly = ugly

    “So I don’t care what you say you ready” ready = read

    “But if you can then you will know the once that say you can’t are only speaking for themselves” = If you can see the difference then you will know that are only speaking for themselves.

    I must have been out smoking crack when I wasn’t paying attention.

  • Sporty

    Gratz Burten

  • Sporty

    Also my comments about waiting a a PS3 for more games or waiting on a HDTV for prices to drop wasn’t the blanket statement you made it out to be.

    It was meant for Gary to take into account in his own situation. In the US most experts are expecting LCD HDTV price to drop about 40% around this coming holiday season. We’re quickly approaching the deadline of analog tv shut off so it might not be the same in the EU. If the same situation is in the EU then might as well wait for fall. Also depends on HD programming. He might not get as much enjoyment out of a HD tv alone if in his area they don’t have much programming right now. On the other side if he only wants 1 or 2 games now, might as well wait for more. I didn’t mean it as vague as you made it seem I was saying.

  • I got mine, love it to bits. Motorstorm is absolutely ace, played online for a bit too. Resistance is surprisingly challenging, but quite fun. Too much mindless shooting imo, but the slower paced bits are great. Will try more online later.

  • Maffy

    Got mine yesterday from Amazon along with Motorstorm & Virtua Fighter 5.

    I was worried about the fact I don’t have a HDTV, but both games look amazing. Also realised PAL tvs are 576i, not 480i, using RGB SCART gives a great picture. I’ll just avoid seeing PS3 running on HD for as long as I can!

    Anyway, might see some of you in Motorstorm, username is Maffy604. I had to create a new account in the hopes of getting my free Casino Royale Blu-ray, which was irritating.

  • Biphster

    I got my PS3 midnight 22nd/23rd. 100 were sold in the Fona I was at (In Copenhagen). The wait went really quick too as there was a guy pulling a demo kiosk down the queue for folks to get an early play on some games. Also some nice young ladies bringing Cult energy drinks down for us all. And another guy brought us all a whole pizza each!! The first 10 inline got goody bags with some caps and rain jackets and the guy next to me in the queue got his name pulled and WON his PS3!! Overall it was a great atmosphere, everyone was really hyped and happy.

    I’ve been playing with the beast for the last few days. Motorstorm is great, not tried it online yet (Need to brush my skills up). I found the motion controls very easy to get to grips with (Not as bad as some have made out). I also like Blast Factor and intend to try out GT HD with my Driving Force now I just found out tonight that its FF compatible! πŸ™‚

    Some things im not happy with: –

    Rez and Vib Ribbon don’t work (Although out of my 50 PS1/2 games only 8 dont work).

    The way media is handled is really rubbish. I put in a 160GB HDD to fill up with my MP3 and MP4 Vid collection. Only to find the XMB can’t handle any more than 1 directory deepness. So All music is either listed Album – Track or Artist – Track, not Artist – Album – Track as it should be. How thats been overlooked is beyond me. (The system can browse more than one deep as I have placed a CF card in and selected “Display all” which indeed shows my music how it should be, but copying over to HDD restricts it to 1 deep). This problem is the same for Pictures (I have year – Month – Picture) and movies (I have Category – Title – Show no./Movie) I NEED AT LEAST 2 or 3 Depth file viewing otherwise my PS3 is very unpractical for all my media.

    Its a bit noiser than I imagined. Its quiet when first turned on, but hten goes up a level after about 10 mins, then another after about 20. The third level is almost as loud as my old PS2 (Big V4). It runs in the third speed there on after until turned off (So most of the time really)I was under the impression the PS3 was quiet???

    Anyway, niggles aside I love my PS3, its slick and responsive and looks good even on my crusty old 20″ CRT. I’m waiting for 1080p sets to get cheaper. For now the CRT is ok.

  • matt

    Sporty, sorry for freaking out. But the truth is the purchaser really needs to see what the difference is for themselves. You just shot down a very good website that I strongly believe is accurate. Their are so many things that matter in an HDTV purchase. Reality is the small difference you are going to see will not be noticeable once you get the tv home. I strongly believe 1080p is useless until you cross the 55″+ barrier. I own a Samsung 50″ DLP that looks better to me than a lot of 1080p HDTVs I have seen while at friends and families houses.

    The biggest reason I think it will be a waste of money is programming. Here in the U.S.A. we will not have any 1080p content outside of Blu-Ray (which will win the War). I love movies but the ratio of my tv watching to DVD is 95% tv.

    The problem with broadcast in 1080p is bandwidth. Cable companies are maxed out at 25 HD channels (give or take) right now using 1080i/720p which requires HALF of the bandwidth a 1080p channel would require. The 1080i/720p signal from cable is actually not a full signal. 1080i/720p rewuire around 25mbs (may be gbs, I forget which) for a full signal. Comcast, Time Warner, and RCN use anywhere from 18-22 mbs for each channel. The better your HDTV the clearer the picture will be due to the parts inside. The HDTV has to fill in the missing bits to complete the picture. This cannot change until Fiber-Optic becomes the standard. Even then with Verizon Fios I don’t expect that to be wide spread until 2010-2015. Why would broadcasters go through the extra expense when so few can take advantage of it. Thankfully FIOS is coming to my town very soon and atleast I will get a full HD signal from them.

    There are still a lot of channels that do not braodcast HD content at all. When they do it will be 720p/1080i. The standard will remain 1080i/720p for a long time. So long that an HDTV purcahse now will not matter when the change happens. You will be buying a new HDTV by then anyway.

    My experience with 1080i/30 and 720p/60 so far has revealed a lot. 1080i sports SUCK!!! CBS and NBC broadcast in 1080i/30 and there is a HUGE difference from ABC, ESPN, and Fox who use 720p/60. 720p is so smooth that 1080i is almost unwatchable. 1080i looks great on Discovery Channel HD where movement is not a factor.

    When you consider ALL of the factors with broadcast HD content, does it really make sense in the USA to buy a 1080p HDTV unless you are going very large? I don’t think so. I have no idea how the rest of the world works but it should be something similar. The problem is moving the amount of data needed for 1080p. Most countries don’t have the capability and won’t anytime soon.

    Save your money unless you are going huge or watch an extreme amount of Blu-Ray movies. My two cents on that.

    Congrats to all who got a PS3 recently. If you haven’t gone HD yet you have a HUGE surprise waiting for you when you do.

  • Sporty

    Yea I agree with your initial comment that “purchaser really needs to see what the difference is for themselves”

    Truth is, in the US outside of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and a select few games nothing is higher then 1080i and for the most part is compressed so much it can look closer to upscaled DVDs then HD. I’ve seen 1080p in action compared to 1080i and 1080p has a noticeably cleaner effect with the right programming.

    I understand you go by the cnet review but it’s not a conclusive ultimate answer. It’s one guys editorial.

    This article talks about the 1080i vs 1080p. Basically saying For movies difference is small 1080p has sharper backgrounds, less screen door and no stair stepping compared to 1080i. But for gaming 1080p is better. This site is also considered more of experts in the field then cnet.

    Home Theater mag

    engadget says they can’t tell the difference but only compare movies not games. Which the last article said the biggest improvement would be seen in since games are 60fps at 1080p where as movies are 24fps.


    Here’s a followup from engadget stating why 1080p looks better even though they tried to say it was the same

    engadget 2

    Here’s a followup to the cnet article you posted, by the same guy as your link, this time with real 1080p source in the test.
    Even they state 1080p is more detailed but question if average consumers can notice.


    Here’s a good discussion from a/v philes about the subject

    avs forums

    And this article states 1080p can be none, subtle or very noticeable depending on the quality of the tv’s processing

    1080p is going to be the standard but we’re about 2 years away still. Cable and satellite providers still need to switch over to mpeg4 just to make room.

    But I believe EU is slightly behind us in the US in regards to programming and HDTV install base. So they might just jump to 1080p.

    Which is why I recommended seeing for yourself. I myself can see the difference. But it’s really only seen on HD disks, a few PS3 games and the difference isn’t huge. But it is there.

    I have 2 HD displays. My bedroom is a Wega 30″ HD and my main room is a SXRD 56″. Both top out at 1080i. Since I just bought these within the last year I’m not about to go buy a 1080p display. The difference is too small and the content is too limited to replace my current sets just now.

    1080p Sets aren’t a whole hell of a lot more then 1080i with some of the westinghouse, LG and Samsungs. If I had to get a new tv now it would be 1080p.

    Most of your complaints valid, but I contribute it more to crappy implementation and compression on 1080i signals and interlacing vs progressive then the resolutions themselves..

    Like I said, it’s really up to the buyer. Check it out for yourself.

    BTW I’m not trying to challenge your opinion, rather offer my own since in this case it’s slightly different. For Gary or whoever I wouldn’t take anyone’s word for it. Do your own research. I hate nothing more then to be told I need something I don’t.

  • Here’s a resolution chart that shows when each resolution becomes noticable at what sitting distance and screen size. It’s quite handy:

    Resolution Chart

    For example, for a 40″ screen, 1080p resolution starts to make a noticable difference at 7.5 feet. Looking at the chart it’s obvious that you need a large screen or to sit close for 1080p to make a difference.

  • Sporty

    You know that distance vs size chart is probably the most relevant information on this thread but also the most overlooked.

  • Sporty

    I kinda wish this thread was in the forums.

    Other then the slight heated debate I think it contains good information and links for those that haven’t taken the plunge to HD yet.